[Important] Endings, Beginnings, and What's Next

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    Hello Equus members,
    As you may be aware, Equus 2.5 was originally developed to be temporary (hence the .5) Since 3.0 never materialized, the current form of Equus has been adjusted over time to be as light on volunteer staff requirements as possible. It has become apparent however that everyone (even our ever-brilliant and hardworking staff) have better things to do than Equus. Shocking, I know. This has meant over time that the Equus team has dwindled from a squadron of part-time staff to only a handful of full-time, overworked souls. In reaction to this, and to salvage the remaining staff before they implode from pressure, we are closing Equus.

    Regarding the forum:
    We expect that the forum will be online perhaps until mid-March, depending on how generous our hosts are, as the end of January payment will be the last one I will be fronting. (sorry, my horse's feed is slightly higher priority than the $20 per month this forum's hosting eats up!) We suggest you gather any images and content on the current forum that you would like to keep track of after this time.

    Regarding the main site:
    The future of the main site as a tool is so far unclear, but we can confirm that at approximately the same time as the forum goes down the database will be wiped - this means horse profiles, member accounts, and banks. Please take care to save to your computer anything you want to keep before this happens.

    Regarding the future:
    Elsie, Anna, and myself (as well as a few other people who aren’t yet aware they’re being roped in) are beginning a new Sims 3 horse based project inspired by Equus and designed for creativity, member involvement. We would like to make specific note that this is not an iteration of Equus, and no transfer of users, horses, points, money, or titles will be taking place. This is a fresh start.

    The details and features of this new project are currently in the works and as such many questions will be unanswered simply because we’re not yet sure. Some highlights of our plans include a focus on member hosted clubs, shows, and leaderboards. We want to give you something that captures the parts of Equus that attracted people to this community in the first place, without so much dependency on staff legwork to keep it flowing.

    Questions / complaints / comments that are not making an attempt to remain civil will be deleted. A F.A.Q will be posted below this announcement and we will make effort to keep it updated.

    Please respect that we are working to build something for you to enjoy as we accept the reality that Equus is no longer sustainable.


    Q - will there still be slack in the new project?
    We won't be keeping Equus' slack but there will be a live chat option.

    Q- when can we see the new project?
    We aim to have it up for members to join late feb.

  • I am lost for words.

  • Ow what a shame advanced people and newbies like me will have everything on zero. It will still be interesting to see everyone on the same level. I will wait eagerly to see the new project!

  • Banned

    Oh well. This sucks :3

  • This comes as a bit of a shock but not really a surprise.

    I really want to express my gratitude to the staff, both past and present for everything they've done for us and the game we love. I know it's been really difficult and often stressful, especially lately to keep everything running. You have my heartfelt thanks for all the joy that I've received from this game and the community here.

    I think many of us understand that things need to change and it's time for that now. I'll be staying with you and I look forward to seeing what's coming. I hope this gives you the chance to enjoy the game once again. Best wishes to you all and see you soon :)

  • PR Committee

    Thank you all to the dedicated staff on EC over the last years. Thank you for keeping the forum up and running for so long! I’m so thankful for the hard work and activity from the members and the opportunity to be a part of this community! I will truly miss you all!

  • Before expressing my doubts, I want to give everyone a virtual hug; This decision is not easy to make and I feel very sad to know that this forum will disappear. However, above all, I deeply respect the decision you have made. It was an honor to share these years with all of you.

    Maybe we'll meet at the next stage, or maybe not. Anyway, I wish you all the best.

  • First of all, thanks to all this great community for the moments lived during these years :heart: I know I fall short with these words, but the truth is that I don't know how to express everything I've lived...
    I don't really know how to continue with my game, if I'm in the next forum, on Facebook or in the privacy of my game, but I want to wish everyone the best and I hope this game lasts much longer and we can share our little pixelated ponies!

  • Thanks, for the last 6 years. I think as most others I feel a little sick to the stomach. Through I think most of us can understand the decision. We all need to grow up someday, but I will miss a lot of great people from here.

  • First reaction was definitely being really upset- but I understand change is necessary! New decade means a new horsey-sims community! I think it’ll be fun to see how the community will be “reborn” in an essence now that both of the major sites have gone down. Thanks for the good years! Cheers :v:

  • Although I haven’t been part of this community for a long time I want to thank the staff for everything they’ve done! At first I was kind of shocked when I read that the forum would close but then I continued reading and I completely understand and I think it’s a great idea. Looking forward to see where things go and I hope we can kinda rebuild everything on the new forum (I lowkey do hope it has a ‘journal’ option ;) )
    The best of luck <3

  • I appreciate all the staff has done to keep Equus afloat for the past few years. It’s not easy in more ways other than financially and stress to keep a whole community together. I wouldn’t say I didn’t expect this as I’ve kept up on Slack long enough to see the staff’s life struggles and their busyness. Truly respect all of them for powering through until the end.

    The community has been so welcoming to anyone with a slight interest in horses and sims regardless of their level of editing skills and even a bit of a language barrier. I haven’t been an Equus member since the start but during these years of me joining in 2015 it has been a wonderful experience. Although I can’t say much as I don’t have years worth of pedigree and points to back it up but I can assume this isn’t an end of the world situation for people’s favourite ponies.

    I am rather excited and optimistic to see the future outcome and hope all the best, and easiest switch to a new future of Equus.

  • I've been part of this community since I was in elementary school, and I am almost a junior in university now, so needless to say I have grown up with this community and these people. I completely understand the staff's decision in this and I know it was not an easy one to make. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do for Equus, and I look forward to the next step for us. :heartbeat:

  • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see this coming. Honestly it’s felt like Equus has been heading in this direction for a while, especially with some of the recent announcements. It’s disappointing, but I understand why the decision was made. Wishing everyone, staff and community, all the best in the future.

  • With so many who have left due to the stress and strain and feeling to pressured this will be an awesome way to renew and bring back the fun of the community. Im upset about the loss of points and the point system but we neve rknow really what the future will bring.

  • I discovered this forum so long ago and I like it very much I am very disappointed with its closure but I understand completely what motivates this closure but know that I was proud and happy to be part of this great community. I hope that one day a new forum (with less pressure exerted) will emerge <3 Very good continuation to all :*

    I will still be active until the end ;)

  • Now that I started thinking I have a question: will things like pedigree points or at least horse parents continue to exist in the new forum? Because in that case we could assign our horses the parents they currently have, in case they move too to the new forum

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    @Aurora-Bianchi The new forum will be completely what the members make of it. There will be NO transfer of points or pedigrees on staff’s end, but if someone else wants to create a new leaderboard that transfers 2.5 data to a new forum, they are more than welcome to do so. The idea here is that we can no longer continue to run 2.5 in it’s current form, but we are giving people the chance to help us build something new and hopefully better in a new home.

  • @Puck-Cantrell said in [Important] Endings, Beginnings, and What's Next:

    @Aurora-Bianchi The new forum will be completely what the members make of it. There will be NO transfer of points or pedigrees on staff’s end, but if someone else wants to create a new leaderboard that transfers 2.5 data to a new forum, they are more than welcome to do so. The idea here is that we can no longer continue to run 2.5 in it’s current form, but we are giving people the chance to help us build something new and hopefully better in a new home.

    I still have a doubt Puck! Will the forum have it's own point system (everyone starting from 0), or will it be a 100% just "RP picture-posting site" with no official leaderboards like ES is know? I know you said in the first post things about shows and leaderboards but some people is saying that it will be just RP without any "competitive" system and I just dont know what to think anymore.

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    @Victoria-de-Irujo It will be exactly what members make it out to be. If members wanna play with points, they can, but without staff involvement. If you wanna do pure RP, then you can do that

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    Like Anna said, you will really have as much free rein as you want to take here. We're looking at creating a central forum with blogs, sales, CC etc, potentially with or without the mainsite, but the show system will be entirely member based. Think the challenges we currently have, but with way more freedom. You can have your own leaderboards, your own R shows, your own pedigree points if you desire, etc... Perhaps the ever lovely @Elsie-Spectre will be motivated to make some templates for shows and leaderboards when we're all set up, if you're all nice to her.

    I'm sorry I don't have more to show you right now, I can only convey to you our plans for the new forum - but we hope you'll come along to at least check it out when it's all up and running.

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