How many horses do you have in your world?

  • So I'm legit asking this question because Equus Staff blind sided me on Facebook by sharing my giant puddle of horses wishing me luck to organize them(and I actually managed to lose one of the horses I just made too).

    I have a total of 70 horses(however 66 are in the world, 3 are in the works and 1 has not been sent to me yet).
    With that total I have 29 that carry my prefix(AWE or HPH). The rest are from the outside.

  • i have none xD I created households with 2 horses and 1 rider so when i want to take pics i simply add the chosed household to the world. For more realism sometime i add more households...I also have 3 household for cows and 2 for the spectators to add during the competitions. Well, when we had them xD

  • I have 56 horses all of which are in one household. I was have 10 staff in the same household.

  • I have 8 horses and 2 employees XD

  • I didn't even count my staff....... 34 in total but I only keep 3 in my game and I just switch em around.

  • I have 221 horses living in my world split between 16 households as well as maybe 30 human sims and a few cats and dogs.

  • Competition Committee

    I have 365 horses right now. They are split into households of 20 horses in each, and are sorted by breed and gender :) And I have a good few human sims too sorted into households, and another household for the cats and dogs.

  • I'm about there with Skye and Jessie. I have 200 horses (roughly, I don't count anymore) split between 3 worlds sorted by discipline and their staff.

  • I have 80+ (and still growing) split between 2 worlds and like Antonio sorted by discipline and their staff

  • I have 8 horses with 5 people in one world and then in another world 2 horses and one sim :')

  • All in all I have around 30 horses now... I always split them up in different household coz my pc can´t handle too huge households.... So I have a household for my PREs, APH stallions, APH mares, etc... Always just have that household ingame where I want to make photos....

  • Administrators

    Two horses, two sims, one cat. One little house :)

  • Around twelve in one household with four sims.

  • PR Committee

    Only about six horses that I switch out to differen horses using my stupidly organized bin folder. And about 3 staff that I'll probably never change about.

  • 12 horsies split into households by racers, sporthorses, and retired/more backyard type!

  • About 20 and i keep some sims seperate since i dont use them often, only for riding photos, i mostly take photos of my horses anyway. Jus tone world on one household and then the family owns the lots so they can travel to them and i can easily edit the lots

  • Development Committee

    250+ horses, 148 staff, 2 dogs and a cat! Sorted by stable; racers and sporthorses in different saves

  • I have roughly 60 horses (including leases) all are in one world and the households are split by discipline. This is probably going to change soon, because it's beginning to feel overwhelming to me.

  • I have 16 horses. 3 staff. All in one world, all in one household. However, I separate my horses into different barns by discipline. I am really finicky when it comes to my horses and I play like its real so each horse has a designated barn, stall, and pasture :)

  • Oh, oh, hard one!

    They're separated into 5 worlds in total, but I have all together 123 horses :)

  • 3 horses and 3 sims :D

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