[ENDED] Whippoorwill Estate Spring Warmblood Auction

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    Spring Warmblood Sale

    Welcome to the spring sale of Warmbloods here at Whippoorwill Estate. Up for sale today we have 6 lovely horses ready to start their careers in your stable! Breeds and disciplines are up to the new owner, and I will make the horse a mainsite with the breed their winners choose. All 6 also have custom white markings!

    See more pictures of all the horses here.

    This sale will end on March 29th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any horses that receive bids on the 29th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. This is only to ensure no one loses out on a horse because someone else was able to bid at the last minute. Horses that do not receive bids on the 29th will end at midnight.

    Starting bid for all is $5,000. Min bid is $1,000, no max bid, no autobuy.


    -Horses may not be listed for mass download.
    -Coat or conformation may not be used at templates for other horses. Conformation may be used as a base for offspring only.
    -You must keep my WPW prefix. Do not change their names.
    -You are welcome to give them parents if you wish.
    -I am not extremely strict about activity, but the horse needs to be entered in at least an R show here and there. I will inquire about buying the horse back if it seems to be ignored for 4 months.
    -Shine markings, detail markings (such as eye detail and body shade) and mane/tail styles can be changed, but please don't edit conformation or mane and tail color.
    -Horses can be gelded/bred/sold at your discretion, but please contact me before you sell in case I wish to buy it back.
    -Please use my ID (9006) as the creator ID when registering them.
    -Do not list my markings for mass download.
    -All of my markings have a distinct thumbnail with the horse's name. Therefore, you have no excuse to use any of the markings intended for a specific horse on another! If you do reuse, distribute, or otherwise disrespect my markings you will not be permitted to buy from me again.
    -Put your favorite book character in your first bid so I know you read all my rules <3

    WPW Be Seeing You

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    Barn Name: Betsy
    Gender: Mare
    Suggested Breed: Trakehner
    Coat: Palomino Tobiano
    Genotype: ee/Aa/nT/nCr/ff

    Betsy is gorgeous and she knows it, and she has a vain streak a mile wide. She's one to show off in the ring, especially when she knows she's being watched. However, her charms end there- she can turn into a downright demon when you try to braid her, shoe her, or even just groom her on a bad day. Be prepared to have a few extra hands on deck when you're getting her ready for a show, and some sedatives are a good idea when she needs a trim. And beware of her wrath if you dare try to give her a shot!

    WPW Don't Look Down

    alt text


    Barn Name: Luke
    Gender: Stallion
    Suggested Breed: KWPN
    Coat: Grey (Black)
    Genotype: Ee/aa/Gg/Ff

    Luke is a stallion you can't help but love, even though he's being a brat. His ground manners are terrible- he loves to tug on your clothes with his teeth, try to eat your hair, and play tug-of-war when you're trying to lead him somewhere. However, he doesn't have a malicious bone in his body, he's purely playful. When the humans get tired of his antics he tries to recruit other horses (or even dogs!) into his games, who quickly get just as annoyed with him. This boundless suply of energy gives him endless endurance when he's working though, we suggest making him an eventer to get full use of his stamina.

    WPW Retrograde

    alt text


    Barn Name: Vinny
    Gender: Mare
    Suggested Breed: Hanoverian
    Coat: Blood Bay
    Genotype: Ee/Aa/Ff

    If we could describe Vin in one word, it would be bombproof. This mare is a rock in every sense of the word- she's built like a tank and not afraid of anything. She dislikes horse companions, however- a large mare pasture with catfights and a pecking order is not for her. She prefers a solitary companion (preferably a small pony!) She will often try to weasel her way out of exercise but once working, she's attentive and questioning. Not one to accept mediocrity, she will test riders again and again until they meet her standards, but once you're in sync she'll do absolutely anything for you.

    WPW Cry Wolf

    alt text


    Barn Name: Cir
    Gender: Stallion
    Suggested Breed: KWPN
    Coat: Seal Brown Minimal Tobiano
    Genotype: Ee/Ata/nT/ff

    Cir is a horse who never quits. He's just as hot and ready to go after his workout as he was before you started. His energy is endless and it can be a problem when you want him to settle down and work. A strong hand is required to keep this young stallion in check. We recommend putting that hot blood to good use as a show jumper, and he's not likely to settle into a dressage test any time soon. He's also extremely photogenic- he loves when the camera comes out and we swear he poses for pictures. Oh, and he'll do just about anything for a peppermint.

    WPW Oh Be Clever

    alt text


    Barn Name: Clover
    Gender: Mare
    Suggested Breed: Irish Sport Horse
    Coat: Dominant White (Black Base)
    Genotype: Ee/aa/nW/Ff

    A good girl to her core, Clover is skittish on occasion but otherwise very solid and obedient. She ADORES bananas but loathes plastic bags of any sort. She's very willing to please and gentle, and we have even used her in a few lessons with newer riders because she is so sweet. Be mindful of the rainy seasons, though; she gets terrible rainrot if left outside but after being inside for too long, that sweetness subsides a bit and she is a handful under saddle until she's been lunged thoroughly.

    WPW Warpath

    alt text


    Barn Name: Pharaoh
    Gender: Stallion
    Suggested Breed: Trakehner
    Coat: Chestnut
    Genotype: Ee/aa/Ff

    Pharaoh is a good soul but very, very spooky. Beware leading him out when there's a new shadow to startle him. He also has a bit of an ornery streak, especially in the afternoon when he wants a nap, so getting him working will be a challenge some days. He loathes trailers, it takes a good 5 people to get him onto one, and best get out of his way when its time to take him off. When he's not misbehaving to some extent, he's a solid reliable mount with a talent for jumping. His flaws are very few but mind them all the same!

    More Photos!

    All in-game photos were taken with Reshade on. DOF effect is in-game, and photos have not been edited. CAS pictures were taken without Reshade effects and have not been edited.

    All bids are accepted unless otherwise stated.

    This sale will end on March 29th at 11:59 PM EST. However, any horses that receive bids on the 29th will turn into 24 hour ALB auctions. This is only to ensure no one loses out on a horse because someone else was able to bid at the last minute. Horses that do not receive bids on the 29th will end at midnight, when the countdown ends.


    Name Current Bid Top Bidder End Date/Time (EST)
    WPW Be Seeing You $37,000 Neeve Kalford April 2nd, 4:27 AM
    WPW Don't Look Down $20,000 Breanna Fahnestock SOLD
    WPW Retrograde $45,000 Breanna Fahnestock SOLD
    WPW Cry Wolf $55,000 Alex Richards SOLD
    WPW Oh Be Clever $45,000 Kassidi Coy Lutz SOLD
    WPW Warpath $19,000 Erin Ward SOLD

  • SB on WPW Oh Be Clever! Bisk!

  • WPW Warpath-SB❣️
    & Kate Wetherall from The Mysterious Benedict Society ❤️

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    WPW Oh Be Clever - 10k
    WPW Retrograde - SB


  • WPW Cry Wolf - starting bid
    Don't really have a favourite from a book, can I pick Joey from Friends instead? :p

  • WPW Oh Be Clever - 35k

  • WPW Don't Look Down - SB
    WPW Retrograte - 10k

    Raptor Red... honestly, my favorite book character changes as I read books... depends on what I'm readying at the time lol.

  • Competition Committee

    WPW Be Seeing You - SB

    Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser from the Outlander book series

  • WPW Oh Be Clever 36k

    Shiver trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater <3

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    WPW Oh Be Clever - 45k
    WPW Retrograde - 20k

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    Top bids updated :smile:

  • 6000 - WPW Cry Wolf
    Harry Potter! :D

  • WPW Cry Wolf - 10k

  • WPW Retrograte - 30k

  • WPW Cry Wolf 20k

  • WPW Cry Wolf - 30k

  • Administrators

    WPW Retrograde - 35k

  • WPW Retrograde - 45k

  • WPW Be Seeing You- 6k
    WPW Don't Look Down- 6k
    Roiben from tithe

  • WPW Don't Look Down - 7k

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    @Kaylin-Davidson said in [ENDS 3/29 - 24ALB] Whippoorwill Estate Spring Warmblood Auction:

    WPW Don't Look Down - 7k

    Please have a closer read of the rules :smile:

    All other top bids updated!

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