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  • Hi all members of community ;)
    still tweaking my buildings I also want in this new year to redo my website... and you know where i can find a free site creator. ?

    thanks in advance for your answer


  • You could use Wix or Weebly, I've used both but Wix suits my needs better! I would suggest trying some to see which is better and easier for you ^^

  • unfortunately i can't get what i want a personal design :/ but, i will keep looking

  • I used weebly for a few years but the options are very limited if you don't want to pay for it.
    i wanted to make a new website with Wix a while ago but i lost the motivation to finish it and i liked it a lot more than weebly.
    So i'd definitely recommend Wix. :slight_smile:

  • @Maria-Jones : I tried with Wix and I feel lost ... especially that I can't get the site the way I want. :/

  • That's weird because Wix has many different templates to choose from and it's very customizable, I think you can even do the HTML code yourself :s

  • maybe I am not good then ... or that I didn’t understand how it works.

  • I've used both Weebly and Wix. I'm a minimalist when it came to making my site though, so I'm not sure how fancy you're wanting your site.

    I personally think Weebly is a good & basic site maker that is very user friendly and easy to follow. It's still very customizable and does allow HTML editing so you can do some pretty custom and advanced things if you'd like.

    Wix is what I have currently and I'm pretty happy with it. I'd say it's a really nice website maker that allows you a bit more freedom than Weebly. It does include HTML editing if you also want that freedom. From what I remember I think that the learning curve is just slightly a bit harder than the other.

  • I love Wix <3 I think it's actually not that hard to use you just have to practice
    my site:
    It took me a while and I also had to redo it a few times ;)

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld is it so easy to modify? ?

  • I try Wix two times and I really enjoy it !

  • Between Weebly and Wix, definitely Wix. It has a lot of free features and is very customizable. Don't be stressed if you don't understand, give yourself some time to play with the designs and features and you'll get it. My site is made with Wix

  • Definitely Wix my dear ! :D It's easy to use several possibilities without buying anything <3 I had Weebly before well I definitely prefer Wix

  • THANKS YOU all for your helps :)

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