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  • Beautiful Update.. that draft is just wow.. so different to see you having a heavy horse..

    Holland will have a great home with you. I was gonna keep bidding but I know he will suit your stable more. Can't wait to watch him grow .

    Nice andalusian mare. She has beautiful conformation cant wait to watch her grow too..

    Avendale over grew the stables .. so I'm going to have to remodel xD

  • You've got some new beautiful pons there! <3 Especially love that PRE mare! That coat-those movements! is she just going to be a brood mare or is she going to compete? :D

  • @Lexi-House Always such detailed comments, thank you! Yes I really liked the heavy type, he will be so much fun to play with!
    Haaahaha remodelling in sight!

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld She will go into sport and will definitely continue her brood career at a later date as we have some top notch Andalusian studs that might suit her!

  • So happy that Holland found a home with you! Looks like he is fitting in nicely :heart_eyes:

  • @Miranda-Gage said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ we have a draft! [30.06.'19]:

    So happy that Holland found a home with you! Looks like he is fitting in nicely :heart_eyes:

    Can't wait to start showing him off!

  • Husarz is missing his muzzle marking :P

  • @Robyn-Diggory said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ we have a draft! [30.06.'19]:

    Husarz is missing his muzzle marking :P

    Can I get a picture of what is missing? :o

  • alt text

    During the busy summer show season it is very important to remember to have fun! It is also rarely mentioned that several of Rotherford's riders have horses of their own stabled with us. I decided to make several updates featuring these riders and their beloved horses :heart:

    First up will be our long term rider mr. Arthur Jackson :trophy:
    He has been cooperating with Rotherford for over 20 years and is our competition coordinator. He used to organize all the dressage horses at the Estate but we needed his expertise in more fields, so mrs. Tia Torres took over the head dressage rider position and Arthur is now coordinating... well... everyone!

    Arthur rides Morsmordre and Slipway in show jumping, Sligo and Murciana in dressage, Beauvais and Étoile in eventing, Murcia (again) and Yekaterina in classical dressage and our puissance mare Chelonia (with whom he is currently ranked #1 on the leaderboard).

    His very own mare was a big purchase a long time ago as an in-utero foal and he paid a hefty price for her, but she turned out to be worth every single penny.

    The gorgeous buckskin filly Tanns Schwabenkönigin "Švab"! The hefty price tag was dominated by the fact that her sire is the amazing AmB Black Cadillac and her dam Tanns Dancing Queen, both very prominent horses back in the day and today.

    alt text

    The pair competed in dressage since the mare was 4 years old and they achieved a lot together. Arthur and Švab became RFE's first pair to compete at Grand Prix and they brought home numerous victories at the level, even after the mare struggled with learning movements from Fourth Level to Prix St. Georges, and we thought it was a lost cause to bring her higher than Small Tour.

    alt text

    The Westphalian mare is now 21 years old and has retired at about 17 or 18 years of age. She retired after reaching 300 points in dressage and over $50,000 in earnings.

    She is now living at pasture with several of our other retired mares and was shortly offered for breeding to the public. Only one embryo transfer was requested due to a high price tag that Arthur set, so she currently has only one foal on the ground, RFE Voliera, with our stunning Grand Prix stallion Incendio. Arthur claims that the mare is available for 1-2 more embryo transfers but will not be publicly announced, it's more of a "Who asks, might get it!".

    Arthur is planning to do another embryo transfer from her for himself, and is also eyeing Incendio for it as the pair combined gives a whopping +22 bonus in dressage, which Arthur would really like, but he will yet see.

    The love for this mare is still huge and she still gets treats and cuddles from her owner every day :heart_decoration:

    alt text

  • aww, I love hearing the history of your horses, they've got so much to them, I love it! Svab is a lovely little mare

  • @Marquis-Moulin said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ Arthur & Schwabenkönigin [07.07.'19]:

    aww, I love hearing the history of your horses, they've got so much to them, I love it! Svab is a lovely little mare

    Thank you!

    alt text

    We had a visitor today! One very dear friend of RFE! Can you guys guess who it might be?

    alt text

  • Oh Švab! What a lovely little royal lady, those are some very impressive parents. :heart:
    Also I’m assuming your visitor is @Marquis-Moulin, I’m excited to see the pictures of the visit! I love the idea of other members visiting one another. :heart:
    (P.S Your new PRE Mare is amazing!! 🙈)

  • @Zinnia-Arvi said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ Mysterious visitor? [03.08.'19]:

    Oh Švab! What a lovely little royal lady, those are some very impressive parents. :heart:
    Also I’m assuming your visitor is @Marquis-Moulin, I’m excited to see the pictures of the visit! I love the idea of other members visiting one another. :heart:
    (P.S Your new PRE Mare is amazing!! 🙈)

    Read below to see if you are right :P

    Yeah Švab is very impressive! I am just so baffled how time flies and that she's already done with her career and all...

    And thank you for the comment on the new PRE mare! She IS!

    alt text

    It is time to reveal the mystery - who came to visit? Well, after I visited his stables about a month ago, it was time that @Marquis-Moulin came over to visit Rotherford!

    I was on my way from picking up a filly from Ahlmann Farm so I stopped by Mark's to pick him up as well! We chatted a lot about horses at his stable, English Yew Equine Centre, but he moved all his focus to Rotherford as soon as we reached the gate.

    He was very pleasantly surprised by the pastures driving in to the center of it, so he was full of impressions when we got out of the car.

    alt text

    First we unloaded the yearling filly from @Ian-Salvatore , Velvet One AF which we recently purchased for a very low price but from very nice parents, Vasco and Codex-One.

    alt text

    alt text

    The bay filly was turned out at one of our closest pastures to the stable so that we can keep her close for a few days before she joins the rest of our young horses and Revvi the grandpa in the big pasture.

    alt text

    alt text

    While we stood at the side of the pasture, a bay mare approached us from the other one, neighing at the new arrival and catching Mark's attention.

    alt text

    "Who is that?" he asked. As I know he is a passionate show jumper AND an eventer, I knew he will be very happy to know who this is.
    "It's Jadis!" I said.
    "A Tussock horse?!" his eyes widened, as seeing a Tussock bred horse these days is quite a rare thing.
    "Yeah. She is one of our best eventers we ever had. Josephine used to ride her, but the mare is completely retired now. Even from breeding, unfortunately."
    "Why so?"
    "She is soon turning 21! Can you imagine? We might get an embryo transferred as we don't own any of her offspring. And she's had only two, it would be a shame."

    Mark went in to the pasture to pet the friendly mare, as he was quite happy to see such a big-named eventer.

    "Many famous horses and lines around here! And I've seen only two so far!" he laughed.
    I reminded him of the youngsters we saw in the pastures on our drive in... by Elijah, Black Diamond, Corroder, Son of Honor... all big names, so he's seen more than two! :rofl:

    alt text

    I gave him a small tour of the stable inside while one of our grooms was preparing a horse for him to ride. I knew he likes fast and sassy horses, so I handpicked two the craziest ones we had so that he can enjoy himself. At least I hoped he will :star:

    First horse our groom prepared was the amazing DPPR Not-A-Stock, 13yo International Sporthorse mare, as crazy as they come. Nessie was always a menace to ride, and remained so no matter what we did, tried, examined. She is just... "one of those".

    She was recently retired from competitive riding after successfully competing at the Grand Prix level. She surprised us all (her rider surprised us mostly, for surviving) for being able to compete at the level but she became too hazardous to ride at such heights so we decided to quit showing her before someone breaks a neck.

    alt text

    Mark was quite excited to give her a go and to see what's it all about, but I mentioned to him that she will not be the one he'll jump. I saw Mark riding and he rides well, but she cannot really be trusted.

    Before he got on I walked him to our outdoor arena so he can check it out, while the groom led Nessie not far behind.

    alt text

    alt text

    It was time to ride! She was very bouncy from the start, as per usual, which even Mark commented but with a smile on his face. In the trot he sat out a few lovely but sneaky bucks from the mare and sent a comment my way regarding how he thinks the transition into canter will be like sitting on a firecracker.

    It was.

    alt text

    He cantered around with her for a bit but not for too long. The mare got all nervous for some reason so we cut it short.

    "Whoever rode that mare through Grand Prix courses AND WON with her... hats down! HATS. DOWN." he said.
    "I did send for another horse to be prepared for you. One you'll jump!"
    "Yeah, originally I wanted you to ride Incandescente or Incendio and try some dressage stuff for fun, as they are really push-button horses for it. But I figured you'd enjoy yourself more if you rode something you actually liked! On a fast horse!"

    One of our riders brought along RFE Clear History, a 21yo Belgian Warmblood gelding. The rider who brought him was George, who used to ride him before the gelding retired.
    Clear is also a menace to ride, but undoubtfully less so than Nessie. He is -just- fast and uncontrollable, but at least doesn't smash through fences as Nessie is known to do because she gets into her head too much. Once you get him to a fence he will jump it and he WILL clear it.

    We always believed Clear will never actually calm down but in the past two years he did, a little bit. He is now calm in pastures most of the time, and he did get a bit better under saddle, now when it's not necessary as he's not in sport anymore :laughing: We also fully vetted him, tack fitted him... never found the tiniest bone or muscle be wrong on him, but he was just nuts. He was also successful at Grand Prix before his retirement and has reached over 200 points. Sadly he is a gelding with no straws so we will never be able to have a foal by him, but we have a few of his brothers at the Estate that are still stallions.

    Mark got on and warmed up nicely. Clear was a bit electric as always but nothing that Mark does not seem to enjoy. They warmed up over some fences, gradually raising them up until they were about 1.40-1.50m. Mark eyed that big oxer and asked me if Clear jumped anything of this sort after retiring haha

    "He knows his job, don't worry. He never refused and he rarely knocks down a pole or misjudges himself. Never seen this one jump from a bad stride. Just go ahead without worries. I think he missed the big jumps, he'll go right for it!" George pitched in, reassuring Mark, or Kiwi, as he is also known, that the horse is capable, as at the end of the day George really knows this horse best.

    alt text

    alt text

    When Mark finished with his ride and after he asked George all he wanted to know about Clear (who he seemed to like very much ;) ) we went on with our tour.

    I went to show him the indoor arena, along with the awards and medals that the RFE team won over on Equus Sims. We had a nice chat about the unfairness of judging at dressage competitions at times and how it's all objective, and some other quirks of equestrian sport that came to mind.

    alt text

    alt text

    In the arena I showed him a photo of my dearest mare Belle (AC/RFE Truth Is Beauty) who started RFE's passion for Irish Draughts and sport in general, as she was so amazing. Sadly she passed away some time ago which was a very big loss for me and I had to take some time without horses to recover. Me and Belle are pictured here with Caren and another late mare we owned MGS/RFE Underwater Superstar whose lines we'd be happy to have at the Estate again if given the option. I am very happy to see that her only three foals are owned by nice estates such as @Aada-Wainio , @Zahid-Sadir and @Maria-Jones .

    alt text

    As we were going back to the stable from the indoor arena we passed by the RFE sign and Mark wanted to take a picture with it :rofl:

    alt text

    As it was getting late, and my own horses seemed to have had the day off because of the visit, we took my own boys out for a graze. I was very happy that Mark got to meet at least these two, as Kalypso is out in the young horse pastures and it was too far away to go back there again to greet him.

    I gave Larry to him to hold and I held Cluedo, my two rising stars.

    alt text

    Larry, short for RFE Landaulet, is my 5yo International Sporthorse (50% ISH though) who already has 2 titles in eventing and 3 titles in show jumping at such a young age! He is not the fanciest of them or the flashiest mover, but hey, that's why he's not in dressage hahaha :heart:
    He is very dear to my heart as he is out of my own mare RFE Clarissa (with which I have a great bond and love her to bits) and is sired by the amazing Mister Brightside :heart_eyes:

    alt text

    And Cluedo is a 12yo Westphalian out of Andorra HMF and by Contendro I HMF, which we both own as well. but I bought out Cluedo from RFE and own him personally. He is closing in on 200pts (at 186 now) and we are probably going to have our Grand Prix show jumping debut this fall!

    alt text

    When we took the boys back in the stable, Kelly was just finishing up with Lotto, which caught Mark's eye because of his nice coloring.

    Lotto is a 12yo Hanoverian stallion, competing at Grand Prix show jumping with over 250 points to his name, and he is also available for breeding if anyone is interested :heart: He is by Pss Alfie and out of Pss Latifa!

    We also own his full brother Pss Benai who was registered as a Dutch Warmblood. Benai is 7 years old and at 80 points at the moment, showing at Intermediate level which is 1.30m height wise.

    alt text

    Overall it was a great day and I had fun having Mark, or Kiwi ;) , over for the day and I really hope he will come back again some day! Maybe with Atlas so that I get to ride him some more? :rofl:

    alt text

  • it was an absolute dream to visit RFE, thank you so much for letting me visit! It was a fantastic experiences for someone who owns a "baby stable" to get to see the inner-workings of such an extensive and developed facility! Though a bit bummed I couldn't jump Nessie, haha! I'm disposable I can break a couple bones for the hell of it (jk)

    It was awesome to ride Clear too, I don't get to jump that high anymore since none of my horses are quite there yet. once again, great experience! I'll have to look into his brothers if they ever go up for stud :thinking: really cool horse! and thanks for intentionally picking out the insane horses for me, greatly appreciated

    I loved hearing about some of the history of RFE too, like I said- I've only got a "baby stable" we've only been established for about three years, we don't have nearly as much history as your place does. (and yeah, there's something up with dressage judges, my husband hasn't placed in any shows lately and he's a trained dressage rider and I know absolutely nothing about the sport and I keep placing, what's up with that?)

    Once again, thank you so much for having me! I'd be totally stoked to come visit again, I'd have to see about the whole bringing Atlas part, Burt's very protective of his little stud :laughing: I don't think he'd let me take Atlas by myself, he'd definitely have to come along next time :wink: I think you'd appreciate having another dressage rider around, haha!

  • Oh velvet good Luck with her ;)

  • @Marquis-Moulin I hope you'll be coming over to our birthday in October :heart:

    @Ian-Salvatore Thanks!

    alt text

    Lately I've become rather active on RFE's Instagram page and there I discovered the SSO community (a different horse game) and they sometimes host shows on Instagram that will allow Simmers to participate!

    So currently my horses Larry and Cluedo are participating in a discipline switch show, and today is the 3rd day out of 4 days!

    First day was trot up, second day was western trail and today is barrel racing! Tomorrow is the final day and my show jumpers will be trying out at pole bending :rofl:

    Here are the photos of them today trying to figure out barrel racing!


    alt text


    alt text

    Background stock images by How-You-Remind-Me (deviantART).

  • alt text

    Today was the last day! A day for polebending!

    The horses did well, Larry surprised me with a fast and faultless run (I'm telling you, those OBF horses on his dam's side truly did have an impact :rofl: ) and Cluedo was toootally out of his comfort and knowledge zone so he was slow and knocked some poles over, poor guy :heart:

    I will keep you posted on the results and how they'll do! I hope we place!

    Larry and I after our run, I was so happy :see_no_evil:

    alt text

    Cluedo and I going to the finish after annihilating some of the poles into the dust :rofl:

    alt text

    Background stock images by erl-stock (deviantART).

  • I always love coming to your blog! I have so many things I could say, but I normally tell you in person. Or I watch your Instagram.. loving the swapsys for showing. They all looked like they really had a blast..
    They all are so beautiful.

    Cluedo has to be my favorite, look at that stride, love how the hat is flying off, shows the speed he got up too.

  • beautiful background

  • @Lexi-House and @Ian-Salvatore , thank you for your comments :heart_decoration:

    alt text

    This evening my groom and I took the horses to one of the showgrounds we visit most often for competitions for a schooling session.

    I brought the Andalusians and my baby Hearbreaker, as I figured he will need some experience outside of RFE, because he will start showing soon.

    First I rode the very experienced stallion MdoS Altazaro (bought from @Ellory-Clarke ) who really doesn't need any more schooling sessions. He is the school! This fella is 17yo, and super talented in all the flat disciplines.
    Rotherford purchased him not too long ago to be a breeding stallion, so he needs more exposure around here :heart_eyes:

    We bought him because he is the sire of MRD Campanera I del Cascabel and she is the dam of our superstar dressage horse Murciana! We needed to lock down these bloodlines ;)

    Anyhow, he is retired from dressage after a full bonus, and is currently polishing off his classical dressage career and has started to work out some mid-level liberty tricks. He will soon be retiring from the ridden disciplines and focus solely on liberty with Caren!

    alt text

    After him I rode Xafati Cuatro (bought from @Elaine-Rose , bred by Che Marshall). Now this mare is something seriously special! A direct offspring from Moret Cuatro! :star: fangirling Combine Moret with Sicomoro lines and you get this amazing classic Andalusian! And a mare at that!

    She is 13 years old but is not that far away in her training, being only at Second Level dressage and Introductory level classical dressage. She will be paired up with Clodoveo upon her retirement for one super foal combining Moret, Sicomoro AND Celeridad bloodlines :bomb:

    alt text

    After her I took my baby EYEC Heartbreaker ( bred by @Wilder-M-Bernardi ) for a short schooling session. He has turned 4 this June and will be registered soon. He probably won't pass as an Irish Sport Horse due to his overo color, so we will have to figure out something else.

    He was a bit confused being off property but handled himself nicely. Since we rented the arena all for ourselves he was alone for awhile until my groom came back with my last horse - and he did well, my little superstar :four_leaf_clover:

    alt text

    And last but DEFINITELY not least was a little something-something we acquired from @Celia-Acosta :thinking:

    Lucky for us, with little interest in this fabulous horse's auction thread, we got him for a low price. A low price for a top quality horse is something I never whine about! I mean, MBS Dorado and Diamantes de la Reina on his sire's side was definitely the dealbreaker :heart:

    Please welcome Caramelo I de Xantre!
    He is still young so he works only one or two days a week, but you can literally see the talent in whatever he does. He is super light and balanced for such a young horse!

    alt text

    We headed home after that as we did not fit any more horses in the truck we brought along :rofl:

  • It is very gratifying to see how the Andalusian horse community expands through the forum :heart_eyes: Caramelo is still young but he already shows very good movements, he will be an incredible stallion in dressage!

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