Sha's little Coats ~ New : Flaxen Liver Bay 10/24

  • Sha's little Coats

    Welcome to my little world of designer coats.
    I am happy to be able to share my creations (free hihi). I hope you'll like it ! I do not really have a rule about my creations, my little trick to me is to take the basic costs of the game and modified them to make them more beautiful! (Like the Tobiano Bay that comes from the base of the game).

    Let me know if you use my coats, I would love to see them on horses!

  • Tobiano Cremello Brindle Tobiano Bay
    1_1571569788509_Screenshot-11.jpg 0_1571574034003_Screenshot.jpg
    Palomino Flaxen Liver Bay
    0_1571578570207_Screenshot.jpg 0_1571937522840_Screenshot-9.jpg

  • Reserved....

  • I am so going to use the brindle one!! Thank you for these!

  • If you ever miss files tell me I may be able to find them! :)

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