How Did You Guys Go About Your Stables?

  • That sounds awesome, Claire! Also, 12 horses? Whew, I don't know how I would handle all of them! :scream:

  • I'm going there. xD

    Throughout my "Equus life" I have had several stables, in several worlds. At first I had everyone in the same lot, the competition and training lots being public. As the number of horses in my stable increased, I ended up making separations by breed. Then, by breed and gender. When I got tired, I made separations for first discipline and gender.

    I currently have five worlds for my horses, because although I would love to have them all together in the same world, as I have so many horses the game was very slow.

    Currently my separation consists of:

    • A world for the Spanish races (PRE, MarismeƱo ...)
    • Another world for horses of western disciplines (W. Pleasure, W. Dressage, Reining ...)
    • Another world for ponies.
    • Another for racehorses (flat racing, combined driving ...)
    • And the main stable, where I have the vast majority of horses that do not fit in the other four stables (Warmbloods, Drafts ...)

    Each world with their respective pastures and training tracks (some have even competition tracks).

    To build and decorate ... I have a lot of CC. Generally I tried to make a plan in my head of what I am looking for, of the aspect that I want to achieve, and from there I use both "base" objects and CC from creators outside EA. I don't always get the result I imagined, but I get quite close.

    Play ... I haven't played for a long time. My stables are basically for taking pictures. If I feel like playing, I make another game (where I try not to have horses but I end up having them the same), although the reality is that I get tired quite quickly. Later, those families that I made to hang out end up "working" in my stable, hehe.

  • I have like... seven different saves, each with their own barn, riding arena and all that jazz. Mostly bc my laptop gets overwhelmed if I have more than 6 horses in the same safe, so for the sake of my poor laptop I have so many different saves.

    So it's like:

    • Save 1: Dutch Warmblood stallions in a range of colours.
    • Save 2: Broodmares of the breed Dutch Warmblood and Hanoverian.
    • Save 3: Knabstrup horses and a single Campolina, bc that is one of my staff's private horse.
    • Save 4: Stallions of the breeds Thoroughbred, Dutch Warmblood and Hanoverian.
    • Save 5: Ponies and horses of breeds I don't breed.
    • Save 6: Stallions and mares of the breed Peruvian Paso (gotta be two saves, when I get all too many horses xD )
    • Save 7: Stallions and mares of the breed American Saddlebred. Not planning to breed these though, so it's gonna be just one safe forever :joy:
    • Save 8: (yes there was a eighth one!) Mongolian horses, that I will breed a little, as they don't sell well at all :see_no_evil:

    EDIT: Save 7 is now for Icelandic Horses too :joy: I can't keep my horse count down :face_palm_tone1:

  • Wow I was curious to see the answers but I did not expect so much organization xD Personally I have everything on one world (about 15 horses) and I have done almost nothing myself the decoration and the change of colors of certain buildings xD

  • Woah, I see people here are quite organized. So I built my stable in a world with very few streets and a lot of pasture space. I use mostly 64x64 lots. So I have:

    • a barn with more than 12 stalls, tack room, wash stall, vet office included inside, mare and foal stalls, an indoor pen inside (I know it's weird)
    • There are two pastures behind the barn
    • Then there's the indoor arena with two round pens on the sides
    • Behind is the sand arena
    • And behind that a cross country circuit that consists of three lots
    • And to the left, a garage with horse trailers
    • To the left a house, where some boarded staff live

    When I want to take a pic of something, I copy that save and use it. Then delete it and so on

  • I mean I kinda built mine in a similar way. I have about 15 64x64 lots all bunched together so that I can build across them. the front ones are usually paddocks and a carpark, then after that is the arena, main barn (which I constantly change oops) and lunge yards. After that it's arenas and houses for my sims, then finally a whole bunch of paddocks.
    I do sometimes play, but when I go to take screenshots I'll put in the HD mod and try and make everything look pretty! I think CC is a must, just depending on whether or not you want your stables to the finest detail. It was pretty good to manage around 50 horses and 9 sims, but my poor computer disagreed so now its a nice big equestrian centre for 25 horses!
    I think it just depends on what your computer can handle tbh

  • I've made a lot of barns in my ... 6-ish years of equus.

    • My first one for Cloud 9 Equestrian Center was put on a 3x3 64x64 world. I separated the lots by: mare barn, stud barn, indoor arena, pastures, round pen, and offspring barn. It worked for me for that time because I only had a few horses. I think that world was called Avila Valley 2.0.
    • When I made Making Strides Estate, I used a premade world called Riding Club Vennhof, with premade buildings and lots.
    • At one point I used an emptied out Lucky Palms world (computer crashed, and couldn't finish it.) I had a huge pasture for all the horses. It was sectioned off in different portions for mares, mares with foal, and studs.
    • Now I use Cottonville from RDEC. My buildings are inspired from the video game Red Dead Redemption. I've made the Marston house, MacFarlane's house and ranch. I only have one barn with stalls, the others are either pastures with run-ins or just pastures. I have (approximently) 88 horses :sweat_smile:

    As for what i use to build them, since there isn't much true horse content in the base game or pets EP, I use a ton of CC. I've made many lists where you can find horse CC, if you're interested, I can find you one :)

  • Back when I started, I had six people and like eight horses... At that point I just ran everything on one big lot. Then things happened, and I have moved througha couple of facilities. My current ones have been a WIP for the past two years. The inspiration just isn't there anymore. But I will describe my vision, as it is still there, and I do work on it from time to time.

    These days I don't actually play with my ES horses, and the stables/arenas/all that are basically just fancy photo sets. But what I have been working on is this:
    My stable yard consists of a total of seven community lots and a few housing lots. I have a world that I got from a friend, and that I adapted to suit my needs. Four lots are like extensions of eachother, with three L-shaped barns (pony, mares, stallions) and an L-shaped building containing changing rooms, office, garage for trailers, and a storage unit. In the middle of these four L-shaped buildings is an outdoor sand arena, surrounded by birch trees. Behind the mare/stallion barns, there is an indoor arena, an outdoor grass arena, and a lot containing a hotwalker and a "water circle" (it's an o-shaped "pool" with a sandy bottom, used to exercise horses sort of like in an underwater treadmill). And then the final lot is a "loose barn", where my Gotland ponies live. Mares and stallions are separated, but they can come and go from the indoor part to the outdoor part as they please. I adapted the terrain of the world to suit the lot complex.

    I have a couple of pre-built competitions arenas to take shots in, but these days, if I do take competition pics, I usually build part of an arena as a backdrop. I'm a perfectionist (to the point of it being a compulsion) so I always add a lot of detail to make my pics look realistic both in the sense of there being rleevant items, and having people/other horses moving in the background to give the sense of life.

  • I just create a family (or I keep "breeding" my sims lol) up to 6 humans at least and build accordingly. All my mares are housed in a huge 64x64 pasture and I keep the barns and paddocks to a minimum. If I have 15 horses and 9 of them are broodmares then I have 10 boxes and a few paddocks at the housing lot.

    I make tiny arenas too. Both indoor and outdoor! And I try to build everything myself.

  • I used to put all sims and horses together in one massive family. Well, that wasn't such a good idea of mine as it crashed my game and corrupted my save file. :see_no_evil:

    From that point I decided to keep al my horses and sims saved in the sim bin and back them up frequently. For my stables I have a save file with the fully finished center and when I want to do something in game, I just drop a family in and take the horses/sims out of the bin which I need. For this I do make use of a horse friendly world but I might soon switch to a personal one.

    So, I don't really play with my sims and horses the way it's meant to be. My facilities are basically just one big photo studio spread over different lots. As I have two stables, both of the facilities are on seperate save files.

    As you can see in the pictures bellow (this is Iron Crest, my main stable) I spread my facilities over 4 lots. The main stable being located on the first lot with a secondary barn with small stallion section on the lot to the right of the main barn. The lot to the left has the training grounds with dressage arena and show jumping course and the lot on the back is my indoor arena.
    alt text

    My other stable has kind of the same idea. Though this isn't focused on the big three disciplines (Dressage, jumping and eventing) but more on Endurance. Again, these facilities have the main barn near the entrance, with a secondary stallion barn in the back together with and all purpose outdoor arena and lunging circle. To the right of the main barn we have an XC course and upper left has the indoor arena.
    alt text

    I share these pictures because there are many different ways to make your EC and I think everyone does differently/has their preffered style.

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