Thoroughbred foal template, Arabian template, & Anglo-Arabian template?

  • Sorry for the hefty request, guys...
    I'm looking for a Thoroughbred foal template, an Arabian (domestic) template, and an Anglo-Arabian template!

    I have no idea about Arabian "strains", which is why when I created my first Arab just now I went for domestic as it sounded the most basic lol... so I apologize if a "domestic" Arabian template doesn't exist, really I am just looking for a nice basic one that simply gets the Arab point across.

    Perhaps someone here could also brief me on the difference between an AHA and a CIAA Anglo-Arabian?

  • @Aubrey-Horvath
    Okay, so there was a set of amazing arab templates, including domestic in last years advent on the old forum by Lythaera Böhm, and a set of foal templates by Cole Tieman here, including a light warmblood foal template that might be suitable for a Thoroughbred?
    I started out with my arabs just like you did, I didn't know anything about strains! :D I'm still learning, so I'm not the best person to talk to about this, you'll probably have to do some research... It's pretty much just about their bloodlines and breeders I think. As far as I know Domestic arabians are pretty much a mix of different strains and get registered as domestic as they aren't purebred and thus don't classify as Crabbet, SEA, etc...
    They also have differences concerning their white markings, or extent of those. SEA usually have little white, and no loud sabino/white spotting, while crabbets can have loud white spotting as well. But you can check out the masterbreed list here to learn more about that :)

  • That's soo helpful, thank you lots! woohoo :smile:

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