Ivy Fox Stables • [New Stallion!] [05/22]

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    Welcome to the Ivy Fox Stables! This Blog will mostly show our 'everyday life' with our horses and the team. Please have some
    patience about the looks of this Blog, we're still figuring out how all this works. :)
    I'll also mention that not every horse I own is registred. <-
    [WIP ZONE]

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    Name Breed Gender Color
    IFS Seymour Welsh Cob Stallion Dappled Gray
    IFS Prince Charming Haflinger Stallion Flaxen Chestnut
    IFS Call me Insane Pol. Warmblood Mare Dark Bay Tobiano
    IFS Ikarus Pol. Warmblood Stallion Chestnut Leopard
    IFS Toffee Pol. Warmblood Mare Buttermilk Buckskin
    IFS Merlin Knabstrupp Stallion Black Leopard
    IFS Vanity Hanoverian Stallion Dappled Gray

  • For the first pictures I have some impressions of my beloved foal "Seymour" for you <3

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Hope we are allowed to comment! This foal is stunning, beautiful edits!

  • Awh he's adorable! :heart: (Also your profile picture is so cute!!)

  • PR Committee

    Those foal pictures are so beautiful :)

  • Cute little horses are always welcome :D

  • @Zinnia-Arvi : Thanks :3
    @Callixta-Rosella : Yeah, I'm pretty glad that I made a ton of them before he grew up.
    @Alba-Moran : Thats good to know, haha ;)

  • Hey Guys :) I have some pictures of Seymour for you! Hope you enjoy them :3

    alt text

    alt text

  • The first one is so cutee!!

  • @Lindsay-Wish Thank you :)

    Here you have another picture I made yesterday: Me & Vanity a horse I own since 2013 what makes him the "oldest" horse I own.

    alt text

  • Love all the poses and pictures. <3

  • The foal is so cuteeeeeeee :heart_eyes:
    And Vanity is beautiful!

  • The two foal pictures are so sweet. :heart: And Vanity is beautiful!

  • Update 1: I've decided to reduce my horses. I will have just a "few" Horses and show them more and will not follow some strikt rules with aging and so on. Later I will decide if some horses stay or if I will search for new owners.

    Update 2:
    We have a "New" Polish Warmblood stallion!
    His Name is IFS Ikarus and hes just a stunning fella. He's gonna get some training in Competitions, since hes a fast runner and loves speed so much.

    alt text

  • IKarus is just so stunning :heart_eyes_cat: I love spotty horses!

  • Wow! He's drop dead gorgeous. I love your editing too! :heart_eyes:

  • Moderation Committee

    Ikarus is gorgeous :heart_eyes: Also I love the colors and the atmosphere in your shots, so pretty!

  • Lovely pictures! :slight_smile: The foal pictures are so adorable <3

  • awww what a pretty stallion falls in love

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