Found~ Blind Warmblood Import

  • Just like the title says.
    Blind means blind, first come first server.

    Paying up to $7,000 for the import(price can be adjusted)

  • o/ \o/ o7

  • @Isaiah-Pace said in Wanted Blind Warmblood Import:

    o/ \o/ o7

    I am now at your mercy Isaiah, have fun and surprise me ;)

  • @Serenity-Gwin I hope this turned out to be a positive surprise! If the horse is not to your liking it's fine ^^

    alt text

    We were tipped off by one of our affiliates that there's a promising 4-year-old black-based grey Warmblood stallion for sale in the mainland. His original passport was lost, and until he's given a new one his pedigree remains unconfirmed, but his flashy moves and bold character suggest he may have some pretty talented blood in him. He was temporarily named Jumanji FX in order for all the necessary paperwork to be sorted out, but since he hasn't yet been registered for shows the name may still be changed.
    "Jumanji" comes with a custom blaze.

  • What a handsome boy! So regal looking :)

  • Beautiful

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