[Ended] Heatherwood Sales - 8 Yearlings Available, All Photos Added.

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    Welcome to the first home bred sale from Heatherwood. We have 8 yearlings that are eagerly awaiting new homes! Please take your time to read the rules below and fill out an application for one of these lovely prospects.

    (besides the obvious ones)

    • You are allowed to apply for as many foals as you want but you may only receive one.
    • If you are applying for more than one; please list your preferences and any differences in plans between the foals you're applying for.
    • You are allowed to change the horse's show name (as long as my suffix stays), barn name, and discipline.
    • Minor appearance changes may be made such as weigh gain/loss, size (to fit height listed), shine/detail or any markings that are missing.
    • You are allowed to register the horse in any discipline you wish. The bonuses listed are just FYI.
    • Due to the rules regarding EC's banking system, the foals must have at least some kind of activity in this community. If you are active in more than one community that is fine as long as updates are given on this forum!
    • If you are going on hiatus or leaving completely please let me know beforehand (if you can). I may want to lease or buy back the horse.
    • If you suddenly go inactive for more than 1 ec year (4 rl months) without notice; I will reclaim the horse without warning.
    • Please notify me if you are thinking of selling the horse. I may want to buy the horse back.
    • If you think money will be an issue I may be interested in alternative forms of payment such as breedings, imports, buildings, or custom markings.
    • The parents listed for the foals are actively competing still so bonuses are likely to increase in the future.
    • If any of the aforementioned rules are broken it will be noted and you may no longer be able to participate in any future sales or services provided by Heatherwood.

    To apply for any of the foals listed below, please DM or PM me and tell me about your stable, the foal(s) you're interested in and plans for the prospect. You can write the application in any style as long as it's honest. Please include the words cookie dough at the end of your application. All horses come with a main site profile. All you will have to do is send a registration application. If you have any questions or concerns please ask me. I will take applications until April 10th at midnight EST.

    Eridanus HW (Konstellation T x Song of War SHS) KWPN colt. +8 in SJ. $12,000
    Eridandus has been trying to outsmart us and his peers since day one. He is a very intelligent colt and loves puzzles and activities that keep him active. His favorite toy is his jolly ball and has an unusual affinity for water. Whether it's his regular scheduled bath or the water trough this boy can't get enough of it! We've discovered that he is terrified of our ranch dogs and bolts away as soon as he hears them close by. Eri also has terrible ground manners and will need someone with a lot of patience and authority to get him to respect you. Gelding him would be something to consider in the future. He has a very dominant personality and is constantly trying to be the leader.
    adult CAP

    Fornax HW (Konstellation T x Eponine WM) KWPN colt. +10 in SJ. $14,000
    Fornax is always the center of attention in any situation. He's inherited most his dam's easy going personality and is very gently to handle, almost the complete opposite of his half brother. Fornax does get bored easily and has a habit of licking his stall front and hitching post if tied up for a long time. It's also recommended that he is lunged to get his mind focused and ready to work. He doesn't like birds or anything that looks like a bird (especially chickens). Fornax and Eridanus are always fighting for the dominant role in the herd.
    adult CAP

    Rosemary HW (WPW Baphomet x Monachyle's Songbird) ISH filly. +3 in SJ. $7,500
    If you're looking for a horse with a lot of personality than Rosemary is your girl! She's quite the show off and a very flashy girl! She keeps our staff on their toes 24/7. She's learned to untie herself and by no means likes being in one place very long. Rose is kind of a grouchy girl at times and will kick anything that gets behind her, so be sure to keep a ribbon in her tail. Rosemary keeps to herself most of the time when in the company of her pasture mates as she prefers humans more. She is also known to spook at new and unfamiliar objects that she's never seen before.
    adult CAP

    Diabla HW (Da Hussler REC x Monachyle's Spitfire) Hanoverian filly. +8 in eventing & +1 in HP. $12,000
    Despite what her name suggests Diabla is far from a "she devil." She enjoys being with her herd mates most of the time and doesn't like being separated from them for very long. Diabla exhibits typical follow the leader behavior when it comes to about every situation. She is a devil to catch in the field and will run as soon as she spots you. She needs a trainer and rider that will keep her focused at all times as she becomes distracted very easily.
    adult CAP

    Volantis HW (Valcoast's Vigilante x Pss Winterland) TB colt. +3 in eventing. $7,500
    Volantis has loads of energy just like his sire. He is constantly on the move and can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Volantis can get excited very easily and farts about if he gets excited enough. Volantis has decided he's part cat and tries to make friends with every one he comes into contact with. He can be a little hard to handle at times and is recommended that a more experienced handler has him until he's older. Despite all of his quirks he is one of the favorites at Heatherwood. It will be sad to see him go.
    adult CAP

    Ikon HW (Pss Slumber Party x Ikonique REC) Trakehner colt. +2 in SH. $6,000
    Ikon is a very challenging and stubborn colt, but can be bribed to do almost anything with a treat in your hand. He doesn't enjoy being tied or penned up and starts pacing or pawing. Once you start grooming him though, he seems to settle down some and relax. Ikon had an encounter with a snake when he was younger and ever since has a fear of slithery things ever since. Ikon seems to enjoy being the leader in heard situations and would do best with submissive horses.
    adult CAP

    Starling HW (RAHS Early Bird x RAHS Morning Star) Oldenburg filly. +5 in dressage. $8,500
    Starling is a very complicated filly. She is often misunderstood and doesn't necessarily know how to fit in with her herd mates, so she prefers to play alone. She's very sensitive around the mouth and girth area; a bitless bridle or gentle rider is strongly recommended.
    adult CAP

    Andromeda HW (Buddy Holly HW x Agrafina WM) Oldenburg filly. +4 in dressage. $8,000
    Andromeda very straight forward and handle most tasks with ease. She has great ground manners and is willing to listen unless there's food nearby. If you're not careful this girl will stop and eat anything that looks edible if you let her. She prefers to be the dominant filly and likes to be in the company of one to two horses rather than a large group.
    adult CAP

  • Application count

    Eridanus - 3
    Fornax - 3
    Rosemary - 1
    Diabla - 1
    Volantis - 2
    Ikon - 3
    Starling - 1
    Andromeda - 2

  • EEEEEE! Morning Star and Early Bird are doing so well! It's so nice to see them all active, and if they're giving bonuses you did a great job with them. I don't think they had any points at all when I sold them.

    If you want a coat update or something hit me up on Slack

  • @Maxine-Spencer Thank you so much! Early Bird is a state champion and Morning star is a regional champion. I co-own them with Callixta, I will talk to her about coat updates!

  • when can we expect pics of Fornax and Eridanus? :)

  • @Jade-Nguyen Either today or over the weekend!

  • The last two photos have been added and the rules have been updated.

  • PR Committee

    Ugh, must resist! They're all so gorgeous, but I'm so broke. If I still had my old account I'd be all over this.

    I may be back for Andromeda....

  • The owners for this season's foal crop have been chosen,
    Eridanus has been sold to @Isaiah-Pace
    Fornax has been sold to @Zahid-Sadir
    Rosemary has been sold to @Lidija-Rotherford
    Diabla has been sold to @Gwen-Parker
    Volantis has been sold to @Blake-Bellanaris
    Ikon has been sold to @Alina-Parson
    Starling has been sold to @Sadie-Ashe
    Andromeda has been sold to @Andrea-Burdine

    For those of you that were not picked, please don't be discouraged! There will be more sales in the future plus I have 2 studs available for breeding requests. Be seeing you soon and thank you for your interest.

  • PR Committee

    Yay! Payment sent, can't want to see Andromeda running around! ^^

  • Sweet! Thank you! I'll send you the payment ASAP!

  • YAAAAY! Payment sent!

  • Administrators

    Payment sent! I'm so excited to add him to my team!

  • PR Committee

    Eeeee thank you! Payment has been sent :)

  • money is sent^-^ could you send the file to this e-mail?

  • Files have been sent except for Starling!

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