The Disorganized Dithering of a (W)renegade - A Gray Day, for a Gray Lady

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    I put off making one of these things for three years on account of knowing that I'm terrible at keeping them updated with anything other than reposts from other parts of the forum, but, I guess I forgot that lesson.
    Hello I'm Dimitri and sometimes I do things.

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    The folks who do all the work. There's a couple others, I just couldn't find their pictures.

    From left to right:

    Caelin Dane
    As his name implies, he's the half brother to Dimitri Dane, even if the contrast of their personalities would make anyone question whether or not they were actually related at all. Where his brother is a sullen stick in the mud, Caelin is a bright, bouncing ray of sunshine, sharing his good cheer and a smile with anybody who has the patience to put up with him.

    Most people don't.

    Oliver Langley
    Technically more of a volunteer than "staff," Oliver first began loitering about the facilities when his boyfriend boarded a pony there. The human embodiment of an awkward muffin, he tends to avoid talking to anybody besides the horses (and his friend who happens to be a boy), which suits the rest of the staff fine, since it keeps him out of the way and from being a nuisance, with the benefit of an extra set of hands to keep the aisles swept clean.

    Nathaniel Clarke
    A long-time member of Wrenegade's staff listing, Nathan's initial interests lay in the therapeutic benefits of working with horses, having once dreamed of setting up his own therapy-focused facilities to finally use his degree in psychology for something useful and, more importantly, to prove his father wrong. Alas, it's been almost a decade, with no such facility in sight, and his father still thinks it was a mistake that he didn't just join the military like his father did, and his father's father, and his father's father's father, and. . .

    Nathan has chosen to opt out of going home for Thanksgivings and Christmases, the last few years.

    Dimitri Dane
    The man who actually owns Wrenegade. Makes sulking look like a competitive sport.

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    Characters not affiliated with Wrenegade; but they exist.

    From left to right:

    Sebastian Crowe
    Afflicted with a chronic scowl, he responds best to "yes" or "no" questions. Conversations with him tend to devolve into one-sided affairs, with his contributions amounting to half-interested "hmmm"s and "mhmmmm"s and "mmph"s. Sometimes all three at once, if you're lucky. Preferred Saturday afternoon activities include reading romance novels while bundled up in several layers of blankets, with a mug of black coffee beside him.

    Morgan Gray
    Golden-hearted southern boy with a Cajun drawl that places his origins firmly in Louisiana, Morgan has since high-tailed it to California in search of acceptance, which he's found, and then some. Nowadays, he makes his living working with troubled youths in an effort to steer them away from making the same mistakes he did in his life.

    "Grim" Moire
    He's just an asshole. Happens to own a pony who's filled with as much spite as he is.

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    Situated in the mountains of northern California, Wrenegade's facilities enjoy all the benefits of slightly chilly weather, without the threat of world-ending snowstorms. The atmosphere is relaxed, and with the amount of retired pasture ornaments happily munching away in fields perpetually overgrown, there's a sense that the days of competing for fame and glory are slipping away into the past. The trophies gathering dust on untouched shelves are an afterthought, relics of a time that no one seems to mind forgetting.

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    A tiny, family-owned barn based in the UK, Calosire Farms offers stall and pasture board to hobby riders who are more interested in light hacks and riding for fun than for ribbons. Somehow, they haven't yet thrown out Grim and his terror of a pony, Tessa, probably because the owners are more than a little afraid of them.

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  • Elaine was here first :wink: this blog is so amazing already I read through everything and ugh the stories are amazing and I love the personalities you gave each and every one of them! I wish I was this creative bc gosh your creativity level is off the charts I love it!! I've been waiting for this for so long, now I don't have to just stare at your pics on slack and the es folder I have saved on my phone of literally everyones pretty pics including yours :joy: Now idk bout everyone else, I'm sure they'll agree tho but we want to see some more horses :heart_eyes: but fr in all seriousness I'm super excited for this blog!! I can't wait for more :heart:

    Ps your sim skills are amazing pls give me... actually give me all your talent pls & thank you :heart:

  • I can' t decide what to comment on first...
    The edits in the title post are better then I'll ever achieve in my lifetime
    then those sims jeeeez!
    and those facilities are one of the prettiest I've seen so far for real they are AMAZING so realistic ans I love the syle and gloomy vibe it sends off
    I can't find the words to describe it but I love this for real :heart_eyes:

  • Your blog is literally PERFECTION! I love everything and I adore your Lippi X, Also your buildings are super unique and life like! :heart_eyes:

  • what to say, a lot of serenity when looking at pictures, I really like the brickwork of the buildings and the atmosphere that reigns there. :)

  • This is my new home. I love your writing and imagination. It is just a real treat after a long, stressful day.

  • ouch my heart

  • Banned

    Ok I'm moving in! xD

  • Wow! Where do I begin?

    I’ve always enjoyed reading the stories behind characters and what they’re like. Your writing style is so soothing and your photos really strike a chord with me. When can I move in? ♥️

  • So beautiful facilities ! So adorable horses, so amazing staff... I'm so impatient to see more ! I love your photo :heart_eyes:

  • Oh my gosh, this is so visually appealing! I look forward to future posts!

  • I've said it many times but I have a thing for well developed character. Anyways, despite the long descriptions of the others, Grim's description is best :laughing:

  • OH HELL YEAH Lemme tell you I am hyped up for the blog so much :sob: and "Makes sulking look like a competitive sport" is a very admirable trait 10/10 all the character bios I love them - magnificent * chef's kiss *

    and that FACILITY


    both of them are inSANE I don't even know how to comprehend any of this

  • As a long time admirer of your horses and pictures, I'm HYPED to see a blog by you! Your facilities are to die for, and the atmosphere of everything is just so perfect. I'm for sure going to stalk this blog.

  • Development Committee

    I'm not gonna be writing a long cliche comment about how much I adore your stuff, how much skill you have and risking to sound like a foolish fangirl... so I'll give you just one word that will sum up the content of this blog pretty well instead: Perfection.

  • Oh yes this is something else entirely, indeed... My heart is aching seeing this

  • OMG OMG OMG!! Dimitri... Dimitri made a blog! :O Holy bib!
    I Loooooove the way you write about your characters and i have to say... i'm in love with Caelin Dane i just adore his lovely red hair! :heart_eyes:

    I don't wanna sound like a freaky fan girl... but yeah... i kinda do... But your blog is so far just Perfect I really can't wait to see what you'll come up with in this blog!

    I'm definitely gonna be a regular stalker in here.. :see_no_evil:

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    Shipping a horse clear across the continental United States, it turns out, is harder than one might initially suspect. Which is saying something, since it hardly sounds like an easy feat to begin with. With all the delays, the near-misses, the unfortunate reschedulings, "We'll be out of town this week, show in Florida, can't miss it - perhaps May?" Perhaps; or perhaps June, July, or August. No? September?

    November and December were out of the question, of course; holidays, and all that. Perfectly reasonable. The written check had now been sitting in a drawer for over a year, the signed and faxed contract of sale just as old, waiting in a file folder across the country, halfway forgotten. It might be understandable why, when the day finally came, the day that had been in preparation for over a year, it came as a surprise. It was almost beyond belief when the trailer came trundling up the drive, the truck eventually parked, and she was just... there. A full year older than when she'd been officially been purchased, but she was there all the same, and, judging by all the noise she was making, she was hardly thrilled about it.

    The pleasantries were a bit of a rushed affair, both on account of the fact that both parties had already been in touch with one another on a semi-monthly basis--most of it the correspondences an apology in one flavor or another--and the ruckus of banging and stomping that the trailer's occupant set to making. Even out of the box, she was a handful, quick to prove that her bulk and her size weren't just for show, that yes, she could and would drag her handler about the place, nickering and calling and stirring up the rest of the herd who called the place home. Dimitri tried not to look too pleased as he watched the big mare march about the place, pulling an unfortunate Caelin along as if he was hardly even there.

    "Put her in the front pasture. She just needs to blow it out."

    alt text

    The gloom swallowed her whole, leaving behind only the great thunder of ungraceful hooves as she went blasting down the slope, snorting and kicking and generally showing herself out as the ruffian that she was. Lacking in refinement, maybe, but sometimes you run into a problem that can't be solved with delicate tools.

    alt text

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    alt text

    Sometimes, you run into a problem that's best solved with a sledgehammer.
    Operetta LX, from @Ariadne-Waters at Lowmax
    See? I can follow through on things, sometimes.

    alt text


    @Elaine-Rose Can confirm, Elaine was here first. Even if I am still mildly concerned by the fact that you've been hoarding my infrequent Slack postings--but I'm glad that you're enjoying it! And you shouldn't sell yourself so short, you've got more of a creative bone in your body than I do, let me assure you. Let me also assure you that I will be putting more horses in here - eventually. ;)

    @Luna-Smit Oh don't say that! I think you could accomplish things far more amazing, just takes a little time and a little practice, but I do thank you for the kind words, especially about the builds! Thank you!

    @Amara-Agne I'd say nothing's really perfect but I'm glad that you're enjoying my little projects!

    @Ian-Salvatore Ah thank you so much! I'm glad that the laid back attitude is coming through!

    @Anna-Foster You're welcome to visit anytime you'd like, and I'm very glad that you can find some relaxation here, I always imagined Wrenegade having a kind of unrepentant peacefulness about it.

    @Alexa-la-Coupe this is your fault and you know it.

    @Regina-Walker Only if you can put up with a lot of eccentric oddballs with very lax ideas about how horses should be living. ;)

    @Dawn-Austen I'm glad that you're enjoying it, and that some little part of it resonates with you - I'm never very confident as a writer or a creator, so it's always nice to know!

    @Shagaia-Nedja-ri Thank you so much! I'm usually pretty bad at keeping up with regular postings in these things - hence why I was so reluctant to make another one for so long - but I'll be doing my best to follow through, this time around!

    @Cassie-James As before, I'm glad to hear that, and I'm hoping I can be a bit more active than I have been in the past. :)

    @Aurora-Bianchi The brevity of Grim's bit is a little misleading since he's probably the one I've written the most about privately - so I think I can say that he's my favorite of the bunch, too, even if he doesn't deserve it. Thank you!

    @Marquis-Moulin I think you might be more excited about this blog than I am ahahahaaa. Also, yes; in addition to sulking, he's very good at glaring, pouting, and generally being a miserable idiot. As for your other question - how - the answer is... time. And more than a little bit of swearing while arguing with ConstrainFloorElevation.

    @Ashton-Mills I hope that whatever ends up getting posted in here lives up to your expectations! I always get a little nervous about whether I do or not, but, I guess as long as I'm having fun doing what I'm doing, that's the most important thing to me, these days. Thank you!

    @Diana-Sæterbakken Like I said before, I don't think I'd call anything perfect, but I'm pleased that you like this all; I hope that it'll inspire you in your own amazing work, as well!

    @Iris-Hammel Aww thank you! I hope it's a good kind of aching, and not a sad sort of ache; I'd feel bad if it was.

    @Gina-J-Richards You guys like throwing around that "P" word a lot hmmmm. ;) But also yes, I'm about as surprised as you are that I finally sat down and set this thing up, so I'm happy that it's being received well. Caelin will also definitely be appreciating your compliment, hah.

  • I'm in love with that first grey mare you posted, shes really beautiful! She sounds like a handful though XD Perfect for Dimitri I guess, the atmosphere seems to capture her soul wonderfully. I actually heard and pictured her thundering hooves as i read it :slight_smile: you have a lovely way of writing. I also love Opperetta, shes very pretty!

  • @Dimitri-Dane said in The Disorganized Dithering of a (W)renegade - A Gray Day, for a Gray Lady:

    @Gina-J-Richards You guys like throwing around that "P" word a lot hmmmm. ;) But also yes, I'm about as surprised as you are that I finally sat down and set this thing up, so I'm happy that it's being received well. Caelin will also definitely be appreciating your compliment, hah.

    Then you must have found out that it's true! :hugging:
    I'm so happy that you did! i have always had a soft spot for your horses and your facilities... So yeah I'm kinda beyond trilled that you finally made one i can stalk! :heart_eyes:
    And i really can't wait to see more to Caelin! He is just.... So hot.. :see_no_evil:

    But damn.. Operetta is just stunning! @Ariadne-Waters did such a great job on her! :heart_eyes: She just blend in so lovely in the landscape.. I'm looking forward to see more to this stunning grey lady. :heart_eyes:

    Keep up the good work Dmitri! :heart:

  • I'll just sit back here and silently fangirl over "Grim", I think every woman loves a man with a bad attitude and a vile pony, while also looking like her belongs on the cover of a VOUGE magazine. Sexy ne commence même pas à le décrire. 😏

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