[CC][R:L10][RESULTS 11/10] Dressage

  • 36906 RMR Can't Dutch This has been recently registered and may flicker :slight_smile:

  • Competition Committee

    Made correction, and everyone is showing up good for me. :D

  • @Maize-Winters Oh yes thank you Maize it's true it's a pony, sorry for the mistake I didn't think about it and thank you for your answer :D

  • please fix GA' River Song - her name should be without '

  • Several of my horses were flickering between "entered above level" and "unpaid". I've checked them and the levels are correct. Could you please keep an eye out for them? I don't know all of them that were flickering but these three definitely were:

    36142 AC Maliina
    35434 AC Benju
    31193 AC Excalibur

  • Competition Committee

    Fixes have been made, and I am keeping an eye out on flickering horses. At the current time everyone is showing up properly.

  • 30493 should be SBS Tanonnoren. Sorry about that :)

  • Competition Committee

    No problem, corrected the name. :D

  • Honestly, I have two problems. The first is that mentioned "Partial 375 remaining" in the "Valid entry" case for my mare ID #36183 Pyrrha de Kerglenn, what is this ?? I never had that.
    And the second what is mentioned "Incorrect ID/ change name" for my mare ID #27746 Vasaras Skumjas S while all is right ? I haven't done spaces or copy-paste during the registration

  • Competition Committee

    @Eloïse-Newport We recently changed from paying entry fees to free entry for shows. We haven't had time to correct the the old show codes yet, so basically we are just filling out the form like you paid it. The reason why it showed was because I already accepted the first horses already so it thought you hadn't paid for the recently added one. Should be fixed now that I have went through again with saying everyone paid. Hope that explains it.

    Checked on what was wrong with #27746 Vasaras Skumjas S the ID was incorrect with a 22746. Fixed it so the horse is showing up correctly.

  • Ok thank you for taking the time to explain me I understand now where the problem comes from (for my mare) sorry sometimes I can panic for nothing xD Thanks again Maize for your patience I will pay more attention next time :)

  • Competition Committee

    No problem. :D


  • Thank you for the results ! ;)

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