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  • WooS FREE Blind Imports

    Hey Equus!
    I want to refine my coat and horse making skills. It's so fun, but I still have to try so hard to be satisfied with my work!
    So, to help me out with this, I'm going to be offering you guys FREE blind imports. Your horse will come with custom markings that are made to the best of my abilities. To start off, and to make sure people are happy with what they receive, I'm not going to be taking on anything too crazy looking -- just some simple, but still eye-catching, horses. :) I do have some breed restrictions, however... this is not due to incapabilities, but to a desire to keep all horses bearing my prefix of Thoroughbred relation.

    Breeds Available So Far:
    -- Thoroughbred
    -- Anglo-Arabian
    -- Appendix Quarter Horse
    -- Irish Sporthorse
    (( if you can think of another Thoroughbred cross-breed, don't hesitate to throw it at me! ))


    • Please do not claim this horse as your own creation... but clearly, you should take all your deserved credit for its career successes!
    • Every horse you receive from my import service MUST carry my WooS prefix. This cannot change over time!
    • No major marking/coat/hair color/conformation changes may be made, but of course, feel free to change mane/tail styles and detail markings.
    • I want only active horses bearing this prefix, so if your received horse fails to be registered/active (either in a scrapbook, breeding, or competing) within one ES year (4 real-life months), I may contact you concerning that horse, and I reserve all the rights to take it back.
    • You may not sell your received horse unless it has earned at least 60 points in any discipline(s). If it hasn't earned at least 60 points, but you'd like to get rid of it, you must contact me, and I will take the horse back. Similarly, you should not breed your received horse until it's received at least a Local title.
    • Please keep to one request at a time. If you're satisfied enough with your first request that you'd like to submit another, you're welcome to do so, however I may prioritize others over a second one of yours!
    • If you want to cancel a request, let me know ASAP! I may still complete the requested horse, and I reserve the rights to sell or keep it. Oh, and to be sure that you've read the rules, tell me your favorite breed of horse in the comments! My favorite is, duh, the Thoroughbred.
    • I have the liberty to reject any requests.
    • And of course, please don't mass upload your completed horse, or share with others any of the custom markings that came with it!

    It's easy, really. Just comment the filled out form in this thread...

    Your Equus name: ____________
    Desired breed: ____________
    Have you THOROUGHLY read the rules? Y/N

    Your only guarantee is the breed. If you'd like a random breed, simply write 'random' in that form, and it'll be up to my discretion!
    The gender and coat color of the horse will be randomized, and I'll even write up a personality (you are free to change that, though).
    ALL horses will be aged 4 years old, however.

    Like mentioned at the very beginning, I'm still relatively new to horse making. I can promise you that you won't be disappointed with my creations, however they may take me some time while I'm starting out with this service. Therefore I will only be taking on THREE requests at a time, and this will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis!
    1 -- Thoroughbred for Andrea Burdine
    2 -- Irish Sport Horse for Hayley Quinn
    3 -- Appendix Quarter Horse for Angeles Dunn
    4 -- Thoroughbred for Kayla Albright

    I don't have any examples yet, but I hope that this doesn't deter you.
    Comment away. :D

  • PR Committee

    Hope you're still doing this! I was a member years ago and one of my biggest problems was having way too many horses with my own prefix. :rosette:

    Your Equus name: Andrea Burdine
    Desired breed: Thoroughbred
    Have you THOROUGHLY read the rules? Gypsy Vanner ;)

  • If you're still doing this I'd love to apply too :slight_smile:
    Your Equus name: Hayley Quinn
    Desired breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Have you THOROUGHLY read the rules? Yes, Arabian 😌

  • Your Equus name: Angeles Dunn
    Desired breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
    Have you THOROUGHLY read the rules? Yes : ) I'm thinking mustang

    oh, and I'd love it if you could give him/her a personality!

  • All accepted! Very excited to get working on this :D

  • Added 1 more open slot, expecting to complete some of these by tomorrow

  • Your Equus name: Kayla Albright
    Desired breed: Thoroughbred
    Have you THOROUGHLY read the rules? Yes KWPN

  • Fantastic, accepted :) off to wrok

  • Posting to say apologies for the delays -- some exciting real-life events have distracted me a lot this past week -- but I am almost done with a few of these. :slight_smile:

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