[Ended] German Sport Horse with bonus points in SJ

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    Welcome here on WWRA's March Auction!
    Actually here just one horse, but more can be added lately.
    If you have any questions - feel free to pm me.

    Happy bidding!

    Please read our rules:
    *Don't upload a horse/conformation for mass download
    *You must keep the horse's name and prefix/suffix. You can change the barn name.
    *If you read regulations please write your favorite colour in first post.
    *You are not allowed to change coat (except shine markings), conformation, mane and tail colour, and gender.
    *You are not allowed to use horse's coat and conformation for other horses. But conformation may be used for offsprings.
    *You are allowed to bred horse, but in a reasonable amount and after two or more titles.
    *Please keep horse active, at least in R-shows.
    *If you don't want the horse anymore, you may sell it, but notify the breeder first (Constantine Vale).

    Anastasia Romanova AW
    HCP Son Of I x Robin Hill
    Breed: German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI)
    Gender: mare
    Colour: bay
    Pedigree bonus: 8 pts in SJ ( more bonuses to come: Robin Hill is still participating in SJ)

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    Starting bid is 15,000 $
    Minimum increase is 1000 $
    Autobuy is available: pm me with your offer.

  • Starting bid in blue! :sunglasses:

  • @Kia-Williams said in [Ends 26/03 or 24h ALB] German Sport Horse with bonus points in SJ:

    Starting bid in blue! :sunglasses:

    Accepted! :wink:

    Attention: if there will be less than 3 members in next 24 hr then auction will end 26/03.

  • Banned

    16,000, for the red team!

  • Sold to Patsy Brennan.

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