Ashe Creek~ April 17- Starling HW

  • Sadie Ashe

    So. This is what we do right?
    Well, welcome to my little blog spot. Here, I'll write about my ranch's little antics; from the boys who think they're bigger than they are to the girls who are just too grumpy to bother anymore. I'm Clarabelle Ashe, But I prefer to be called Sadie.
    Most of the time though, you'll probably see minimal updates until I get everything into balance; you know, building stables, wrestling with the equines..... supervising.... I hate it, but it must be done while we're amidst our big move.
    Thank goodness it's springtime!

  • 0_1492452298772_IMG_20170415_131932_527.jpg

    One of our first showers on Equus-Community.
    Starling HW. We purchased this fine little filly with a +5 in dressage from Johanna Masters.

    I haven't quite finished her intro picture as of yet. So here's her CAS picture as I finish that. She will be ridden by Audrey Blackburne, since the little mare is sensitive in her mouth and girth area and Audrey takes the best time and care with special horses.
    Audrey is Sadie's niece and is currently shadowing under the stable veterinarian Rebecca Bentley.

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