• Breed Committee

    Terms Of Sale

    • Do not edit the conformation or coat in any way expect minor details (muscle gain/loss, shine details etc.)
    • It is preferred if the horse is active, but this isn't 100% necessary
    • If you post an image in your blog, tag me as I love to see my horses out there!
    • On the 20th (March) at midnight Central Eastern Time (Belgium) the auction will become 24hrs after last bid. Please send payment within a week, or we might re-list the horse for sale
    • I have the right to withdraw a horse from the auction
    • Autobuy will be available if a horse does not have any bids after 24 hours of the posting time
    • Horses can be made younger to a realistic amount (if they have a foal, they cannot be younger than this foal)
    • You may find them parents
    • Enjoy them!

    RRE Black Rose
    Foundation Swedish Warmblood mare | Dressage - 62 Points
    Starting Bid $5,000
    Image Album

    SAEC Conquest of Spaces
    Foundation American Paint Horse stallion | Show Hunters - no points, shows up unregistered, will fix for new owner. Comes with custom markings
    Start Bid - $3,000SOLD
    Image Album

    Sibrydion of Pine Acres
    Foundation Welsh Cob (Section D) mare | Carriage Driving (changable) - no points. Comes with my private dapples
    Start Bid - $2,000 SOLD
    Image Album

    Minimum Bid of $1,000

    Horse Highest Bid
    RRE Black Rose n/a
    SAEC Conquest of Spaces Sold - Imogen Gallager
    Sibrydion of Pine Acres Sold via autobuy

  • Banned

    SAEC Conquest of Spaces - SB😍

  • SAEC Conquest of Spaces- 3500

  • Breed Committee

    Both bids accepted (I also added a minimum bid thing as I forgot - so I'll let your bid through as it was before adding it!)

  • Banned

    SAEC Conquest of Spaces- 4,500

  • Breed Committee

    Autobuy now available for RRE Black Rose and Sibrydion of Pine Acres

  • 5,500 SAEC Conquest of Spaces

  • Banned

    SAEC Conquest of Spaces - 6,500

  • Breed Committee

    Both accepted. Sibrydion of Pine Acres has been sold via autobuy

  • 8,000 AEC Conquest of Spaces

  • Breed Committee

    Auction now 24hrs alb. Conquest will be sold at 2.26am on the 22nd (CET) if there are no more bids. Rose has no bids!

  • Breed Committee

    Conquest of Spaces is sold to @Imogen-Gallager
    Black Rose is still for sale

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