[OPEN] Aurora's Pretty Painting | Custom Coats

  • Hello and welcome to my new creative corner!

    Lately, I found creating coats from reference pictures to be so much fun. Since I can't keep creating new horses for myself, I decided to open a little shop. I don't make custom markings or templates, only coats.


    Remember this isn't an import service, it's just a coat service. To keep things tidy, fill this form to request a coat. If you want, you can send me a template file so I can work better on the coat, but it's not necessary.



    I don't make markings, but still try to be detailed and give horses an unique style. I am just starting, so I charge $2000 per coat. Anyways, I will ask for $1500 to the first three customers.


    • The coat was made for you and you only. Please don't share or take credit.
    • Don't change mane colours, they are that way for a reason. Fixing style is totally fine.
    • Change markings for custom markings if you desire.
    • DM me if your coat is missing a marking and I will gladly find it for you.
    • Change shine and shade markings to fit your style if you want.


    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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