Roan and Rabicano in CDE

  • As stated in the MBL, Spanish Sports Horse (CDE) can by produced by outcrossing the following breeds: Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Hispano-Árabe, Andalusian, Lusitano, Spanish Trotter, Mallorquín and Menorquín. Or any WBFSH studbook excluding ponies. I made a small list of a few examples of some of these allowed outcrosses that carry any of these two genes.

    From those breeds, the following carry roan: Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Dutch Warmblood, Finnish Warmblood, German Sport Horse (DSP/RPSI), Irish Draught (Warmblood), Irish Sport Horse, Trakehner, Wielkopolski and some more.

    And these carry rabicano: Anglo-Arabian, Thoroughbred, Dutch Warmblood, Irish Sport Horse, Adalusian and a few more.

    I don't have any real life references from a roan or rabicano CDE horse but it's very clear that you could get one by crossing a roan TB and a Hannoverian which doesn't carry any of these genes. So I think these two genes should be added to the breed as they are genetically speaking possible to happen and inherit from the parents.

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