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    What is this about?
    This incentive program is aiming to promote the Groningen breed, as well as its breeding counter parts to expand and broaden the future bloodlines, as well as promoting players to step out of their comfort zone of the common warmblood breeds. Need quick MBL info about Groningens? Check this!

    The Important Bits
    • Horse will come with my prefix "Anchor's"; You may choose a name for them.
    • They will come with a main site, registering them in their future disciplines is up to you!
    • If you choose to not want your horse anymore, I will gladly accept it back if you choose not to sell.
    • Do not change conformation or coats. Shine and detail markings may be altered to fit your game.
    • No putting the horse or their files up for download.
    • Do not reuse custom markings or coats
    • Low on funds? I will work something out with you!*
    • New player? I will discount your order**

    *Trades allowed; including, but not limited to - breedings, imports, horses.
    **Discounted order will not come with custom markings or main site, unless you would like to pay full price
    Please note that the Dutch Warmblood is EXCLUDED from this program, as the breed is very common. This is to promote other breeds and the Groningen itself.

    Examples shown without reshade
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    Raw List

    Currently I am only doing a limited amount of imports at a time. The import form may be sporadically open or closed depending on the time.

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