[ENDED] Two Westphalian

  • Hello everybody ! I'm here to introduce you two stud residents who are looking for a new home !

    ♦ Rules

    -The horse keeps my prefix, but you can change the barn name
    -You can change the markings of brightness, shade, mane and tail ... but not its color !
    -If you miss some markings, I can search missed marking or you can simply modify them with a resanblant
    -I send horse by e-mail
    -The horses are not registered, a supplement of $ 2 000 on the final price will be realized if you wish that it is me who inscribes him
    -Don't share the horse in public download
    -Ends 11/30 23h59

    ♦ Bids

    The auction starts at $ 2,000 and increases by a minimum of $ 1,000

    ♦ ELS Nothing Else

    ~Grullo (Black Dun)

    ♦ Nothing is a sweet mare, with a small character like most mares, but she shows it especially in the meadow to be the dominant. She is however very pleasant in hand and under the saddle, that is in dressage or jump.

    ♦ ELS Edition

    ~Flaxen Chestnut (or Palomino)

    ♦ Edition is very curious and player. He loves the company of other horses but also other animals. It happens from time to time that he is his little fifteen minutes of insanity, but he remains focused and attentive in the work. He really like mint candy !

    Name Hight bid Name of the biggest bid member
    ELS Nothing Else $2 000 Irene Duarte
    ELS Edition $2 000 Irene Duarte

  • ELS Nothing Else SB, please <3

  • Nobody for Edition ?

  • I can't believe nobody bids for him. So, I bid for him.

    ELS Edition = SB

  • Oh thank you for him :D I think it's because they're not registered and they don't have any points yet :/

  • @Irene-Duarte Congratulations you won both auctions! I'll send them to you right away as soon as I have your email :)

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