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  • Beautiful Update.. that draft is just wow.. so different to see you having a heavy horse..

    Holland will have a great home with you. I was gonna keep bidding but I know he will suit your stable more. Can't wait to watch him grow .

    Nice andalusian mare. She has beautiful conformation cant wait to watch her grow too..

    Avendale over grew the stables .. so I'm going to have to remodel xD

  • You've got some new beautiful pons there! <3 Especially love that PRE mare! That coat-those movements! is she just going to be a brood mare or is she going to compete? :D

  • @Lexi-House Always such detailed comments, thank you! Yes I really liked the heavy type, he will be so much fun to play with!
    Haaahaha remodelling in sight!

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld She will go into sport and will definitely continue her brood career at a later date as we have some top notch Andalusian studs that might suit her!

  • So happy that Holland found a home with you! Looks like he is fitting in nicely :heart_eyes:

  • @Miranda-Gage said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ we have a draft! [30.06.'19]:

    So happy that Holland found a home with you! Looks like he is fitting in nicely :heart_eyes:

    Can't wait to start showing him off!

  • Husarz is missing his muzzle marking :P

  • @Robyn-Diggory said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ we have a draft! [30.06.'19]:

    Husarz is missing his muzzle marking :P

    Can I get a picture of what is missing? :o

  • alt text

    During the busy summer show season it is very important to remember to have fun! It is also rarely mentioned that several of Rotherford's riders have horses of their own stabled with us. I decided to make several updates featuring these riders and their beloved horses :heart:

    First up will be our long term rider mr. Arthur Jackson :trophy:
    He has been cooperating with Rotherford for over 20 years and is our competition coordinator. He used to organize all the dressage horses at the Estate but we needed his expertise in more fields, so mrs. Tia Torres took over the head dressage rider position and Arthur is now coordinating... well... everyone!

    Arthur rides Morsmordre and Slipway in show jumping, Sligo and Murciana in dressage, Beauvais and Étoile in eventing, Murcia (again) and Yekaterina in classical dressage and our puissance mare Chelonia (with whom he is currently ranked #1 on the leaderboard).

    His very own mare was a big purchase a long time ago as an in-utero foal and he paid a hefty price for her, but she turned out to be worth every single penny.

    The gorgeous buckskin filly Tanns Schwabenkönigin "Švab"! The hefty price tag was dominated by the fact that her sire is the amazing AmB Black Cadillac and her dam Tanns Dancing Queen, both very prominent horses back in the day and today.

    alt text

    The pair competed in dressage since the mare was 4 years old and they achieved a lot together. Arthur and Švab became RFE's first pair to compete at Grand Prix and they brought home numerous victories at the level, even after the mare struggled with learning movements from Fourth Level to Prix St. Georges, and we thought it was a lost cause to bring her higher than Small Tour.

    alt text

    The Westphalian mare is now 21 years old and has retired at about 17 or 18 years of age. She retired after reaching 300 points in dressage and over $50,000 in earnings.

    She is now living at pasture with several of our other retired mares and was shortly offered for breeding to the public. Only one embryo transfer was requested due to a high price tag that Arthur set, so she currently has only one foal on the ground, RFE Voliera, with our stunning Grand Prix stallion Incendio. Arthur claims that the mare is available for 1-2 more embryo transfers but will not be publicly announced, it's more of a "Who asks, might get it!".

    Arthur is planning to do another embryo transfer from her for himself, and is also eyeing Incendio for it as the pair combined gives a whopping +22 bonus in dressage, which Arthur would really like, but he will yet see.

    The love for this mare is still huge and she still gets treats and cuddles from her owner every day :heart_decoration:

    alt text

  • aww, I love hearing the history of your horses, they've got so much to them, I love it! Svab is a lovely little mare

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