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    Azhure Acres Stables was established in 2009 and is located in a small forested valley in Colorado.
    Secluded and peaceful here we train and breed fine quality stock horses.
    We make sure that all of our horses reach all of their potential and excel in their showing careers.
    Breeding not only from proven parents, but for healthy foals of sound conformation, and beautiful

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    Tiffany Tieman

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  • The Horses



    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    ADS Deamon Trust JNS Quick Storm JNS Unforgettable Details WBW Rulebreaker
    alt text alt text alt text
    CSR Codee's Kobra Kid FFA Magic Fingers CSR Slick Gotta Kiss LIB Golden Richard

    Active Stallions

    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR AAS Bar Kid Bandit AAS Coming Loose CSR Bender CSR Bite Me Hollywood
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    HMR Some Dusty Weed AAS Cuba Libre BNR Total Dominator CSR One Big Whip
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR Got My Love Gun CSR One Quizzical Cat CSR Kiss Me In The Rain ADS #1 Punhound
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR Papa Smurf CSR Sugar Bar Nic BNR Golden Showers HMR Smokin' Ass Dream
    alt text
    AAS Bite Me Hollywoodalt text CSR Ricki's Red Chex HMR This Fool's Invited AAS Needs More Corona
    LER Drunksen Sailor HMR Cherub Of Love WDKH Not Sow Dirty

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    Retired Mares

    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    Hunting's Indian Angel ADS Broke & Stolen Black Attack JNS High Risk Storm
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    JNS Rockin Implusive Cat ADS Arctic Princess ADS Silver Mystic WBS Raindrops On Roses
    alt text alt text Coming Soon Coming Soon
    VIR Wyatt's Missin Manners LER Glory's Shining Detail

    Active Mares

    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    ADS Afterglow CSR AAS Arctic Blue LER Cherokee Acres CSR Cheiftan's Daughter
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    AAS Frosted Leaves CSR Deep Purple CSR Dirty Beach HMR Blue Moon Rising
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR Jolie's New Gun CSR AAS Happy Go Kitty DRE Bling Bling CSR One And Only
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    AAS One Slick Baby CSR Olena's Ghostly Gem CSR Miss Dust Dee CSR Typical June
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR AAS Kobra's Lil Omega AAS Snowy Owl CSR Bolt's Quick Star AAS Cheif's Slick Fox
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    CSR Hollywood Queen QMR ADS Adherent Rainfall CSR Give'er The Prize CSR Sweet N' Slow
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    Hunting's Tennessee Whiskey CSR Sin City AAS Cuz Im Worth It CSR Just A Kiss
    WDKH Sugar Rush BNR Perfect Twix Coming Soon Coming Soon
    Coming Soon

  • Story Updates

  • 0_1484007932642_Covenstead Logo.png

  • Our Horses

    Gypsy Vanners
    picture picture picture picture
    Covenstead's Immanence Covenstead's Grimoire Covenstead's Sephira Covenstead's Pentalpha
    Stallion Mare Filly Filly

    Our Other Horses
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    ADS Victory Is Sweet RFE Heidi GE Blank-It WPW Vanilla Vanity EVA Faresha Covenstead's Precognition Covenstead's Initiation
    Stallion Mare Stallion Mare Mare Stallion Mare
    Knabstrupper Irish Draught Appaloosa American Warmblood Arabian Arabian Arabian

  • Azhure Acres Stables
    Down below is the first part of a three part story update that I have planned. Things got side tracked for a little bit but I have plans to continue and hope to have part two posted in a few days
    alt text

  • Loved the story! You did a great job, I'm excited to read the rest :heart:

  • Great story, looking forward to the next part :smile:

  • Administrators

    I read the story again :D It's just as amazing as the first time. I can't wait to read more, Tifferz! <3 <3 <3

  • Oooo! I can't wait to read more!!! I love your writing !

  • Thank you guys :blush: I hope to have the next part of the update out here very soon. Just have some pictures to edit is all.

    Now I haven't don't a breeding request for anybody in awhile and I and I am pleased with how this little filly came out so thought that I would share. Her name is AAS Painted Sails, a pretty cremello sabino mare by DRE Drunken Sailor and out of MMS Paint Me A Picture. She was requested by @Emily-Preston-James
    0_1484461229180_Selfie 2.jpg

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    absolutely stunning! @Emily-Preston-James I tried to steal her already.. You better keep her under lock and key ;)

  • lovely horse and blog <3

  • Okay today I am going to show off the horses that will be living and competing in my English stable, Covenstead.
    Covenstead will be entirely separate from Azhure Acres, with its own sims and story characters. It is going to be something for me to have a little fun with story wise as I will be able to do something out of the ordinary. I am hoping to get back into a little fantasy writing with it but we will see. I still wanted these pretty ponies to be shown off here on ES though so scrapbook updates will switch on and off between Azhure Acres, and Covenstead. Shouldn't be too hard to tell them both apart though

    First off I will introduce these two little fillies
    Sephira Pentalpha
    0_1484601202886_Screenshot_10.jpg 0_1484601218575_Screenshot_12.jpg
    I love these two little girls and I thank @Cole-Tieman for surprising me with the template to make them.
    The coat on the palomino filly was made for me by my Secret Santa @Quinn-Monroe .

    Next up we have Immanence, a gift from our dear friend @Brandon-Huffton . He is so gloriously handsome and I love him so much, he shines like the sun
    Next we have our last Vanner as of now until we get a couple new additions in the future, this beautiful mare was also made and gifted to me by Brandon Huffton. Her name is Grimoire, every witch needs her little black book of spells
    ADS Victory Is Sweet, I had to bring this gorgeous back because he is too stunning not to show off
    The lovely golden WPW Vanilla Vanity
    The lovely chunky RFE Heidi
    My gorgeous Secret Santa gift from Quinn GE Blank-It
    This next girl is my first step into trying Endurance, I saw her and found her charming so had to buy her, EVA Faresha who I bought from Delaney-MacLean
    To round off my arab Endurance team I also made two of my own. First is Precognition
    The second is a pretty chestnut mare Initiation

  • Such gorgeous horses! I am super jealous <3

  • Administrators

    They are all so gorgeous!!

  • Victory, my sweet sweet boy!

    His stall is always open at my place :grin:

  • If he doesn't start placing with me soon he may be visiting it

  • :kissing_heart: Painted Sails is the loveliest filly

  • Story Update Part II

    Okay so I have part two of my story update finished and here is it posted. This one was a lot of fun, and may be out there and possibly a tad unrealistic but hey that is what telling stories are for. To let the imagination have fun and fly free. I laughed a lot writing this piece and I hope others read and laugh along with me. I am sure we will all hear more about the trouble maker in this part of the tale. So have fun and enjoy!

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    That was so hilarious! Go Jolie!

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