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  • What a stunning movement!

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thank you so much! Well I have to add the show atmosphere somehow now that there are no photo shows :(

    @Jade-Nguyen Thanks!! Incendio is a homebred so we are extreeeemely proud of his development and we cannot take any credit for Holland's genetics, only training :P

  • GAH look at RFE Incendio , Stunning at always <3 so glad to see he came back Better then ever..
    and Hello handom Holland hes a Stunning boy.

  • @Lexi-House :heart:

    alt text

    So as promised, I have started making some leisure/relaxed riding poses for the stocking stuffers :) I also have a secret little project that I will be doing for another Advent Calendar, but all will be announced when the time comes :)

    I have completed 3 horse poses and 1 rider pose today, and if you have any ideas/wishes for this pack let me know! All inspiration photos are welcome! This could also be photos of beginner riders in riding schools or any horses that are not ridden in a collected frame :)

    Modelled below by Apache!

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The rider pose on the last one (thanks to @Allison-Person for the ref photo!) is meant to be bareback but I will be making more rider poses that will be in "stirrup mode" :D

    & a closeup on the rider's hands as I am really proud how the fingers turned out :rofl:

    alt text

  • Apache looking cute as back modeling these poses...

    I love the hands. I know how difficult they can be.

    It's good to see some Not.fully.trained.poses. natural.
    I am So excited for Christmas it's so close

  • I really like the second picture :D

  • The detail of the fingers is very good, the truth is that it is very realistic!

    The model you have looked for can not be better :laughing: Apache is a handsome stallion :heart:

  • Thanks guys! Sadly I did not have time to work on more poses but I will have more time in the upcoming weeks :) These will still be released as stocking stuffers!

    The December show break has started and it means that this year's show season is complete! I have looked up our horses' standings and will be making some picture updates as we go along! But here are the standings of our top placed horses in each discipline!

    :trophy: DRESSAGE
    4th place - AIM To Please
    5th place - RFE Incantation
    6th place - Xafati Cuatro
    10th place - RFE Jonas Blue

    :trophy: SHOW JUMPING
    25th place - Atlantis Z
    30th place - VPE Athame
    31st place - Irish Coffee C

    :trophy: EVENTING
    20th place - Savio SH (lease from @Skye-Valens )
    28th place - Brigadier Artemis' Arrow (lease from @Rachel-Deacon )
    41st place - WEC Cashmere

    :trophy: SHOW HUNTERS
    1st place - WRN Love Me Tender
    2nd place - RFE Locomotor
    3rd place - OCN/PLR Art I Stunning
    5th place - SASs Cayenne (for sale :exclamation: )
    7th place - Vala NC
    8th place - RFE Vamos Vivaldi
    9th place - SEL Cavani
    10th place - Monachyle's Layric

    3rd place - RFE Moria
    4th place - Califa de Torres
    5th place - TSHR Neapolitano Contessa
    6th place - Xafati Cuatro
    7th place - SSH Magpie
    8th place - MRD Murciana IV del Cascabel
    9th place - Santo Adán Z
    10th place - MdoS Altazaro

    (we can really say our horses and riders killed it in show hunting and classical dressage this year, with even of our more horses ranked close by in both disciplines!)

    RFE Pikachu finished on 11th place!

    :trophy: REINING
    RFE Pikachu finished 51st and Banshee Well Be Shot LD 71st.

    :trophy: HALTER
    Our only halter horse Banshee Well Be Shot LD finished on 18th place AND we are so happy to see a homebred, RFE Kometa owned by @Lexi-House , to finish on 1st place! :heart:

    Little SSH Quasar finished 26th!

    :trophy: MOUNTAIN TRAIL
    1st place (already traditionally) went to RWH Toxic Showgirl, and our new competitor at mountain trail, WSP Kira, finished her first season as 21st!

    1st place - MEM Mia :heart:
    2nd place - Monachyle's Ghostling
    3rd place - Palmera AT
    5th place - Hunting's Saki To Me
    6th place - RWH Toxic Showgirl
    7th place - SASs Achilles (for sale :exclamation: )
    9th place - SEL Cavani
    10th place - WVF Wings of Smoke

    :trophy: HUNTER PACES
    2nd place - WSP Sheriff's Deputy
    3rd place - ZR Thunder's Rocket
    8th place - Monachyle's Ghostling

    Sadly our gal SAEC Notorious did not win this time, she finished on a solid 10th place!

    :trophy: ENDURANCE
    35th place - Kareer FF

    Endurance seems to be very competitive and we are glad we have one placed rather high!

    :trophy: TREC
    2nd place for Westen's Maserati!

    :trophy: FLAT RACING
    Both our boys are in the top 10, with RFE Arresto Momentum ranked 3rd and RFE Bugatti Veyron ranked 7th! :first_place:

    1st place - GVH Lomitas
    6th place - Aon's Husarz
    8th place - Wenske Von Foster
    14th place - Revelwood's Storm Warning

    Our gray gal Devon's Sahbine finished 26th in English and 5th in Country Pleasure!

    :trophy: RIDDEN SHOWING
    2nd place - Hunting's Golden Egyptian
    6th place - RFE Inverno
    7th place - RFE Rockbow
    9th place - WO Nicopression
    10th place - Lily's Dream S

    :trophy: LIBERTY
    Apache GV is the only one out of 5 horses we have in liberty that got in top 10 and he is ranked 3rd! :)
    MBS Frequent Flyer is the highest one after him, ranked 13th!

    :trophy: PUISSANCE
    3rd place - RFE Mimi Casallina
    6th place - TMBR Eponine (lease from @Danielle-Maddox )
    11th place - RFE Tritonis Leviathan III

    That's all for this season and we are very happy to have four horses ranked as #1, and even more happy to have 48 horses among 22 disciplines that are in the top 10! I will be featuring some (or all) of the horses mentioned here today so stay tuned :heart:

    Also RFE's breeding list is reopened for December 2019 + January 2020 so go find yourself something you like! We will also be hosting our long awaited sale of project horses sometime this week!

  • Look at alll your horses, they did so well you must be so happy to have placed nicely in everything...
    I'm so proud of kometa, I'll be making my post in a day or so, to see where all my babies stand..

  • :champagne_glass: :first_place:

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