Sculpturify with Isaiah - A simple guide

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    How to create in-game sculptures

    Gather around, kids, it's uncle Isaiah's "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" Fun Corner! Today, and today only because I'm lazy, we talk about nraas DebugEnabler and ( =only) its Sculpturify function. Ever wanted to create fancy statues of your own without having to bother with blendering? Well, you lose a bit on graphics but you win on easy! Let's see how it's done.

    First of all you need to download nraas DebugEnabler. Choose patch that fits your current game version. If you're not entirely sure, choose the latest one.
    To see all the other cool stuff you can do with DebugEnabler, see the list of Interactions.

    We are making a horse statue now.

    Once in game, ask your horse to pose. This is always the step one. If your horse is not posing when you click on sculpturify, you won't get a sculpture of a posing horse. Simple, right? I recommend you do each step with your game paused, you're doing yourself a favour when there are no distractions, such as a sim trying to mount your horse or ten other sims suddenly being unable to eat when they're hungry and throwing a tantrum.


    Then click on the posing horse, and choose nraas -> DebugEnabler -> Options: Sim.


    What we see next is a huge list of all kinds of actions we'll be ignoring now. Scroll down until you find Sculpturify.



    After clicking on Sculpturify, it's time to choose the material for your statue. You can choose between clay, ice, gold (sculpturify1), white material x that looks like plastic (sculpturify 2), stone and wood.
    Note! If you move your horse while the sculpting is in process, by for example asking it to stop posing, you won't get a sculpture of the pose. So keep your game paused!


    Here I have chosen the first sculpturify option, gold. The statue you create will appear on top of your horse, either facing another direction like here or the same one, where it may be invisible until you move the horse with movebjects on. Note that while the first statue may face another direction, all the rest statues you create will face the same direction as the first one, so if you want to create multiple statues they'll be like Russian dolls.


    Here are all the materials. You can get different woods and stones by sculpturising multiple times with that texture, however you cannot customise the style, which is a bit of a bummer. If you want to try different styles, you can also click on your new statue and go nraas -> DebugEnabler -> options for Ice Sim Sculpture (this is what your sculpture will be named no matter which material you chose) ->Change material (first option on the list). The Sculpturify2 function is named bronze here.
    Also note that the ice statue may melt! I don't know if it does as I've never personally used it, but the ability to create sculptures comes with the Ambitions expansion pack and the ice sculptures created by a sim do melt.
    You can create a statue of everything, objects and sims, and even cars! You can sell the sculptures for 10 simoleons.

    If you want a sculpture of different poses, ask your sim to pose again and wait until the horse is posing before pausing your game again.

    You can create an equestrian statue by using the Sculpturise function on your posing sim and horse wearing tack, and using the moveobjects on cheat in placing them. The Sculpturify will include your horses tack as it is, the same colour and material as the rest of the sculpture, so if you want the reins to be visible you must select bridle with reins attached. Accessory reins count!

    Glitches may be due to a corrupt file, some files not being compatible or simply because you don't have Ambitions (altough I'm quite certain this expansion pack isn't required).

    Here's a "bronze" or Sculpturify2 statue I made for my town centre.

    Now go and make those sculptures!

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