Needs Breed Consideration

  • It's me again, apparently registering mixed breed horses isn't my thing. My Gypsy Vanner x Dutch Warmblood is registered as International Sporthorse and I wanted to check his max level in the disciplines I chose for him: Show Jumping and Show Hunters. My Stable Manager says he needs breed consideration...

  • You need to use Grade Horse Make-up form. ;)

  • PR Committee

    I think if you registered him recently through auto-reg, his show levels will be assigned automatically, no need to send in anymore forms. But due to RL commitments, it can take staff a while to get round to doing that but he should be eligible to enter level 1 in his disciplines, which enables him to start earning points, until the staff member has time to deal with it :relaxed:

  • @Callixta-Rosella ah, I had no idea someone had to change it manually. Thanks

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