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    Nestled in a clearing of the foothills of California, lays Harvest Moon Ranch and Rutledge Park.
    The stables share the gold and green field speckled with trees and shrubs. With the faint scent of the ocean carried over by a breeze.

    Harvest Moon Ranch features some rustic building, with pastures full of both stocky Quarter Horses and colorful Paint Horses. They appear to have noticed you and seem to watching you from afar in the safety of the fence.

    A rider practices a reining pattern in the arena while another trainer on the other side seems to be moving the last of some Racing Barrels into the corner. You can catch the sound of nearby cows, that seem to be further in a field out of view.

    On the other end of the spectrum is Rutledge Park with slightly more modern buildings but still seems to showcase rustic features. The horses here seem to be of more elegant builds as they trot gracefully around the paddocks seeming to try to gain your attention with bold movements.

    A trainer walks out of the barn with a horse tacked up in English riding gear, and slowly the pair makes their way to an arena that has been set up for some jumping.

    The sound of hoof beats approaching from behind quickly catch your attention as a pair of riders on some fit Arabians pass by seeming to be coming back from a workout in the fields. The group make their way to the stables to begin cooling off the horses.

    Now to decide which stable to visit first, as you slowly resume your trip to the facilities.


    Date Title
    January 12, 2017 New Babies!! :horse: :baby_bottle:
    January 13, 2017 Warmblood Spam!!... and maybe a another breed?
    January 16, 2017 Another KWPN?! What is this sorcery?!
    January 19, 2017 Just more new faces :grey_exclamation:
    January 28, 2017 Sale babies!!!
    January 29, 2017 More new faces to end January!!
    February 11, 2017 Always new horses..
    February 14, 2017 More spam that no one looks at :joy:
    February 16, 2017 AQH spam
    February 18, 2017 Arabianssss
    July 7, 2017 Elsie's new baby

    Photo's from the old scrapook!

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    New Babies

    RP Passion De Tango
    Here we have a 4th Generation KWPN filly out of Eretria's Mariner (bred by @Jasmin-Mikaelson ) & RP Don't Stop The Queen (bred right here at Rutledge Park). This gorgeous little filly will receive +10 in Eventing and +9 in Show Jumping. Her sire and dam are still actively competing so more bonus points in the future! Keep your eyes peeled. She may be for sale in the near future!


    Sahra Izaan
    We got this handsome Arabian from @Zahid-Sadir through a planned breeding out of their two horses. He recieves +4 in Endurance & +2 in Flat Racing. He will join our small band of Arabians and compete in Endy and TREC with us.

    CSR Hot Holiday
    This little girl was a Christmas present from one of our besties @Cole-Tieman. She will compete in Reining and Working Cow horse where she receives +6 Reining and +2 in WCH. We see a bright future for her!

    HMR Strawberry Quick
    This filly was bred by us here at Harvest Moon Ranch out of two of our Reining and Cutting horses. She will receive +8 Reining and +4 in cutting! (Marking credit to @Dalton-Howell)

    HMR A Little Kushy
    This flashy girl was originally a breeding request but now she's staying here with us to join our Reining and Cutting team! She's a 4th Gen APH filly out of one of our top stallions DRE Pardon My Dust (bred by @Erica-Davis). She will receive +8 in Reining and +9 in Cutting!

  • beautiful western horses ^^and love passion de Tango he is a gorgeous coat

  • Wow nice horses, I love Strawberry Quick:yum:

  • PR Committee

    I just adore Passion's facial marking! She is too cute! I really love the look of your western horses as well! Their markings are so crisp and nicely done!

  • Kushy! Love the name and LOOOVE the horse, so pretty! :D

  • Moderation Committee

    That's some looooovely horses you got there! Passion De Tango has an adorable head :heart_eyes:
    Also totally fell in love with Strawberry Quick, her coat is lovely :smile:

  • Beautiful horses and Dusty;s filly is very pretty.

  • Strawberry Quick looks so Adorable <3

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    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the kind words! <3 <3

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    I'm just going to spam you with some warmbloods here!

    RDEC Barazza - Dutch Warmblood Mare bred by @Carmen-Raymond . This girl is currently sitting at 94 Show Jumping points!

    Eretria's Mariner - Dutch Warmblood Stallion bred by @Jasmin-Mikaelson . This guy is currently on the leaderboards with 93 Eventing points and 62 Show Jumping points!

    Eretria's Behati - Dutch Warmblood Mare bred by @Jasmin-Mikaelson . This sassy girl has 77 Show Jumping and 80 Eventing points currently!

    RP Lord Of Chaos - Dutch Warmblood Stallion bred here at Rutledge Park! This handsome boy is just starting his career and already has 35 Eventing points and 17 Show Jumping points.

    Next we have two gorgeous imports from @Nikki-Calvaria .

    WPW Arabesque - Dutch Warmblood Mare that is just starting her showing career in Eventing and Show Jumping!

    WPW Chase Forever - Dutch Warmblood Stallion that will also be competing in Eventing & Show Jumping!

    Yes yes.. I know he's not a warmblood but here he is! Our big brute of a Friesian imported by @Nikki-Calvaria

    WPW Rammstein - He has already started his Dressage career and sits at 32 points currently!

    Here.. have another of his sexy self :hotsprings:

  • :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Your warmbloods are stunning <3

  • Administrators

    Gah, all your horses are stunning :heartpulse: It's so nice to see the three from me, as well! They all looks so happy at their new home :kiss:

  • Administrators

    Thanks guys! I absolutely adore all of them so much <3

  • Eretria's Mariner is amazing <3

  • PR Committee

    I wanted Arabesque so bad! Ugh you are so lucky! All of your horses are incredibly gorgeous! I love Mariner's dapples as well. Jasmin did a wonderful job with his coat!

  • Dang, HMR Strawberry Quick makes me want to put on a hat and bring out the western saddle. What a stunner! :heart_eyes:

  • I'm in love with HMR A Little Kushy! She looks so sweet <3

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    Tobiano KWPN Colt

    RP Drink With The Devil - KWPN colt out of @Alastair-Schrödinger stallion MSE Lonesome Devil's Brew (T) and out of my mare Eretria's Behati bred by @Jasmin-Mikaelson .This handsome fella has quite the attitude but one hell of a competitive drive. This guy will join our Show Jumping & Eventing team. (Marking credit to @Erin-Cooke )


    Don't judge me.. I didn't want to edit reins >_<


    Oh? What's this? Looks like he's ready to go big or go home! :thought_balloon:

  • oh man, dis tew much. he's so handsome! i want him! i'm loving all of your new updates

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