Woodside Park // Trailride's, new horse!

  • Hello everyone!

    I have decided to make a new album that will be more active and i bit more tidy xD hope you all enjoy!

    About Woodside Park

    • We breed aqh/aph
    • Based in Australia
    • We have a bunch of colorful pons that stand out!
    • All horses have custom markings
    • Our main focus is Reining, Western pleasure & trail!


  • Off to a great start...

    I'd like to introduce you all to our newest colt here at Woodside Park!

    We have named him WSP Xtra Kool Marley aka Marley

    Dam: WSP Jessies Kool Girl // Sire: Roen's Xtra Lil Hankaroo

    Already such a tank & a good looker. With his lovely red dun coat & bald face he sure will pick up some ladies ;)


    WA Rojo's Sassy Frolic

    Everyone is drawn to this mare, like seriously so enjoy this picture of her in her worst stage just sitting fat in the paddock out of work :angel:


  • Such beautiful horses ! I love the foal but i really love the coat of Rojo's Sassy Frolic :heart_eyes:

  • @Shagaia-Nedja'ri Thankyou <3 Rojo does have a very special coat :)

  • Famous Trainer Complements my foal? :o

    Brett Lively.... a well known trainer here in Australia *made up character^, was visiting WSP after i had organised for him to have a training session with my appaloosa colt "Skip" who you guys haven't been introduced to yet. Of course i showed Brett our 3 month old cheeky colt who i'm very proud of!

    Brett straight away said "Woah now that's a nice colt" ahhh i'm so flattered he said that! Like omg, a like famous guy in the horse industry colt was nice. Sorry...just exited :blush:

    Photo of Brett giving Marley some butt scratches! 0_1572857299964_Screenshot-1116.jpg

    Last but definatly not least photo for today.... Henry! A beautiful bay 3yo colt made by the amazing @Sorren-Greyer :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: !!


  • Cute Fancy Dress Competition!

    Our youngest rider Louise and our only pony Rosie participating is a fancy dress show on another forum. Rosie was dressed up as a ballerina!


    2 new horses!

    Also i'd like to introduce you all to DBR Wanna Maker Moove aka Arlo & WSP Bow To Your Highness aka Dutchess

    Arlo is a beautoful 4yo bay splash gelding while Dutchess is a very pretty 16yo flaxen chestnut overo mare.

    Arlo's marking is made by @Chloe-West

    0_1572953818723_Screenshot-1134.jpg 0_1572953834240_Screenshot-1135.jpg

  • Love the light in your pics!

    And promising-looking youngsters :)

  • Louise and Rosie are too cute :heart_eyes:

    The Arloes marking is beautiful, I like how it looks with the bay coat ^^ Dutchess is so preatty, she looks like a young filly!

  • Everytime I see stockies I want some myself! xD

  • @Lidija-Rotherford thankyou!

    @Borja-Domecq thankyou so much! Dutchess looks pretty good her for age ;)

    @Regina-Walker I have an addiction to stockies D: I feel like everyone needs one in their game ;)

  • I love looking at your photos! They always seem to have so much life. Your editing is really good too, I’d love to have a stock from you one day :heart:

  • Such beautiful horses! I also love the lighting in your photos! :)

  • @Piper-Chance I totally get that! I seriously need just one or two, or ten! xD

  • @Sadie-Woodson thankyou so much! That means a lot to me as well because i lack the editing skills xD

    @Luna-Smit Thankyou !!

    @Regina-Walker mine started with i have too many xD

  • Your photos are so gorgeous! I love the lighting. I'm also really happy to see another Western barn.

  • @Veola-Loveless thankyou so much!

    Ramstead's Fizzics

    You guys don't know him yet but let me tell you, you'll love him. Meet Fizzics one of my main stallions here!
    Fizzics is a beautiful silver bay quarterhorse stallion. He is a bit of an allrounder, however iv'e found he is best at halter because he has outstanding ground manners. We are expecting 2 foals from him this year due in acouple of weeks :o

    tail by @Shelby-Ryans :)

    Here is a photo of him participating in a halter show on another forum :)

    also..... i have a website! It is still a wip but you can see almost all of my horses over there :) Website

    Also i'm currently working on a foundation horse sales for over here for you all :) So keep a lookout!

  • He is a beauty! I love the feel of your photos Can't wait for that sale :)

  • What a stunner! Your website looks really nice too!

  • @Anastasia-Ryan THANKYOU <3

    @Sadie-Woodson ty! It took a very very long time xD still a WIP!

    Fun Trailrides!

    Photo of myself, Brett & Wesley freshly back from a long trailride! We took out 1 colt and 2 stallions! Thankfully all three behaved like geldings and didn't put a foot wrong!

    Myself riding Henry ( @Sorren-Greyer ) , Brett riding his stallion Sargent, and Wesley riding our stallion Fizzics.


    Close up of Sargent!

    Check out how stocky he is! Sarge feels like your sitting on a barrel when you ride him!

    Meet WA Joker's Illusion Of Love aka Joker!

    Introducing you all to Joker! A beautiful 4yo apy colt. Such a pleasure to ever still gives you a little sass which makes every ride fun & a little interesting. Need to remember i'm riding him though, i'm quite used to my placid well behaved older boys xD


  • Such handsome boys! Sarge is built like a rock, I love his coat :heart: Your new stud is an eye catcher for sure. If he goes missing, it wasn’t me :see_no_evil:

  • Just look at that chunky boy! I am a warmblood person but cuddling those chubby cheeks would be a dream

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