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  • So I was on my mane site and had a payment from the CC Show Jumping account for Golden Jumpoff I Winnings. It says I can't accept it because the account no longer has the funds for it. I understand this payment was sent several weeks ago (10/19) but it's been a little hectic so I haven't been checking my account very often on the mane site. I know there's been a change with how the show fees are handled so I was wondering how this is effecting this and what options I have here? Thanks!

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    We have to manually refill the winnings accounts- I will add some money to it when I get to my computer unless @Anna-Hertler beats me to it.

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    @Maggie-York It should have been fixed <3 Feel free to DM me with those kinds of things so I can take care of it asap :slight_smile:
    @Puck-Cantrell Thank you for tagging me :kissing_heart:

  • Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

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