Stall Teitur || Christmas Special Halter Show || 13.1.2020

  • @Rosa-Kajo Well maybe we could like... switch stallions? I use one of yours and you use one of mine? If that's ok with you? Ofc not if yours have points, bc mine doesn't yet. If that's the case, my BIY is 2k :)

  • Switching stallions is fine to me! Mine have some points in speed racking but I have no issue with that, I'm too lazy to think about their price anyway :laughing: Just let me know which of my stallions you choose, I like to keep an eye on our offsprings <3

  • @Rosa-Kajo I would like to use Hroki please :D And I will tag you, when the foal is born! :D

  • @Regina-Walker Alright, great choice :D Hroki has already sired two fillies, Gáta and Gnípa, both are so kind and gentle sweethearts <3

  • @Rosa-Kajo Such cuties! :heart_eyes: <3

  • Christmas Special Halter Show
    Showing off some beauties we have bought recently :heartpulse:

    alt text
    Calato S

    alt text
    Oh So Boho

    alt text
    GVH Cuthalion

  • I love how warm and inviting your pictures always are <3 Felt so strange seeing you enter saddlebreds! I'm so used to seeing your gorgeous fluffy icelandics. Calato has a perfectly kissable pink nose and Oh So Boho is gorgeous !! Look at that refined head and that dark glossy coat :kissing_heart:

  • I have to agree with Eowyn. I'm always surprised seeing anything other than Iceys or Finnhorses. But they are mighty beautiful. I fully understand you wanting to show them off.

  • Stunning horses, and stunning facilities!

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