Beat this!

  • Beat this!

    This is a game I saw on another forum a long time ago. The idea of the game is to post a picture of a thing that "beats" the thing the previous member has posted and explain how/why it trumps the previous one. For example:

    Member #1: [Picture of a cheese]
    Member #2: [Picture of a mouse]
    Member #3: [Picture of a mousetrap]
    Member #4: [Picture of a hammer] Smash 'em mousetraps!
    Member #5: [Picture of a strongbox] Try getting your hands on that hammer now.
    And so on.

    Capisce? Let's play!

    (Remember to follow the forum rules of general good taste, don't post pictures of anything offensive or gory. Please keep the image size moderate. Also, try not to play the MacGyver/Chuck Norris cards too soon!)

    alt text
    A wild apple appears!

  • alt text

    Try getting that apple away from hungry hungry horses... :smirk:

  • alt text

    Try to get the horse away from hungry hungry lion

  • alt text

    Try getting the lion away from a bunch of pissed off buffalo!

  • Try getting this Buffalo open by only using your hands

    alt text

  • alt text
    Try using this cheese now!

  • Unfortunately this restaurant has been closed due to regrettably disappointing food. Good luck using your pre-shredded cheese elsewhere.
    alt text

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