Mares Keep Escaping

  • guys i need help. i have my mares stalls completely closed but some how even i have autonomy off they manage to teleport out of their stalls and run free everywhere. same happens with my geldings (stallions dont since their barn is my main home) how can i avoid this. is there any mod ?

    also this happens when im NOT looking when im Looking They Just stand there whinny maybe lift up a leg but not more.. note this happens when im only watching not selecting em

    Mares Escaped Again



  • You do know that the stalls are only decorative? :) If you don't put the invisible fence underneath the stalls, the horses will just walk through it. Or maybe I misunderstood what was happening when they break free?

  • @Iris-Hammel Oh yeah sorry, now I noticed that fence you have inside!

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    If you have a mod like Nraas Overwatch your horses will be showing up as 'stuck' and it will be teleporting them to safety.

  • My horses do the same. I just let them pose so they couldn't teleport.

  • For me it helped when I uninstalled and then re-installed the world where I keep the escape artists, apparently at some point the game had developed some routing issues (big shock). It's probably not going to be a permanent solution though, and may not even work for very long. I'd say take Jase's advice and have them pose. You can then use testingcheatsenabled true to keep them happy.

  • @Isaiah-Pace oh they are the most happiest mares signs always green. i try to pose em but whenever i reset mu game they unpose

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