[ENDED] Three multi-bonus warmbloods

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    Terms & Conditions

    • You are not allowed to change horse's appearance in any way (i.e. changing coat, conformation, gender, height, mane&tail colour). Stallions may be gelded and mane&tail style can be changed. Conformation may be slightly altered for posing purpose.
    • You are not allowed to change horse's information (i.e. show name, prefix/suffix, genotype, date of birth, pedigree etc).
    • Horse has to be active in all Randomized/Combined shows and in at least two (2) Roleplay Entry Phases in lifetime.
    • Blog updates are not necessary, but always nice to see.
    • If you decide to sell the horse later or, please contact me first, as I may be interested in buying it back.
    • On the 25th March 2017 at 23:59 (London, UK) auction changes to 24h ALB. Payment have to be sent within 5 days from the purchase date. If that will not happen, we have the right to re-sell the horse.
    • Autobuy available if horse has no bids.
    • Bid upvoted = bid accepted


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    PCRA Santa Monica
    LSS Jester (LSS Joker x LSS California Chrome) x RDEC Simphonia (PCRA The Whiskey Bandit x DWS Sisterent)
    KWPN mare | 4 y.o. | 5th gen | Receives 20 bonus points to Eventing | Pending registration
    SB: $20,000

    alt text
    PCRA Glass House
    RDEC Zamarivo (RDEC Vinterburg x RDEC Zimba) x MHS Grace (MHS Hellibrawn x RDEC Gardemarin)
    KWPN stallion | 4 y.o. | 4th gen | Receives 22 bonus points to Show Jumping | Pending registration
    SB: $25,000

    alt text
    PCRA Forgotten Memories
    LSS Lotus (LSS Lysk x HRSA Royal Diamond) x HRST Fiddle Dee-Dee (Rohirrim's Domencio x HRST First Dance)
    Hanoverian mare | 4 y.o. | 4th gen | Receives 20 bonus points to Dressage | Pending registration
    SB: $20,000

    Highest bids

    PCRA Santa Monica = =
    PCRA Glass House = =
    PCRA Forgotten Memories = =

    Happy bidding!

  • All sold via autobuy

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