Elin's Stuff || I.H.T.L || 30/01 - New Show shirts! |

  • omg!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • ELIN!! You are a star! :star2:

  • You make me happy today 👍🏼😊 Thanks for all this amazing cc! :100:

  • Never been so excited to see socks in all my life :laughing: these are great! I love the new site too, it's so handy being able to have most of your downloads in once place now, It's a very empty and sad game indeed without any flashy Elin CC - I mean, who here doesn't have AT LEAST three things in their game made by you? :kissing_heart: seriously though, has anyone actually zoomed in on the little deco bottles of horse shampoo? they have barcodes! blurb! I love how you care so much about all the little details.

  • ypur website is so gorgeous ♥Love it!

  • Omg the site design is so pretty! And of course the CC, I had a crazy download-all moment

  • Moderation Committee

    Thanks so much everybody <3 Your support means the world to me :hugging:

    Updated the website with two new shirts for your sims to make a statement with :dancer: <3

    0_1580395395079_FaithGrace copy.png

  • I can't wait to try the new shirts :heart_eyes: I think my riders needs a new photoshoot soon lol :innocent:

  • @Elin-Fredriksdotter I love your CC :D So detailed and done with love <3 May I ask when we'll be able to download the eyelashes you've done for horses? Have seen them quite often already on slack and as my skill to draw them on isn't available, I'd love to slap 'em onto my pons xD

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