The Snow Finally Hits

  • RCE Highway Menace aka Cliff

    Cliff is my 6 year old Irish Sport Horse gelding. I couldn’t tell you what color he is because I don’t know honestly. I got him from the same breeder I got my other Irish Sport Horse gelding. I’ll introduce him in another post where you can meet him. If I remember correctly, they are both not from the same sires or dams. Cliff is a fantastic eventing horse with a temperament to match. He is a willing horse with a great scope. Cliff doesn’t commonly over jump but he does have the habit of being dramatic. The higher the jump the more it seems to excite Cliff. He always seems to love a challenge no matter what it is. As you can mostly tell I do have mostly eventing horses.

    0_1574042583076_RCE Highway Menacne WCR (2).jpg

  • So weird but pretty colour! Looks like some kind of appaloosa to me

  • Vermont’s Forgotten Trace aka Kallie

    Kallie is a 7 year old rose grey Westphalian mare. She is my only horse that is strictly a dressage horse. She is super sweet with a laid-back personality. I love her to bits honestly. I can ride her around with a long rein if I wanted to. I like doing liberty with her sometimes as it gets her guessing. She likes to learn a routine to do it herself without me telling her to. I’m trying to prevent her from doing that by changing up what we do from day to day. It gets me to think about new things to do. I love planning out a new routine or liberty trick for her to do. Kallie was the horse that Nash asked me to be his girlfriend with. He had purchased her from a stable then hid her away. Nash then had her in the barn isle all dolled up with a sign that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” on it. It was super cute and of course I had said yes. It’s a great memory to look back on from those years ago. It makes me smile and laugh every time I think about it.

    0_1574223912389_Vermont's Forgotten Trace WCR (3).jpg

  • I think I am following you on instagram? :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Yes! You are I follow you as well xD

  • RCE Noble Truth aka Noble

    Noble came from the same breeder as Cliff. Noble is a 6 year old blue roan Irish Sport Horse gelding. I just happened to come across the ad one day. I was super nervous when contacting the seller, but she was super nice! I got him for a good price as a pure-bred Irish Sport Horse. She happened to breed them along with other breeds. I had gotten Noble first before contacting her again and then buying Cliff. Noble is my show jumper, as he needs more dressage practice. He is pretty decent at it right now however. Noble’s biggest problem is listening to ques when they are given. He does okay on the cross-country course just refuses here and there. Here is a picture of him refusing a jump. He is stubborn but not as stubborn as Sugar is thankfully.

    0_1574308563119_RCE Noble Truth WCR (3).jpg

  • DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn

    Hey guys instead of Anastasia writing on the blog today it is me, Nash. This is one of the times that I’ll be writing a post in this blog of Ana’s. I wanted to introduce a horse of Anastasia’s that she doesn’t know that is hers yet. I have been keeping this mare separate from the main barn. She won’t be able to see this post thanks to her not being really tech savvy. However I want everyone of you to meet DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn. She is a 5 year old palomino tovero American Paint Horse mare. She was bred by Diamond Bar Ranch in one of their breeding programs. I have been training her to be Anastasia’s barrel racing horse. Ana has tried many disciplines in western but her heart is in barrel racing. Now Autumn is a little big standing almost 16 hands however. I know Ana loves cutting cows as well so I wanted to get her a horse that would do both. I will continue training her under saddle to get her ready for the reveal. Let’s hope it goes really well….

    0_1574482872548_DBR Mississippi Girl (1).jpg

  • She's beautiful!

  • TJS Dragon’s Legend aka Dragan

    This boy you have met previously! His name is Dragon and he is an 8 year old Chocolate palomino American Quarter Horse stallion. Dragon is one of Nash’s horses. He is the sweetest stallion that you will ever met. Dragon is the best horse to ride bareback hands down. He has a quiet temperament and a love to work. He is a working cow horse who can do it all. He can sort them and cut them like a pro. Honestly I think he is good enough to compete professionally. He has the best cow sense out of any horse here. Plus he is the only cow horse that I know that can do bitless. He is also a great horse to take on mountain trails. It keeps his mind active which stops him from predicting what he is doing that day. Dragon loves to go through water and climb mountains as well. My first cutting lesson was actually on Dragon. He takes really good care of me when I ride him. I love him to bits.

    0_1574576579007_TJs Dragons Legend (3).jpg

  • TJS Only A Captain’s Fool aka 500

    Meet the 5 year old buckskin American Quarter Horse gelding named 500. His barn name is literally 500. That is what Nash has named him because he couldn’t think of a better barn name. 500 got his name because Nash bought him from a guy for 500 bucks. Yeah his name is the price that was paid for him. I do have to admit that it oddly suits him in a way. He responses to it so I guess he doesn’t mind, or know any better in his case. 500 is the most laid back horse that you will ever met. However when 500 gets around cows he becomes a machine. He loves cutting and penning them. Anything that has to do with cows, 500 will love to do it. He is the true definition of being a cow horse. The only experience I have with riding him is when I took him on a trail ride. He does great on the trails and in the pen with cows.

    0_1574655363315_TJS Only A Captain's Fool WCR (1).jpg

  • TJS Won’t Back Down aka Hank

    Meet Nash’s newest stallion Hank, the grey spotted blanket Appaloosa stallion. The 6 year old is completely feisty under saddle and real head strong. He is one horse that Nash would never let me ride. Nash had texted me that Hank was the most difficult stallion that he has ever dealt with. Previously Hank was a client’s horse of Nash’s. The owner finally got fed up with the stallion and sold him papers and all to Nash on the agreement that Nash would never sell the stallion. Hank is hands down the most gorgeous stallion that I have ever seen. He is super sweet on the ground as well. He loves apples and getting petted on the face. This is a picture of when Nash first brought him home during his retraining period. He has come so far now.

    0_1574746310476_TJS Won't back Down WCR (1).jpg

  • MBEC Only One Chance aka Flurry

    Meet the 7 year old BLM mustang named Flurry. Her actual barn name is indeed Flurry you heard that correctly. Flurry got her name because Paul went out to adopt a mustang eating a McFlurry. You can see where Nash gets his barn name ideas from. I guess it gets pasted down from one generation to the next. Nash is mostly teaching the basics of reining and barrel racing on Flurry. She is the barn all rounder around here honestly. She can go from working cows to turning around barrels in a flash. I have even done rodeos on Flurry where we placed. I’m thankful that Nash is letting me ride her in the meantime. I also take her on trails up and down the mountains. She is just honestly the easiest horse on this ranch to ride. She gives you just enough of a challenge to ride to keep you guessing on your toes.

    0_1574822604337_MBEC Only One Cahcne WCR (1).jpg

    Well that is all the horses that we keep on White Cross Ranch. We have 13 horses in total with 6 mares and 7 stallion/geldings. It keeps both Nash and I busy with working horses I honestly have way more horses than Nash does. I guess that’s why we have two barns. The main barn is for my horses while Nash has a smaller barn where he keeps his western horses. This system honestly works the best because I can bring client horses here to work them if I need to.

  • TJS A Lord’s Prayer aka Phoebe

    Today I took Phoebe for some show jumping training with a trainer. The trainer was great with us giving me some great tips to get Phoebe over jumps better. They recommended some more dressage training to help her build up more strength which I will do later this week. Winter is hitting in a few weeks so I know I will have to take her indoors soon. Phoebe doesn’t mind the indoor arena however so I’m not too worried about her. I already can’t wait for spring again when winter hasn’t even hit fully yet. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for snow. I didn’t grow up in snow so getting to see it every year is amazing. Nash doesn’t really mind the snow since he is used to it.

    0_1575002838526_TJS A Lord's Prayer WCR (3).jpg

  • AF Enjoying Your Sweet Heaven aka Sugar

    Sugar was actually good today on our lesson with the eventing trainer. I have been taking my horses to lessons to hopefully improve with each horse. Somehow Sugar was on her best behavior in front of the coach. She flew over those jumping having a compete blast getting to jump new things. Thankfully the trainer offered to help me get her into dressage which might be a death sentence for me honestly. I explained my problems with her to my trainer. They have given my plenty of tips to shape her up into an eventing horse. Eventing is still my passion, so having Sugar compete in shows would be amazing.

    0_1575087277524_AF Sugar WCR (1).jpg

    In my personal life things have been a little weird. Nash is acting more nervous but I’m not sure why? He normally never keeps things from me so him not telling me something is so weird. I hope he just tells me.

  • CO Cold Place in Time aka Ellie

    Ellie is doing increasingly well in her liberty training. Today we finally completed our first bow on horseback. We have been working really hard on this trick so it is fantastic that the hard work paid off. I did teach this trick to her on the ground before I attempted it on horseback. Ellie is such a great mare to do liberty with. She loves to learn new tricks and our lessons with the eventing trainer have been swell. The best part is that doing dressage with her is a breeze. She is picking up on it quickly and exceling at it. She is a dream for eventing honestly. I couldn’t ask anything more from her that she isn’t already giving me.

    0_1575140680789_CO Cold Place In Time WCR (3).jpg

  • GFH No Limit aka Ranger

    Finally took this boy to my show jumping trainer for some pointers. They really love how Ranger jumps plus they are happy with the muscle that I have on him. I do practice dressage with him but not more than twice a week. I finally have Ranger jumping more than a meter! I'm really proud of how far we have come and it blows my mind that we are doing this. This is my favorite picture from that lesson.

    0_1575234739424_GF Grand Prix WCR (3).jpg

    Laroona S aka Lillie

    Here is Lilly practicing dressage after our dressage lesson! She is doing really well in the extended trot and canter. I love watching the slow build up of muscle over time. Her neck and hind are both filling out so nicely. I can't wait until the show season for 2020. She keeps blowing my mind with everything that she can do. My favorite thing about her is that she is so sweet on the ground to. Lillie is not pushy when it comes to walking somewhere. Honestly I toss the reins over her head while we walk and she just follows you. I have to get a picture of that sometime.

    0_1575234754136_Laroona S WCR (3).jpg

    MBEC Take A Little Ride aka Axel

    Axel has been doing super well since I have brought him back into work. I won't ride him until the spring but honestly the spring can't get here soon enough. I can't wait to start riding this boy again that I might ride him in the winter. Thankfully Nash and I own two indoor arenas that we can ride in so the horses don't get too fat over the winter months. Nash has been preparing both arenas so we can ride in them soon. Ugh it is going to be snowing soon.

    0_1575234769179_MBEC Don't Know How To WCR (2).jpg

    RCE Highway Menace aka Cliff

    Cliff is doing well in his show jumping training. He can clear jumps without issue plus he is listening to me and not overjumping as much. Cliff has been so sweet as of late. I'm hoping to teach him to follow me without a leadrope or reins like Lillie does. I honestly thing he can do it with his sweet temperment. I bought him to a lesson with my show jumping coach to get some points on what we can improve on. She gave us some homework to do to work on his overjumping. Hopefully he will be ready soon for the 2020 show season. I'm super excited to start showing next year.

    0_1575234784803_RCE Highway Menacne WCR (3).jpg

    Vermont's Forgotten Trace aka Kallie

    I decided to use a long rein to work with Kallie today. I wanted an easy day since I have been working hard with everyone. I know winter is right around the corner so Nash and I have been getting ready for it. I have a love hate relationship with the winter months. Normally it would be already snowing but it was late this year. It's old to think that it would be late to start snowing. However I will take all the extra time to prepare.

    0_1575234807675_Vermont's Forgotten Trace WCR (2).jpg

    RCE Noble Truth aka Noble

    I took Noble out today to the cross country course. I wanted him to look at more scary and weird jumps that he isn't used to. He refused to jump twice plus some really awkward jumps. Nash took a picture of one of the more awkward jumps. I've been using the cross country course as more of a learning time for Noble. I know he is mostly just a show jumper, however he needs to see new things. Taking him out has made him braver in the ring which is a huge bonus. I would recommend anyone to try this with a skittish horse.

    0_1575234843707_RCE Noble Truth WCR (1).jpg

    DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn

    Y'all I can't honestly believe it! Nash proposed to me using a horse again! This time instead of a sign he used horse paint to write it all out plus draw hearts. I said yes and we are going to be getting married! I can't honestly believe that he asked me to be his wife. Well let me introduce the mare that he proposed with. Meet Autumn a 5 year old palomino tobiano American Paint Horse mare. Nash has been training her to be an all around for me. I honestly had no idea that he was keeping her here. I guess that smaller barn comes into use after all. She is mainly going to be my barrel racing horse. I can't believe I'm getting married to Nash! Ahhh!

    0_1575234878529_DBR Mississippi Girl (2).jpg

    TJS Dragon's Legend aka Dragon

    Nash and Dragon had a great ride today. I got to see some of the ride at the end however. I snapped this photo while Nash was walking out with Dragon. Today they had cut some cows that went to the auction and others that were coming in. I love to watch them work on cows. Dragon always puts this entire soul into his work when he sees those cows. I couldn't help but watch Nash a little more than Dragon. I can't believe I'm marrying him.

    0_1575234897029_TJs Dragons Legend (1).jpg

    TJS Only A Captain's Fool aka 500

    Nash did a little riding work with 500 today. They loped in circles and worked on listening. 500 tends to get carried away in his work so it is good to step back to the basics from time to time with him. The zoomed around that arena like no one was watching. 500 is another horse that I love to work with cows. 500 seems to know what the cow is going to do before even the cow does. Sadly they didn't work any cows today but it was fun watching them work anyways.

    0_1575234907107_TJS Only A Captain's Fool WCR (3).jpg

    TJS Won't Back Down aka Hank

    Nash really had broken through with Hank since he has first gotten him. Hank has really been more quiet and listening more to Nash. Nash isn't really sure what Hank is going to do yet. I'm kind of hoping to steal Hank from Nash to barrel race but I highly doubt that. A girl can dream tho. I kind of feel bad since I have way more horses than Nash does. I'm thinking of convincing Nash to learn english riding. I'm sure I can get him in the english saddle.

    0_1575234917121_TJS Won't back Down WCR (2).jpg

    MBEC Only One Chance aka Flurry

    Flurry shot out like a bullet from the start. Sand went flying as she turn those barrels sharply. Nash showed no emotion on his face as Flurry rounded the first barrel. Quickly she shot out from it heading towards the second one in a rush. She got a snort as she rounded the second barrel heading straight from the last one. I watched the sand fly behind the mare as she kicked it up. She gave a wide turn for the last barrel before shooting for home. The sand flew as Flurry seemed to become a race horse flying down back to home. I gave out a holler when Flurry crossed that line. "20.1!" I called out as I hit the stop watch. That was much better than her other times before. Nash was thinking about doing some barrel racing shows with her. I think they can do it if they knock off a few more seconds on their times.

    0_1575234927412_MBEC Only One Cahcne WCR (2).jpg

  • TJS A Lord’s Prayer aka Phoebe
    Taking Phoebe out to the jumping course is always the best thing for me to do. I love having a reliable horse that not only knows her job but does it so well. I never have to worry about her acting up at all. One of the things I’m most thankful for is her personality. She continues to be so laid back that it amazes me still. We had a great warm up and then we ran through a practice course that was timed. We got a pretty decent time. I can’t wait until the show season rolls around so I can enter her into some shows again.

    0_1575853447695_TJS A Lord's Prayer WCR (2).jpg

    AF Enjoying Your Sweet Heaven aka Sugar
    My heart stopped as I felt Sugar hit the breaks from underneath me. I dropped the rein from the left hand and placed it on her neck. The other hand held tight to the other rein in a panic. I felt myself lunge forward as I tried to keep my seat. I said some curses as Sugar had finished sliding to a stop. I circled her back around and sent her back over the jump. If it wasn’t in the colder weather, I would have ran her into the ground. Her stubbornness is unbelievable and it is frustrating. I’m taking more advice from my trainer on how to handle Sugar. I’m hoping to reduce her refusals. I did order her dressage saddle so over the winter Sugar will be doing nothing but dressage.

    0_1575853392270_AF Sugar WCR (3).jpg

    CO Cold Place in Time aka Ellie
    Ellie is such a good jumper. Honestly I don’t know how the mare is so good at this. Her scope is so good that I even thought about breeding her one day. I’m not really much of a breeder so it is unlikely however. On the other hand, her sooty palomino is a desired color so who knows. I love the way she jumps honestly. It is so smooth that I considered making her a hunter at one time. However I’m not really a hunter rider type. I’m hoping to take her to a meter over the winter! I’m lucky enough to have a heated indoor arena so it doesn’t get too cold.

    0_1575853520428_CO Cold Place In Time WCR (2).jpg

    GFH No Limit aka Ranger
    Ranger is finally jumping a over a meter! I’m so excited and blown away by this amazing gelding. I think this jump was 1’2 or 1’3 I don’t exactly remember however. I will be giving him a little bit of a break over the winter but I will continue to ride him. I might do dressage training with him over the winter to build up some more muscle. Now that he can jump over a meter I want him to have some bulk to tackle on the 1’2 courses. Thinking about it know is just mind blowing to me. I remember when he was jumping 50cm jumps. I’m so happy with Ranger right now.

    0_1575854121275_GF Grand Prix WCR (1).jpg

    Laroona S aka Lillie
    I know that Lillie isn’t an eventing horse however I am excited to build up her confidence. She was incredibly spooked about the new sights and sounds however I did jump her over some jumps. She did refuse the first jump however. I did let Lillie sniff this jump to get used to it before I sent her over. This was her first successful cross country jump! I am proud of what she did today.

    0_1575854152721_Laroona S WCR (2).jpg

    MBEC Take A Little Ride aka Axel
    I lunged Axel today to get him working more. Honestly it took it like he hasn’t had the past almost three months off. Thankfully he is building back up that muscle he lost from having all that time off. I think I might ride him in the arena during the winter to build up more of that muscle. Thankfully Axel is super relaxed and laid back. He loved going back into work and he pranced the whole way to the round pen. I am just dying to start riding him soon.

    0_1575854170109_MBEC Don't Know How To WCR (3).jpg

    RCE Highway Menace aka Cliff
    I took Cliff out today to do a cross country course. It is a fun thing to do before winter hits with all the snow. Cliff of course showed off and powered over those jumps like they were 50cm. His sheer size and power is definitely shown whenever he is on the course. He got some treats after the workout. Cliff is one of those horses that loves to show off.

    0_1575854201019_RCE Highway Menacne WCR (1).jpg

    Vermont’s Forgotten Trace aka Kallie
    I heard the music play as I asked for the walk. Kallie took off and we started. I practiced a dressage test from online with her. I heard the lyrics as I asked for the trot. Her trot is always nice and smooth like riding on a cloud. The leaves crunched under Kallie’s hooves as the wind started up. I lost myself in the music completely. Kallie danced along with the music in a semi perfect rhythm. I asked for the extended canter and she complied without hesitation. This mare could dance with the best of them.

    0_1575855146294_Vermont's Forgotten Trace WCR (1).jpg

    RCE Noble Truth aka Noble
    “Come on Noble!” I cheered on the blue roan as he jumped over the firewood jump. He cleared it and the flowers after it and we continued on. “That a boy!” I smiled brightly as I gave him a quick pat before the next jump. Noble has been improving on the course at a great speed. I’m surprised on how quickly he had taken to the course. I thought it would take him a lot longer than this. He wet from awkward jumps to clearing them like a seasoned pro. Not even a slight pause as Noble sent us over a large log. He gave a quick snort as I pointed him at the next one. Maybe he wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    0_1575854228168_RCE Noble Truth WCR (2).jpg

    DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn
    I can’t help but smile when I look at this mare. I can’t believe Nash asked me to marry him. I get giddy when I think about how he proposed. Autumn has been a great mare honestly. I practiced some barrels with her today and some reining as well. She knocked everything I asked her to do out of the park. She is super response and does everything you ask her to do. Nash and I also took her out on the trail with 500 and we rode around on the trails. She spooked a few times however she was pretty great all-round.

    0_1575854253903_DBR Mississippi Girl (3).jpg

    TJS Dragon’s Legend aka Dragon
    I snapped a picture as Nash and I went to go move the cows. Of course since winter is hitting soon the cows need to be moved from the fall pasture to the winter pasture. We have four different pastures for the cows. The spring and summer pastures have deeper ponds on them with higher grass. The fall and winter pastures have more shelters with places for hay and grain to be. The system honestly works really well for us. I was riding my mare Autumn and she actually can work cows really great. No hiccups with the cows being moved today. Now they are happily in the winter pasture ready for winter to hit soon.

    0_1575855243270_TJs Dragons Legend (2).jpg

    TJS Only A Captain’s Fool aka 500
    500 and Nash practicing their sliding stops today. Earlier they worked some of the cows being sold onto the truck for shipment. 500 worked them like a pro getting them into the truck. It should be snowing next week so thankfully we did everything to prepare for the winter. I already can’t wait for spring to get here.

    0_1575855214896_TJS Only A Captain's Fool WCR (2).jpg

    TJS Won’t Back Down aka Hank
    Nash took Hank out today for some training. Hank is just so pretty I have been begging Nash to let me ride him. Nash just shoots me down however. Sadly Hank still needs a lot of work before I can ride him. I am dying to ride Hank around some barrels. He moves like a dream and I have been cuddling him a little extra. I’m sure I can bribe Nash.

    0_1575855192356_TJS Won't back Down WCR (3).jpg

    MBEC Only One Chance aka Flurry
    So barrels didn’t exactly work out for Flurry. She just doesn’t have the speed required for barrels. However, Nash has started reining with her. She seems to have a talent for it as she just rocks those sliding stops. She can slide for a good distance with the little training that Nash has put on her. I can’t wait to see how far that they go honestly.

    0_1575855178192_MBEC Only One Chance WCR.jpg

  • TJS A Lord’s Prayer aka Phoebe
    Not all horses get the winter off here. Phoebe is one of them since she will get wild, if she gets a long period of time off. She is definitely a worker who loves her job. I got her in the arena before sundown to put her over some low jumps. I try and mix up the jumps to make different combos. It helps keep Phoebe on her toes to make sure she can’t predict the jumps. I didn’t go higher than 90cm since I just wanted a light workout. I do clip all my horses that work the winter however it doesn’t always show up well on camera. Nash wanted to take some pictures of us jumping which was awesome. I don’t wear my ring to the barn since I’m afraid to lose it.
    0_1579296070533_winter updates 2019 (21).jpg

    AF Enjoying Your Sweet Heaven aka Sugar
    As you can see, Sugar isn’t fond of the dressage saddle. She simply doesn’t like it at all in any sense. First I tried to ride her by myself which it had quickly turned into a rodeo. She was bucking and rearing up almost the entire time as I was trying to ride her. However I am going to have my dressage trainer start riding her. This picture is from our first ride with the dressage saddle. It did not go well at all. However my trainer has been riding her and she is doing slightly better. She isn’t bucking as much however she is bolting and stopping randomly.
    0_1579296079023_winter updates 2019 (10).jpg

    CO Cold Place in Time aka Ellie
    I was going to give Ellie the winter off however she needs some more muscle. She isn’t getting ridden every day just once a week to keep up the muscle. Plus, I don’t want her to get too fresh for the spring when that comes rolling back around. This ride I only did flatwork since I want to make sure she has a great foundation. Nash and I haven’t started the wedding planning yet but I’m hoping to convince him to have a fall wedding. I love the fall colors and the beautiful winter. It won’t be for another few years though.
    0_1579296089579_winter updates 2019 (16).jpg

    GFH No Limit aka Ranger
    Ranger is a gorgeous gelding honestly. This is a horse that gets the winter off because he spooks way too easily. He gets the winter to rest all his joints. It almost gives me the chance to rest my own joints from riding so many horses. I love giving horses time off to give their joints and minds some rest. The snow is on the ground but the temperature was still around 50. I do blanket my horses so don’t worry it was just too warm to blanket them.
    0_1579296117659_winter updates 2019 (1).jpg

    Laroona S aka Lillie
    Sweet girl Lillie also gets the winter off. She is one that doesn’t get crazy in the spring either when the weather starts to get warmer. I’m actually trying to convince Nash to try out English riding! I mean the answer has been always been no but I think he might try it one day. I see him watching the dressage shows all the time. I wonder if he is just nervous to try and learn something new. I did convince him to have a fall wedding though! We aren’t set on the year however. We keep talking back and forth not having to come to an agreement yet.
    0_1579296127803_winter updates 2019 (32).jpg

    MBEC Take A Little Ride aka Axel
    Axel is hilarious to watch in the field. He loves to jump around and play around. I did end up gelding him after the debate. He isn’t tall enough to be desirable in the eyes of breeders. I snapped a great picture of him playing around in the snow. He was rearing up and bucking just having a plain good time. The snow was starting to fall again, so I know tomorrow the snow is going to be deeper. I love this picture so much. I’m thinking about riding him soon.
    0_1579296138604_winter updates 2019 (7).jpg

    RCE Highway Menace aka Cliff
    I let Cliff out this afternoon and he bolted out from my hand bucking and playing. Cliff is another horse that gets the entire winter off. That is because he doesn’t get crazy when spring rolls around. I love giving the horses the winter off because it’s cold. I don’t mind riding in the riding arena but I hate clipping. I watched him play for a little while longer before going on with my chores.
    0_1579296158192_winter updates 2019 (39).jpg

    Vermont’s Forgotten Trace aka Kallie
    “Kallie!” I called out to the sweet mare who raised her head up and nickered at me. I snapped a quick picture smiling at her. “Come on sweet girl. The temp. is dropping you need a blanket.” I talked to her carrying her halter. I brought her inside and brushed her off and got her warm. Once she was warm, I placed a blanket on her. I let Kallie and the other mares back outside after lunch blanketed.
    0_1579296178180_winter updates 2019 (4).jpg

    RCE Noble Truth aka Noble
    Noble has the winter off to get some rest. He has been doing great in his training. Noble is sweet on everyone even Nash. I have caught Noble getting some love from my fiancé. Noble is one horse that I think would make a great lesson horse one day. He still has a couple years to go but I think he can do it.
    0_1579296198319_winter updates 2019 (42).jpg

    DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn
    Autumn and I are taking lessons over the winter. Nash doesn’t know much about barrel racing so I hired another trainer. This trainer will be assisting Autumn and I to learn barrels. The trainer will be riding her and training her every once in awhile to improve her training. I honestly love this mare so much. She is so sweet with a great color.
    0_1579296213117_winter updates 2019 (17).jpg

    TJS Dragon’s Legend aka Dragon
    Dragon is a speedy boy which is so great to watch. Nash was working him in the arena because Dragon is not a horse who can have some time off. Dragon must always be working or he will go crazy. Dragon must always be going and working. This horse doesn’t know when to relax honestly. I don’t think this horse will ever retire even when he is in his 20s. Dragon gave Nash a few bronco movements but they had a good session.
    0_1579296226959_winter updates 2019 (26).jpg

    TJS Only A Captain’s Fool aka 500
    500 is a good horse to give the winter off too. When the spring hits 500 will be acting like he was working through the whole winter. I snapped a good photo of 500 in the pasture just when he was just being lazy. The snow fell perfectly down around him in the cloudy weather. Nash is happy to let the boy sit in the pasture and gain some weight. I don’t really worry about blanketing them until it gets really cold. However, the temperature has been staying around 50 degrees.
    0_1579296245520_winter updates 2019 (30).jpg

    TJS Won’t Back Down aka Hank
    Hank is getting worked during the winter. Nash is working him to get him retrained. He is going to make an amazing stallion. Nash and I have discussed putting him up for stud once we get him trained and showing. I love his coat so much plus his coat is a huge bonus. I’m thinking of convincing Nash to breed him to an appaloosa mare for a foal for us to keep.
    0_1579296258216_winter updates 2019 (38).jpg

    MBEC Only One Chance aka Flurry
    Nash had a nasty fall on Flurry last week. We tried using a hackamore with her. Flurry had some very strong options about not using a bit. Flurry is not a horse that commonly went without a bit. However, in reining a lot of completing in without a bit in the higher levels. Nash is trying to get her used with bit less. It didn’t help that the saddle broke from underneath her as well. Nash is sleeping on the couch behind me as I write this. He is a little sore from he otherwise feels fine.
    0_1579296268444_winter updates 2019 (25).jpg

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