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  • Hi everyone and welcome to White Cross Ranch! My name is Anastasia Ryan. I will be the main writer of this blog, however my boyfriend will be writing in it from time to time. I am 23 years old with naturally dirty blonde hair. I stand around 5’3 – 5’4 in height. I dye my hair a bright red or just touch it up from time to time. I was born and raised in Texas in an eventing household. I now live in Oregon with my boyfriend. My parents were large control freaks wanting to control every aspect of my life. So, I was forced to take English riding lessons 7 days a week, twice a day for several hours. Starting these lessons at the young age of 6 seemed like a dream to most people. However, it was my greatest nightmare which I will talk more about later. I was forcibly homeschooled with tutors, because I wasn’t allowed to have friends. When I say my parents were controlling everything, I really did mean that. If I didn’t place first in a show, the horse was sold for a new one. Which was why it was such a nightmare. After each show, the chance of me riding the same horse for the next lesson was slim to none. There were some good things in my life at the time. I met my current boyfriend online in a chat room when I was 16 years old. Luckily my parents weren’t tech savvy people, so I could go online and make friends. Which turned into me being incredibly socially awkward in person. He was 18 at the time when we met. We are only 2 years apart in age which is not a large gap at all. We got along incredibly well right from the gate. He was the one who helped me escape my parents the minute I turned 18. Maybe someday I’ll tell the story on this blog. Nash is my boyfriend’s name and we have been together for 3 years now. He is my best friend which sounds cheesy. He even started teaching me western which is something I haven’t gotten the chance to learn before. I have been riding western since he started teaching me at 18 when I moved here.


    Since I introduced myself, I will now tell you about my boyfriend. Nash Lockwood is 25 years old with blond hair and brown eyes. He is pretty tall standing around 5’11 to 6’0 which makes me feel short. Honestly the best person that I know in this world. He has been mute since birth with no one but him knowing why he doesn’t talk. He was raised by a single father after his mother ran off to be with someone else. Paul Lockwood, Nash’s father, is now 55 years old and a retired rancher. I will talk about Paul from time to time. Paul is a huge part of Nash’s life and they are so close. Paul raised Nash on a cattle ranch his whole life. So, Nash grew up riding western and being a huge country kid. He did rodeos and all sorts of stuff out here in the middle of nowhere. We continue to raise cattle together on the ranch after Paul passed the ranch down to Nash, moving into town. We love living out here in the middle of nowhere with the cows, horses, and us. We are both very introverted people, so not having close neighbors is great. I only moved onto the ranch recently, after Nash asked me to move in. Nash waited until Paul moved out completed to ask me. Nash is such a gentleman and I love him so much. I remembered when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He asked me by buying me a horse! It was a super cute proposal and I still smile when I think about it.


    This is a picture of us on one of Nash’s ranch horses. I can’t think of his barn name right now however. If my memory serves me right, this is one of his stallions. Nash prefers geldings and stallions to mares. He does own one mare however. I own English horses of both genders. I will be introducing each of the horses in the upcoming posts! I would love to hear your thoughts about it all. I think I might talk about my horses and then his. If there is interest about it, I can post my escape story from my parents one day.

    0_1573281753705_Inro Post.jpg

  • First I’m going to introduce the mare I have had the longest. This is TJS A Lord’s Prayer better known to me as Phoebe. She is an 8 year old palomino vanish roan Dutch Warmblood mare. Phoebe is everything to me. I bought her as a 3 year old when I was 18 moving to Oregon. I knew Nash was living him but I wanted my own friend you know? I finally wanted a horse that I could bond with. This horse couldn’t be sold under me or anything. She is 100% mine. Phoebe is my best friend other than Nash of course. She is an eventing horse, however we will be focusing on show jumping. I want to build up her strength a little more. I do practice dressage with her, but I don’t have any pictures of us doing dressage. She doesn’t really care for it, since she loves to love. I can’t wait to get pictures of us on the course. She is a massive powerhouse on the course. Phoebe loves to jump anything and everything. She has no fear just point her at the jump and she will fly over it. She is a push button at this just, but it is just because we know each other so well at this point. I can’t wait to see how much further we can go.

    0_1573428265944_TJS A Lord's Prayer WCR (1).jpg

  • She got a original coat :o

  • @Shagaia-Nedja'ri She is a weird one :)

  • AF Enjoying Your Sweet Heaven aka Sugar

    Sugar is my 7 year old Paint x Thoroughbred cross mare. I got her as a 2 year old from a really nice lady who sold her to me for a good price. I have done all of Sugar’s training myself which has been a huge pain. Sugar is the most difficult horse that I have ever ridden or owned. She is stubborn beyond belief with an attitude to match. She doesn’t even like Nash who she has known for years. I’m pretty sure she tolerates me since the start. Sugar will not be ridden bitless or bridleless not for the lack of me trying. She just prefers the bit at all times. Sugar is however a huge powerhouse that loves cross country. She would have been a great eventing horse, if she didn’t hate dressage with a passion. Nothing scares this horse, as she will jump anything I point her at. When she feels like jumping it of course. She does have her nope moments way more than I would like. I got this shot trying to practice cross country with her. You can see how one of the jumps clearly went.

    0_1573524418659_AF Sugar WCR (2).jpg

  • CO Cold Place in Time aka Ellie

    Ellie is my 5 year old sooty palomino Norwegian Warmblood mare. I have had her for about a year now. Super sweet all around eventing horse honestly. She never lets me down with her sweet temperament and wiliness to please. Ellie is always super eager to learn more. Her basics were completed before I got her. I just have continued her training to the higher levels. I even have trained her in liberty which was more of a random idea. She is doing really well in it. Ellie has been learning how to bow on command while I’m on her back. She picks up on things quickly. Can’t wait to see more from her in the future.

    0_1573697363072_CO Cold Place In Time WCR (1).jpg

  • Ahhh! 😍 She is so gorgeous I swear!

  • @Maci-Collins Honestly I love her so much!

  • GFH No Limit aka Ranger

    Ranger is my 5 year old bay Dutch Warmblood gelding. He is a huge coward. If a leaf blows in the wind, he spooks. Everything scares this horse even the wind blowing. Basically, Ranger is just a giant baby who loves to jump. He loves to be cuddled and babied all the time. I got Ranger as a yearling a couple years back. He is quite the sweet gelding who loves everybody as well. His biggest flaw is him being scared of everything but jumping. He loves to jump high which makes him the perfect show jumping horse. He isn’t brave enough to be an eventing horse however. The whole spooking at a leaf thing isn’t really eventing horse material.

    0_1573791375736_GF Grand Prix WCR (2).jpg

  • Oh my god! He's gorgeous, I hope you never go to a show with flags :worried:

  • @Aurora-Bianchi Honestly he just spooks at everything lol

  • Laroona S aka Lillie

    Lillie is my 5-year-old grey Dutch Warmblood mare. She is an experienced show horse in both show jumping and dressage. Her temperament I would describe as mild. She isn’t super brave, but she isn’t a scary cat either. I do take her on the cross country course from time to time however. I pop her over some jumps to work on her confidence. However she does prefer the arena to the open field. It’s more of a security thing for her, I guess. Dressage is the other thing that I do with her. Lillie doesn’t mind dressage but it isn’t her favorite thing. It does improve her jumping however, so I will keep at it with her. I want some more muscle on her before she competes in the higher levels.

    0_1573879651817_Laroona S WCR (1).jpg

  • MBEC Take a Little Ride aka Axel

    Axel is the newest horse that I own. He is an 8 year old black leopard Noriker stallion from Germany. Axel has only been here a week from coming out of quarantine. I ride for a gentleman sometimes who breeds Norikers. So when he offered me Axel to buy, I jumped on the chance to own a Noriker for myself. He is a shorter stallion so he didn’t make the breeding cut. However he was kept as a stallion, since he is registered. I had shown Axel in dressage previously, so I already know him quite well. He has great moves in the dressage ring, so I’m not too worried about him showing. I’m going to bring him back into work slowly since he was in quarantine for two months. I can’t wait to start riding Axel again and show you guys what he can do.

    0_1573981879789_MBEC Don't Know How To WCR (1).jpg

  • Very surprising coat!

  • RCE Highway Menace aka Cliff

    Cliff is my 6 year old Irish Sport Horse gelding. I couldn’t tell you what color he is because I don’t know honestly. I got him from the same breeder I got my other Irish Sport Horse gelding. I’ll introduce him in another post where you can meet him. If I remember correctly, they are both not from the same sires or dams. Cliff is a fantastic eventing horse with a temperament to match. He is a willing horse with a great scope. Cliff doesn’t commonly over jump but he does have the habit of being dramatic. The higher the jump the more it seems to excite Cliff. He always seems to love a challenge no matter what it is. As you can mostly tell I do have mostly eventing horses.

    0_1574042583076_RCE Highway Menacne WCR (2).jpg

  • So weird but pretty colour! Looks like some kind of appaloosa to me

  • Vermont’s Forgotten Trace aka Kallie

    Kallie is a 7 year old rose grey Westphalian mare. She is my only horse that is strictly a dressage horse. She is super sweet with a laid-back personality. I love her to bits honestly. I can ride her around with a long rein if I wanted to. I like doing liberty with her sometimes as it gets her guessing. She likes to learn a routine to do it herself without me telling her to. I’m trying to prevent her from doing that by changing up what we do from day to day. It gets me to think about new things to do. I love planning out a new routine or liberty trick for her to do. Kallie was the horse that Nash asked me to be his girlfriend with. He had purchased her from a stable then hid her away. Nash then had her in the barn isle all dolled up with a sign that said “Will you be my girlfriend?” on it. It was super cute and of course I had said yes. It’s a great memory to look back on from those years ago. It makes me smile and laugh every time I think about it.

    0_1574223912389_Vermont's Forgotten Trace WCR (3).jpg

  • I think I am following you on instagram? :D

  • @Lidija-Rotherford Yes! You are I follow you as well xD

  • RCE Noble Truth aka Noble

    Noble came from the same breeder as Cliff. Noble is a 6 year old blue roan Irish Sport Horse gelding. I just happened to come across the ad one day. I was super nervous when contacting the seller, but she was super nice! I got him for a good price as a pure-bred Irish Sport Horse. She happened to breed them along with other breeds. I had gotten Noble first before contacting her again and then buying Cliff. Noble is my show jumper, as he needs more dressage practice. He is pretty decent at it right now however. Noble’s biggest problem is listening to ques when they are given. He does okay on the cross-country course just refuses here and there. Here is a picture of him refusing a jump. He is stubborn but not as stubborn as Sugar is thankfully.

    0_1574308563119_RCE Noble Truth WCR (3).jpg

  • DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn

    Hey guys instead of Anastasia writing on the blog today it is me, Nash. This is one of the times that I’ll be writing a post in this blog of Ana’s. I wanted to introduce a horse of Anastasia’s that she doesn’t know that is hers yet. I have been keeping this mare separate from the main barn. She won’t be able to see this post thanks to her not being really tech savvy. However I want everyone of you to meet DBR Mississippi Girl aka Autumn. She is a 5 year old palomino tovero American Paint Horse mare. She was bred by Diamond Bar Ranch in one of their breeding programs. I have been training her to be Anastasia’s barrel racing horse. Ana has tried many disciplines in western but her heart is in barrel racing. Now Autumn is a little big standing almost 16 hands however. I know Ana loves cutting cows as well so I wanted to get her a horse that would do both. I will continue training her under saddle to get her ready for the reveal. Let’s hope it goes really well….

    0_1574482872548_DBR Mississippi Girl (1).jpg

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