Pending genotype correction?

  • Hello! The horse I'm registering has following note 'pending genotype correction'. What does it mean? He is supposed to be sooty buckskin tobiano, and he looks like
    ~~sorry if photos to big don't kill me please ~~
    alt text
    alt text
    Should I twerk his coat or something? I need cream gene so unbuckskinninng him is kind of impossible. If he gets accepted as bay is there a way to change him back to buckskin?

  • Sounds like his genotype on his main site profile doesn't match the one in the registration application or it wasn't correct to begin with, and it's now about to be tweaked by the registrars. If you needed to do anything, it should say so in the registrar's comment (eg. "please change the genotype for this horse/this horse cannot be xx/Yy/Zz").

    Also if you want to hide big pictures under a "spoiler" just use two " >> " to make a quote-within-quote, that hides them and they can be viewed with a click!

  • Breed Committee

    Isaiah is correct. That means there is an edit pending for your horse on the main site. It's most likely something minor if you haven't been asked to correct it - don't worry, your horse will be through registration soon

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