Veterinary Animal Welfare Survey! We need your help!

  • Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and having a great day!
    I know I haven't been around in like forever, but I'd really appreciate your help with something :heart:

    At vet school we're currently doing our 3rd Year Research Project Dissertations, and my friend is conducting a survey to find out the public's perceptions on animal welfare. It would be really great if as many of you could complete it as possible! You don't have to be an expect or anything - your views really matter!

    The answers will be analysed and included in a dissertation by The University of Nottingham. Results will also be fed back to you if you are interested!

    Also a chance to win a £25 amazon voucher!


    THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE <3 Please share with friends or family!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Shame it's only for UK citizens haha

  • Banned

  • Done, very interesting..... :)

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