[ENDS 20/01] Dutch Warmblood Stallion

  • When I decided to breed this guy, my idea was to compete him to his first title and then sell him. I loved the way I made him, with his little nose spots and all, fell in love a bit. Some things changed since then, I got more horses and now I need money, so I hope to find him a good home.


    • Don't put the horse for download or use his coat or template for new horses.
    • His name is the name he's meant to be called and he has it for a reason. Change the nickname freely. Don't change his date of birth.
    • Feel free to geld him.
    • You can change his disciplines. Please keep him active in shows.
    • No need to post updates of him on your blog but if you do, tag me! I'd love to see his life.
    • And, of course, if you want to sell him, ask me first, I will probably gladly buy him back.


    Meet USS Death of a Bachelor, also known as Bach. He's a young three years old Sooty Buckskin Dutch Warmblood Stallion. Currently, he has no points but receives +10 points in Show Jumping and +3 points in Eventing from his parents. He stands at 16.3 hands, but his personality is even bigger. He's flashy and sometimes hard to control, but can be cuddly if you find him in a good mood. Girthing him is a risk of bites and brushing his tail a risk of kicks, he's ticklish. Scary things don't tend to scare him, only big farming machines. When he's out with the other stallions, you'll probably see him grazing away, his playing days are gone.
    This is him, for the people that want to keep his personality. Totally fine if you don't.


    • Starting bid is $7000. Minimum bid increase is $1000.
    • Current higher bidder is @-

  • Please people, I need him gone. SB price lowered to 7k!

  • SB, please

  • Competition Committee

    8,000 🙂

  • Both accepted!

  • Four days, two hours and forty two minutes left! Don't miss the chance to bid for your next champion

  • Sorry! I have been very busy and forgot this. Congrats @Toni-Lamberti! You can send me your e-mail via PM and I will send the file after you send the money

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