Silver in Swedish Warmblood

  • So I recently came across these two beauties, two halfsiblings that are registered as SWB's and both are silver dapples (or silver black? not 100% sure on what the correct term is in English). Apparently the color comes from the mother's side of the family but it seems like the Swedish Warmblood Association has accepted them as SWB although they have this rare color.

    The first one is Viva La Zilva, born 2017. Here's a link to her page in Blup.

    Here's also a screenshot from the breeders Facebook-page (I couldn't get a direct link to it now so I took a screenshot instead) where she confirms that Viva is silver through a DNA-test.

    The second one is a younger brother to Viva, named Zabbra Cadabbra, born 2018. Here's a link to his page in Blup

    He's also confirmed to be silver through a DNA-test.

  • Yeah I think the English term is silver dapple. i actually didn't know "silversvart" was even a recognized colour of its own in Sweden until two of them showed up at my friend's workplace! xD

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    Accepted - I'm a bit unsure which parent gave Viva La Zilva her silver, as neither parent looks diluted, but looks can be deceiving and since Dutch Warmbloods are known to carry silver it's not surprising to see it start to crop up in more studbooks.

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