Wayside Bay's Seaside Shop

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    Welcome to our small seaside shop!

    Here we hope that you find all kinds of fun little goodies to take home and play with. Some fun new toys and shiny gadgets.
    So come on in, take a look around and don't be afraid to explore a little.


    Down below you will find each world that we have created and posted up for Public Download. Some are very basic, meant for you to take them and make them your own. Customize them to your own needs, this is why some appear to be so empty and so plain. On our website you will find not only the download for the world itself but also for the download for the world files. I decided to provide these so that it is easier for you to take the world into CAW and add in your fencing, make your pastures and just make the world your own. Everyone loves having something that is theirs, and that makes it unique, and so that was the idea.

    I don't have many rules for these worlds, after all I am letting you take the world files and do what you will with them. What rules I do have is quite simple.

    1. Please do not claim my worlds as your own work, after all I do spend hours of my time creating these for everyone to use.

    2. Please do not change too much of the worlds structure ( Mountains, Lakes, and such). Flattening the land or removing trees and bushes is okay in moderation. If you need a little more room to build what it is your really after.

    3. Please do not put up for mass download, though I don't mind you linking to a friend.

    See pretty simple right?

    On a final note, I would like to say that not all of these worlds were created from scratch, a couple were remade from a pre-existing world. I don't claim these worlds to be all my own. I have made some of these more equine and stable friendly, while altering some terrain colors so that they are more realistic. A few of these some people will remember requesting a couple of years ago.
    I do also use outside CC, I thank any and all creators of the CC that I have used, or converted to make more unique worlds for all of us to use.

    Link to our Website where you can find the download links are in the World's title

    Oak Plateau

    alt text

    Barren Oak Plateau

    alt text

    Lake Of The Woods

    alt text

    Depression Valley

    alt text

    Sterling Valley

    alt text

    Keith Valley

    alt text

    Freeloader Valley

    alt text

    Equine Rinn Fada

    alt text


    alt text

    Lake Of The Woods V2

    alt text

    Rock Creek

    alt text

    Melancholy Falls

    alt text

    Sepia River

    alt text

  • Can I comment!? I absolutely adore your worlds so much, I'm always linking them to people like why aren't you using this it's amazing. You've got such a fantastic wide variety of worlds, their is something for everyone. For some reason I always find myself coming back to melancholy falls again and again..their is something so completely unique about it? It looks almost coastal and windswept, but it's so versatile that with some trees I think it could resemble a lot of places around the world, and their are very few worlds out there that can say the same. I love your work and how much you've given to this community through it, it's such a great feeling to find the perfect world that you can begin your story within, and I think you've given that to a lot of happy people :heart:

  • Thank you so much <3 I have been really really busy with real life and kinda stopped playing for a while. I hope to be able to play here and there. And hopefully I will have a new world to release soon. I do have a work in progress. So I am hoping.

  • Thanks you so much for this worlds ! I have already use Sterling Valley, it's a stunning worlds ! :D

  • Lovely worlds! I've heard of Equine Rinn Fada but never seen it. I might have to try it out, it looks great :)

  • Have a new world! Its a smaller world but would be great for taking pictures or a small ranch.
    I am happy to give everyone Sepia River!
    It can be downloaded on our website and even has a custom colored fence in use.

    alt text

  • This looks gorgeous!

  • hooo amazing last world

  • omg!! Why did I have to see this when I'm at work..I want nothing more than to be at home right now so I can install and take lots of pictures in your new world :cry: I think it's going to be the perfect place for a little ranch or a cutesy rustic hunter barn :heart:

  • I love all of your worlds, they are so unique and pretty! Sepia River looks so picturesque and cozy. I love it!

  • omg, your worlds are INSANE! The terrain paining and sculpting is super impressive, with stunning detail work. It's really inspiring to see!

  • @Samantha-Jadirea said in Wayside Bay's Seaside Shop:

    Lovely worlds! I've heard of Equine Rinn Fada but never seen it. I might have to try it out, it looks great :)

    Thats the world Im using right now and I adore it!

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