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  • Hi guys I've pretty much lurked here since forever lol. I love looking at everyone elses horses and CC. I haven't ever shared my own pons before as I lack the artistic skills required to edit pics and felt ashamed however with the news Equus is closing I figured I would honor(hopefully lol) Equus by sharing some pics of my horses. And while I haven't actually played the game in months now due to a lack of motivation I dug through my saved pics and have decided these worthy enough to be shown. Again I must stress I cannot edit to save my life so manes, tails etc won't be drawn or anything at best the pics will be cropped and maybe filters from when I tried Gimp ages ago are on some but thats it.
    Well enough of my drawling I hope you enjoy them, I'll try to put a bit of a description about each horse. I'll also post them in groups as I've split my horses into 3 different groups to make things easier for myself lol.
    First being the Western Herd
    First up is Deeks! He's an APH I originally made back when I first got the sims game in like 2013. For a while I completely forgot about the poor chap but then remade him about 2-3 years ago and well here he is!
    Spooks. Also an APH. And also one of the first horses I made along with Deeks so if you ever saw him on the sims 3 exchange blog at any point a good few years back you may recognise them both.
    Arwen also an APH. Arwen and Spooks pretty much go side by side most places. She is much more shy than Spooks but also the smarter of the 2
    Dreamcatcher, APH mare. Fiery is an understatement but once she let's off some steam she's very focused and attentive.
    Castiel. He's an unusual mix of Nokota and TWH with a spot of APH thrown in. He's very playful and loves showing off in front of the ladies
    Libby - Appaloosa Mare. Libby is easily the calmest mare at our Western barn. She's pretty much the go to when simply wanting a nice chill hack
    Trance, APH mare. Marking by the amazing Juno Stark
    Sonny - AQH stallion. He is basically just a giant lap dog. Honestly all he wants is hugs and nose scratches and he will follow you around until he gets them too :laughing:
    Loki - APH x Mustang stallion. He's our first homebred at our Western barn and we thought he would suit his name as when he was but a colt he was just pure mischief however since growing up he's become very chill and laid back and very much the opposite of his name, ah well.
    Toffee - AQH mare. Toffee is very sweet but reserved. She loves to hack out alone and rarely plays with the other horses, preferring to graze or doze instead.
    Mera - APH mare. Mother of Trance. She is based off the Splash Paint horse from RDR 2 as it's one of my fave horses on there.
    Commanche - APH stallion. Also based off RDR 2 from the Overo Paint horse. Tho he's not quite exact as I suck at making horses and coats as much as art in general lol.
    Mia - Mustang mare. Mia is quite headstrong and likes to get her own way and decides show it rather frequently.
    Faith - Appaloosa Mare. Another RDR 2 based horse this time off the Blanket Appaloosa, again another coat I can't quite get right tho I've long since given up trying
    Letty - Appaloosa Mare. Based off the Leopard Appaloosa from RDR 2
    Amy - American Standardbred Mare. Based off the Silver Tail Buckskin American Standardbred from RDR 2
    Blue - Nokota Stallion. Based off the Reverse Dapple Roan Nokota from RDR2 and looks nothing like sadly.

  • Group 2 - Baroques
    Arthur - P.R.E Stallion. I'm quite chuffed at how he came out. He was my first attempt at making a Seal Brown and I originally planned on selling him on but kinda fell in love with him lol.
    Aya - P.R.E Mare. Named after my fave Assassins Creed Origins character.
    Belle - Mix Breed of P.R.E, Criollo and T.B
    Harper - P.R.E mix breed. Son of Belle and Phoenix. Harper loves to show off and more often than not is seen prancing round the paddock, head held high.
    Kassandra - P.R.E Mare. Also named after another Assassins Creed character from Odyssey. Kassandra is fiesty and very head strong. She's a naturally talented mover but trying to get her to stop bucking when actually at a show is near impossible.
    0_1581551162569_L Whirlwind.jpg
    L Whirlwind - P.R.E Mare. Was made and given to me by Juno Stark. She's a very flashy mare and my go to for any Medieval themed shoots we do as she absolutely shines.
    King - Friesian Stallion. King acts like well a King. He demands only the best of everything lol. From food to bedding if it's not to his lordships standards he'll let you know about it!
    Rogue - Friesian X Appaloosa Mare. Rogue came to us very shy and nervous tho you wouldn't think it. She's grown in leaps and bounds and has even produced a lovely filly Tamina.
    Tamina - Friesian X Appaloosa Mare. Daughter of Rogue and Winter Pepper. Tamina is a very proud mare with flashy gaits but a sweet and gentle nature.
    0_1581551433854_Winter Pepper.jpg
    Winter Pepper - Friesian X Appaloosa Stallion. Winter Pepper is a big softy. If ever you're leaning against the paddock fence his head will be over your shoulder in no time asking for nose rubs, and maybe a sugar cube or 2!
    Phoenix - P.R.E mix breed. Sire of Harper.
    Mena - Marwari Mare
    Hawkeye - Marwari Stallion. Made from another Equus player, whose name dummy me has forgotten. I do apologise. However as you can see her talents making this stallion speak for themselves and while my awful picture taking skills don't do him justice I can assure you he is quite the flashy chap!
    Jack - Shire Stallion. Yes he's somewhat out of place being our only draft horse but he's super chill and a great pillow to lean on in summer lol. He's also based off the Raven Black Shire from RDR 2

  • The last group - My warmbloods or at least mostly lol
    Diesel - Hanoverian Stallion. Diesel is one of the longest horses I've owned and one with such a gentle and caring nature I don't think I can ever part with him. He's sired many foals over the years with some being River, Evie and also SPRE Bell who has been seen on here before I do believe.
    0_1581551860536_Clara Bell SVRA.jpg
    Clara Bell SVRA - Wurttemberger Mare. Was made for me years ago by Cath Creative Corner and by far one of the best horses I've ever had. She's striking in both looks and nature and is the mother of River, Evie and also SPRE Bell!
    Evie - Hano X Wurtt Mare. Evie takes after both parents with her sweet and loving nature but also their agility and stamina. She's quite the athlete.
    River - Hano X Wurtt Mare. River is SPRE Bells sister and they look very much alike. River can be quite headstrong especially at XC where she refuses to take it slow.
    Gabriel - Wurttemberger Stallion. Gabriel has a unique front right hoof and many believed he would suffer from lameness etc and so no one wanted him. I didn't particularly want a competition horse at the time and his charming personality quickly won me over. Once home he jumped everything including the paddock gate! Since then he's become my best SJ horse, flying over everything in sight with pretty much his eyes closed!
    Freya - Frederiksborg Mare. Freya is very much the opposite of a 'typical' chestnut mare. She's quite laid back and calm. She loves to go for tackless rides and excels in Dressage.
    Andromeda - Thoroughbred Mare. She is based off the Seal Brown TB 'Rachel' from RDR 2. Andromeda or 'Rommie' as we call her round the stables, is a sweet and calm mare with springs in her feet. She will jump anything you ride her over too and never hesitates.
    Buell - Dutch Warmblood Stallion. Based off Buell the Golden Cremello Dutch Warmblood from RDR 2.
    Diego - Hano X Wurtt Stallion. Diego is my go to horse for XC. He's one very quick and powerful chap and if you let him would gallop all day long.
    Nessie - Thoroughbred Mare. Nessie is very versatile and we've tried just about everything with her. She seems to enjoy Hunting the best but her easy going nature makes her an easy horse for just about anything you feel like doing.
    Ranger - Turkomen Stallion. Based off the Dark Bay Turkomen from RDR2
    Nero - Hanoverian Stallion. Nero is another great all rounder we have here at SPRE. He's patient and listens really well which comes in handy when your reins snap!
    Tron - Thoroughbred X with no idea lol, Stallion. Tron is a very unique stallion that probably wouldn't exist in real life but if anyones ever played Horse Isle 2 they may recognise him as the Mosaic Chestnut Sabino Salernitano from there.
    Phantom - TB X Friesian stallion. My real life dream horse. Phantom came to us in pretty bad shape. His last owners used barbed wire as a bit and shredded the inside of his mouth badly. He has permanent scarring because of it which is sensitive so we never use bits of any kind with him. Hackamores and bitless bridles only tho most of the time I ride him tackless anyways lol. He's a very sweet horse and loves to learn tricks and liberty training is his all time favourite thing to do.

  • Bonus pic of the time I made Spirit and Rain in my game lol
    0_1581552904808_Spirit + Rain.jpg

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