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  • I cannot say I am the most motivated person on EC at the moment due to several factors, but I managed to set up a small update for you to see what's going on at the Estate for the time being.

    alt text

    We have recently purchased a few project horses at great prices and cannot start to show them and train them in a bit more detail. The only horse that we did not buy as a project is a mare that returned to RFE, the lovely Sibelle.

    You might know her because we bred her for @Luke-Alhmann and now she's back as a fully grown 4yo and she will be starting in her first 60cm show this January. She is a very lovely horse and one for the future. Her sire is Samoa (by our stallion Sandro PF) and out of our retired GP jumping mare Salem.

    alt text

    Next up is a big, big, gray British Warmblood stallion by GE Lossy Audio, a stunner named Winterkarst. He is a pleasure to ride and very smooth with huge gaits and a huge jump. He is competing at 1.50m and is closing in on his last title, sitting on nearly 160pts when we bought him. At 15 years of age (must gray him out a bit lol) we must look after him a bit more but he is definitely in his prime time.

    alt text

    Next up, one I am SUPER excited for is a Dutch Warmblood stallion by RP Lord of Chaos (by MSE Wheels Of Time :exclamation: ) and out of RDEC Habraxa (by RDEC Chamaan :exclamation: ) ! With a whopping bonus in jumping spilling out from the maximum 25 points, he was too good to pass up on!

    Desafinado is currently 7yo and at 1.10m with little over 50pts to his name in jumping, and a similar level and result in eventing.

    alt text

    And here's one of our newly hired riders, Kelly Oliver, riding two new mares.

    This cutiepie is Layric, a new show hunting and field hunting star, with a nice point count in each discipline. Knows her job and is sooo very kind, like all Monachyle's horses. Not a bad bone in her body and she'd make a lovely addition to any stable!
    Also 15 years old.

    alt text

    alt text

    And last (but not least as we have two more horses in quarantine) is Pepper, a seasoned eventer competing at CCI 2* and has 150pts! She will be kept in sport awhile longer as she is 19yo, but in case we notice this is no longer good for her she will retire to a nice brood life at the Estate :heart:

    alt text

    Pepper, Winterkarst, Sibelle and After Dark (one that's still quarantined) will be moving away over to @Toni-Lamberti later next week as the team in Aimsir will be keeping them safe and well trained and shown for us :heart:

  • Oh sibelle :)
    Layricis amazing
    Desafinado !!! !!! !!!

  • Pepper still looks very fit and lovely for her age :smiley:

  • So many beauties!

  • Very Cute Update, i am Loving some of your horses, , i Absolutely Adore Sibelle Though, if you ever Decide to Sell, shes MORE the welcome to Join my Barn. , she is Beautiful.

    Kelly is lovely, She will have a Great future at RFE, Even if she doesnt know it yet.

  • What Jade said, you have some lovely horses Lidija! Its nice to see you active after all this time still! The lack of motivation sucks, hope you find more soon :D

  • Winterkast is a stunner!

    I hope your factors get easier for you in the future <3

  • A Reel colt :heart_eyes: he looks so amazing. And the other horses are so stunning too. You make me jealous each time I take a look at your blog.

  • So many beautiful horses.
    I can‘t believe that have the time & motivation to manage all your horses, keep them up to date & compet with them 👀

    Pepper is my favorit, the coat is realy beautiful 🥰
    Winterkarst is also realy beautiful, where come his name from? It sounds like something from game of throns 😂😂🤩

  • I love that people can visit your barn and you post pics of the whole thing write about it etc. all in great detail! I can see how much effort you put into to everything in your blog! I love your ID's they are huge and gorgeous!

  • @Mira-Green Hmm... I don't know where it's from but certainly does sound Game of Throne-ish xD

    I am overwhelmed with a big number of comments like this! :heart: Such a huge thank you to all the supportive people that keep me going all the time!

    alt text

    First dressage show of the season is behind us and it has been a successful one! I have selected five horses to show off (that are also in the RP entries of the show)! Some are well known to my followers and one is making his first appearance in my thread today!

    I'm gonna start off with our youngster Yekaterina who has been carefully trained by Petr since day one of her backing. The results of his hard work were clearly visible in the last two weeks as the young mare snatched 1st places in both her classical dressage and english dressage debuts, already having 30 points to her name after just 1 start in each discipline.
    Both of these disciplines are in her blood, as her dam is Glamazon, and her granddam is Ávila. Her sire is a drop-dead-gorgeous dark bay Andalusian stallion Evento I de Xantre, owned by @Celia-Acosta :heart_decoration:

    alt text

    Next were Alice and Incantation, our recent return which has been doing awesome in the show ring :four_leaf_clover: She and Alice snatched 2nd place at First Level after a nice quiet ride. Incantation is no problem at all, correct movement, beautiful exterior... she could really go far, and we hope she will!

    She is by our quietest son of Incandescente, Incanarrov, so no wonder she got his lovely predisposition and looks!

    alt text

    alt text

    At Second Level we have a horse that I haven't yet introduced (missing markings, eh...) and it's Scirocco! We bought him from @Miranda-Gage in October. The reins to him were taken over by Julie after this new rider rule, as she only has her own Talegro to show in dressage.

    So far she loves him, he is big, fancy, elegant with those long, long legs. He got good marks from the judges but a sassy spook took some points to land them 3rd place, which is definitely not bad for the pair's first time showing as a team.

    alt text

    alt text

    Kinmorinaaaaaaa is neeeext :heart: By no doubt my favourite offspring by King! if asked I'd even sell Kingsway, but Kinmorina - no chance, no how! She keeps proving herself in each show and she's just 9 years old! The big, tanky mare won her Intermediare I outing, with Tia in the irons (as usual).

    We tried not to mess around much with Tia's rides, but since her main ride Inverno was retired in January, her rides were pretty straightforward, she rides Kinmorina and Sokol.

    alt text

    alt text

    And last for this update is a mare that cannot simply get bored with winning, and neither can her rider! Arthur and his gorgeous bay mare Murcia won the Grand Prix class! Things wouldn't be as thrilling if she, just like Yekaterina, didn't also win her Inter II class in classical dressage just the week before!

    Super proud of her and we really do call her our own Mount St. John Freestlye :rofl: :heart_eyes:

    alt text

    alt text

  • So proud of Yekaterina!! <3 She deff has those disciplines in her blood!

  • @Celia-Acosta said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ dressage RP update [19.01.'19]:

    So proud of Yekaterina!! <3 She deff has those disciplines in her blood!

    Thank you Celia!

    And thanks to everyone who upvoted the post! :)

    alt text

    The Durango Grand Prix was a debut show for five of our young horses that were foaled back in October. They are all around 4 years now and dabbing around 60cm courses :rofl: It was odd to have horses at such low levels as we didn't have beginner, green horses for quite some time now. Interestingly enough, all the horses placed, which is awesome!

    Some of these horses you saw as foals with their dams, and some were not as introduced as I've been quite busy and didn't really have time to go see them AND remember to take photos!

    Centenario had the lowest placing, a lovely, safe 6th place.
    He is the gray youngster if you remember who had to undergo colic surgery as a 2yo. His owner (and breeder) Alice was beside him all the time and he had a happy ending to the story. He recovered fully and is now starting out in jumping.
    Centi's dam is Alice's GP mare Casteli and he is by Alicante! A match made in heaven!
    His first course was a bit shaky as he looked at almost all of the jumps, but he was fair and jumped each one! :heart:

    Aren't they just dashing in blue?

    alt text

    5th place went to meee and my youngster Landaulet! Larry is out of my mare Clarissa and by @Marc-Sanders's stallion Mister Brightside. It was a long awaited breeding, as we had Brightside reserved for ages, but we finally went through with inseminating Clarissa.

    Larry was very bold and sure of himself, but got one pole down, which was enough for 5th place in our class as he was pretty fast and they do give small lovely ribbons to young pon pons that didn't throw their riders off :rofl:

    Look at him, so fat :pizza:

    alt text

    We earned two 4th places!

    One of them went to Trevita and her rider Martina. Now, Trevita I don't think you guys met! She is our keeper by Ríoghnán and is out of another long time reserved breeding to @Danielle-Maddox's mare SHS Song of War.

    Trevita is Thoroughbred and she is nice and forward. Very interested in her surroundings but also seems to love the crowds already and new events around her. She was at one or two clinics so far and loved the attention and travelling. Nice traits to look for in a show horse!

    alt text

    alt text

    And the other 4th place earner is Sibelle! She is on loan to @Toni-Lamberti but it was nice to catch them after the class was over!

    alt text

    And I left the best for last! A debut winner! :first_place:
    Martina rode Dublet to a lovely victory! Doesn't really count much since it is only 60cm but it was nice to get the red ribbon home and for no other horse but our very own Breaking Dawn heiress!
    Yep, he is her sire and she is his last ever foal. She is out of our dressage broodie Fürstin, who quite enjoyed having her by foot and they still go to pasture together, but are oddly not as bonded as we thought they might get.

    The mare only won actually because she was spicy and a tad out of control. Martina tried her best but the mare rushed around like she was in a GP jump-off, which is not good as it's a trainwreck waiting to happen at bigger heights. It might have been a quick, clean, winning round but it did not look good nor we are happy with what we saw hahah

    A lot of work to be done! :)

    alt text

  • Competition Committee

    I love Dublet.

    That is all <3

  • Lovely youngsters! Dublet is stunning and I love how lanky Landaulet is, he looks very real and his face is so cute :heart:

  • PR Committee

    Nice to see an introduction for Trevita! She's gorgeous! Definitely seeing traits and looks from both parents. I'm sure she will do well in the show ring! Good luck to her :four_leaf_clover:

  • The amount of effort you put into your posts always blows me away. I cannot even imagine how long it takes to set up and edit so many gorgeous photos.

  • Wow trevita looks like she has extra long lags 😂
    (Perfect for jumping)

  • Thanks guys! Trevita seems to be the fan fave of the youngster bunch? :D :four_leaf_clover:

    alt text

    The jumper show, Vanaheim Show Jumping Challenge, also finished and the RFE team brought home 6 first places and one of our horses that is leased out also got a 1st! We had a few 2nd and 3rd places, but you know us, we always show off with the winners!

    I will post about more horses but today I only have the will and the time to post about two of 'em!

    First one is the lovely Sibelle, on loan to @Toni-Lamberti and ridden by Casey Leigh. Sibelle and Casey got 4th place in their first 60cm course and Sibi's first ever show. This time around they won their class and got a nice red ribbon! I missed the round as I was getting my own horse ready for another 60cm division, but Susan said she has it on tape! Sibi's first victory, yay!

    alt text

    The next one is the amazing Perrarus aka Superstar!

    I wanted to show him off even if he got "only" a 3rd place at 1.50m! Perrarus reached a new milestone in his career and that is - earning over $100,000 in prize money! :moneybag: This lovely stallion is only 12 years old and already at 300pts in each of his disciplines (325 and 330 to be exact) and has reached exactly $103,795 in earnings.
    His dam, Beverly, is 20yo, soon retiring completely and earned $105,445, which means he will be an even more profitable mount than she is. And she is top class :top: :star:

    Brant, his rider and owner, still keeps the stud fee of Perrarus pretty high up. And although he offered the stallion up for breeding over the holidays, which was the first time EVER, the stallion did not get any offers. Brant values him at his high fee but I really hope he will budge a little so that some other Beverly fans could get their hands on her top class son.

    Perrarus has been giving consistent results in both jumping and eventing and is one of the bravest, boldest and fastest horses we have in our stables. Always a pleasure to watch in the ring :heart:

    alt text

    (original stock photo is by sim-stock from DeviantART)

  • Wait that bottom one is a sim horse?! OMG it looks so realistic, it’s insane :heart_eyes: honestly had to look at it multiple times because it looks so so real

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