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  • Ohhh god Mielijah is sooo cute as her parents. she so amazing love little blue eye.

  • A very varied post :smile: Palmera and Mia are my favourites ladies! Lyutsifer's coat seems to be made with silver haha

  • @Lexi-House Thank you for always posting such detailed comments :heart: You have NO idea how I appreciate it when you (or any other member) post such big comments!
    I actually own 4 Akhal-Tekes now that I think of it :shamrock:

    @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thank you! I re-read them a few times as well actually :rofl:

    @Ian-Salvatore I knew you'd fancy the blue eyes ;)

    @Borja-Domecq I figured Mia and Palmera would make a lovely couple to photograph :D Thanks!

  • i love to read all of your updates, it's like they tell a real story. Im glad i gave namandour to you :)

  • @Lidija-Rotherford These are amazing! I love the stories you give with each picture :)

  • Lidija, you've been spoiling us with all these huge updates! I absolutely love scrolling through your updates, I get so excited to see all your horseys! (and read about all of them!) I had no clue you had tekes, I love Lyutsifer, if there's ever a teke foal out of him for sale I gotta try and snatch them up. Give Lyutsifer lots of love from me

  • @Liza-Joop Thank you!
    @Anastasia-Ryan I try, thanks :star:
    @Wilder-M-Bernardi I love spoiling with updates, you know me! I will say hello to Lyut!

    alt text

    Fall and colder weather has slowly squeezed in to Rotherford. I personally dislike the cold and always get bundled up immediately, but some of our younger riders do not seem to feel the cold as much as a few of us older ones do :rofl:

    alt text

    alt text

    Stables are slowly being prepared to hold most of the horses in through the winter, as we heard it might be a tough one.

    The financial "manager" of RFE, Susan O'Neill, decided to put a stop to buying horses and in 3 days time when the breeding offer ends, she will put a stop on selling them as well. We all agree that our team is the strongest it's ever been and with many horses retiring soon it's the perfect way to focus on the ones we have an update thoroughly on them.

    We will be in the process of updating profile pictures of those who don't have them, all the horses we planned on registering are registered and all of our paperwork is in order. It's odd to have things done and going in the right direction.

    The last arrival to RFE is IRCE Macintosh purchased from @Jill-Reyes . The beautiful 6yo Dutch Warmblood dressage stallion will feel right at home with us and we are very happy that he is our very last purchase for quite some time.

    alt text

    alt text

    Next I want you to meet EYEC Wandering Aengus, a 6yo Dutch Warmblood mare. We purchased her (and another mare) from @Wilder-M-Bernardi some time ago, but now we are showing her off. She is quite lovely, very big and bulky and she is our first silver bay in the stables!

    alt text

    The other mare we got from @Wilder-M-Bernardi is EYEC Holocene, also a 6yo Dutch Warmblood mare. She has a bit longer legs and a long face, but we see a bit more potential in her than in Aengus. She is a bit more quicker and agile, but they are both young and will learn.

    Both Aengus and Holocene are on loan to @Lexi-House because we are a bit short on room in show jumping :(

    alt text

    alt text

    And the last one I want to show off is a mare we got sometime in August, WSP Kira. She is a very young American Paint Horse and we purchased her from @Piper-Chance :heart: This unique bay roan mare will be starting shows soon and we really can't wait :D

    alt text

    alt text

  • Beautiful update as always, avendale has out a stop to future horses too. We are full xD
    So many pretty darlings.

  • I love macintosh & Kira <3

  • @Lexi-House You too? :o

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank youuu

  • I love your updates! You tell us how it is day to day, and I admire that a lot.

  • Oh Lidija I love Palmera and Mia, what beautiful spotted girls you have. :heart: The project horse sale you might be hosting sounds interesting, that's such a creative and fun idea. It'll be interesting to see how all your project horses do! How many project horses do you have?
    Oh it's Blitz! I remember you posting pictures of him in the past. :smile:

  • @Irene-Duarte Thank you! I will be making a show update soon though to switch things up a bit :)

    @Zinnia-Arvi I have about 9 of them :) They will be under our care and competing for us for a few more months until they have something to show to the world! :D

  • It could be kinda wierd question but... are you a photographer in real life? Becouse I think your photos are so greate and it feels like you have some experience. It's just pleasure to look at them :D

  • Beautiful horses we purchased ! I love Aengus and Holo' they have charisma <3

  • @Martha-Carter In fact I am haha I photograph horses mostly 😅🥰

    @Eloïse-Newport Thank you! I am very happy that Wilder sold them to RFE!

  • I'm going to have a lot to do with Cruz's competition at level 8 falsterbo GP V Good luck with my old boy :) I hope to have a picture of him competing

  • @Ian-Salvatore said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ quick update [12.09.'19]:

    I'm going to have a lot to do with Cruz's competition at level 8 falsterbo GP V Good luck with my old boy :) I hope to have a picture of him competing

    I will be making some competition photos soon :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ quick update [12.09.'19]:

    @Ian-Salvatore said in ♕ Rotherford Estate | Lidija's Blog ~ quick update [12.09.'19]:

    I'm going to have a lot to do with Cruz's competition at level 8 falsterbo GP V Good luck with my old boy :) I hope to have a picture of him competing

    I will be making some competition photos soon :D

    too impatient to see Sandro Cruz and others in show

  • alt text

    The day started nice and quiet in RFE with horses enjoying some last days of being out 24/7. The nights are getting colder and I think that starting this week we will have to start blanketing them for the night if they are going to be sleeping outside.

    In the far pastures the horses were slowly pacing around the fence waiting for breakfast to be served...
    (featuring Pentatonic and Marble)

    alt text

    alt text

    And those a bit closer to home were enjoying the morning breeze and, as if you thought I am going to say something different, they were also waiting for breakfast to arrive :D
    (featuring Holocene, Aengus and Bobo in the back)

    alt text

    However we had a slightly bigger day to plan today as it is the last day to get your hands on a RFE breeding before it closes up until December or even January/February. You can see the thread here and today being the last day I must remind you that the discount (-20%) is still active!

    There are some horses on the list that are being offered for the very last time before they retire from breeding as well so I decided to post their brand new pictures here and maybe spark an interest in someone to continue their legacy :heart:

    First up is Vienna's gelding RFE/TBEC Gentle Knight. He has three straws left and we are selling 2 of them (in case we want a foal after).
    Gentle is a 19yo International Sporthorse (50% ISH x 25% Clydesdale x 25% Cob) and he competed in dressage and eventing with lots of success, earning 221pts in dressage and 231pts in eventing, offering a +5 bonus in each :star2:

    He is a big sweetheart and always tried and gave his best, so we believe he would make an excellent sire. His dad is our deceased ISH IWS Lunar Eclipse who was also very kind and was retired to teaching kids after his show jumping career.

    Gentle's discounted fee is $36,160.

    alt text

    alt text

    Next is my very own mare RFE Clarissa, dam of my absolute superstar youngster RFE Landaulet (Larry), whom you most definitely saw in this scrappy, a lot :rofl:

    Clarissa is a 17yo International Sporthorse with some stock horse blood in the back but we are unsure of the exact percentage. When she got reclaimed from an inactive home she blossomed into quite a pocket rocket, nailing it for years in eventing and show jumping, with 207pts in eventing and 220pts in show jumping, also offering a full +5 bonus to her offspring!

    She is a bit sassy but a very gentle mare and a super mom. She is available for embryo transfers or to carry the foal herself as she is retired from sport :)
    This little mare is my sweetheart and only accepting top homes for her foals! :star:

    Clarissa's discounted fee is $34,160.

    alt text

    Third in line is an Akhal-Teke mare I featured on the last page - Meleke! She is 18 years old and when she came to Rotherford she was already an established show hunter with the highest title.
    Over the years we competed her a bit more at the top levels of show hunting and recently she started competing in ridden showing as well in order to keep her fit and going even once she retires from a jumping discipline. She was retired from show hunting at 246pts and is currently holding 80pts in ridden showing. She will continue competing probably for another two years so hopefully she will reach at least 150pts in ridden showing, too, if not the full 200.

    Meleke is very sweet and very quiet, definitely the "good ghost" of the stable. She is wonderful to have at shows and she always has that extra spark in her whenever she enters the arena :eyes:

    She is available for embryo transfers only and only has one foal on the ground :thumbsup_tone2:

    Meleke's discounted fee is $26,080.

    alt text

    And the last one that is being offered for the last time is our grandma Broudein's Starbourne B :heart_decoration:

    The 19yo rose gray ISH mare (by Baratheon himself) has been out of competition and sport for several years now. She reached the highest title in eventing with 237pts and offers a full bonus to her foals. She is the dam of our very popular mare RFE Nocte Caelum and four other stunning horses. We are offering two final slots from her (either by embryo transfer or she can carry them herself) as we think she has enough offspring. The ideal combination would be either 2 embryo transfers or 1 transfer and one to be carried out on her own.

    Seems that today only the quiet horses are being offered, and she is one of them as well. Out of many sassy and fiery horses we have for breeding, the calm ones are being retired :rofl: Bobo is also the "good ghost" of RFE, always been kind and nice to all the staff and good to travel and have at shows. Her performances were always on top of her game and one can clearly see it being transferred to her offspring.

    Starbourne's discounted fee is $18,960, by far the most affordable horse among the ones that are promoted today :)
    She is retired from riding as well so her photo will be a simple conformation to show her off :heart_decoration:

    alt text

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