Best Gaited Horse Breed?

  • I'm potentially going to add 2 gaited horses to my stable. I'm not fully committed so it's why I'm adding 2. But I'm curious to know which would be good, and a reason as to why.

    So if I add 2 gaited breeds and I don't fully want them to be in English Pleasure(or whatever the gaited discipline is, please sue me) what other disciplines could they be shown in? Other than halter of course.

    I've been eye the Kentucky Mountain Horse for a while mainly because of the silver gene they can carry, but I'd rather stick to a popular breed on the forum.

    (I still stand by I should be banned from making horses)

  • I guess Icelandics horses could be a good choice (so many coat possibilities) and they're quite versatile.

  • Gaited horses do really well in a lot of western disciplines, especially the Florida Cracker, Missouri Fox Trotter and the Morgan(which is the original "stock horse" in the US).

    They are also pretty good in Endurance events as well, the Tennessee Walking Horse for example and the American Saddlebred were bred as "saddle horses" to take comfortable rides over long distances. They would be great in Mountain Trail and Western Trail.

    One thing to keep in mind is not all gaited horses who are known to be a "gaited" breed are in fact gaited. There are quiet a few ASB who are in Eventing and Show Jumping and they even do well in Dressage. I would also recommend Western Dressage. If you have more questions feel free to message me on slack and I will do my best to help more!

  • Lana-Rea kinda beat me to the punch, I was going to say the Missouri Fox Trotter as well! They're so versatile, especially in western disciplines (if that's what you're leaning toward?)

    I don't know if they carry the silver gene, but they can be pinto, which gives you an opportunity to do a couple of fun coats :)

  • I have little knowledge on the world of gaited horses, I'm simply here to express my love for the Tennessee Walking Horse. They're beautiful, awesome, and from all the ones I've seen, super versatile (English, Western, incredible trail horses...)!

    If you're looking for one of the more popular gaited breeds, the TWH and/or the American Saddlebred would be good choices.

  • I have little knowledge of gaited horses but I have to say I love Saddlebreds & especially National Show Horses. I love arabians and the gaited saddlebred make for a perfect combination in my opinion. I would say definitely go for either one of those two if you wanted.

  • @Lana-Rea-Collins thanks ASB technically have a soft spot in my heart, but because I never really got into gaited breeds I never really wanted them at my stable. Until recently of course.

    Since now I know most gaited horses can cross over to some Western disciplines I may actually try 5 gaited horses instead of just 2. I still enjoy western discipline but it isn't my all time focus.
    I just need to find templates now....

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