Azhure Acres Custom Worlds and Other Stuff [New! 11/1] New World: Freeloader Valley!

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    Announcement New Markings! 5/29/2017

    I have added in some Hoof Detail markings that I recently made to give our horse's hooves so more life and much needed attention. I have let a few friends try these out first and I have gotten good feedback so wanted to release them for the public to use!

    Info About Shop

    • I will be releasing custom made, or altered EA worlds, Lots, and Markings
    • I try and focus on detailed terrain painting and landscaping in my worlds and lots, and my best to small details in the markings I release. Many get made but most aren't up to my standards to release.
    • Worlds may be of various sizes depending upon my mood
    • Worlds of all types!
    • Misc arena's for some of the more obscure disciplines
    • Misc markings that I make and feel the public could get good use out of

    Terms Of Use

    • No Re-uploading
    • Do not claim as your own work, and give credit
    • No altering of my worlds in CAW, ( altering sculpting, landscaping etc) without my permission. Though I do not mind if you would like to place your own fencing and lots. But please just ask if you have any questions or worries.
    • You May also edit the world in game by placing lots/deleting lots,trees,etc
    • Lots may be changed however you wish, colors, etc I don't care too much.
    • With the markings, use them to make pretty horses

    alt text

    I have been working on this little project for far longer than I want to admit. Drawing spots on and then previewing what said spots look like on a stallion's junk wasn't something a person enjoys doing over and over again so I took a few breaks in between xD but I finally have done it. I managed to get some spots that look reasonably well on our dear stallions down below area. So I am proud, yes proud to finally release these spotted junk markings. They will be perfect for appy stallions.... and any other stallion you would like to have some spots.

    There are 5 markings total, one is a base shader that is to be applied first, and gives us that nice pink skin. The other four are the action spots. I am sure they could be mixed together for a few different looks.

    Marking 1 Marking 2 Marking 3 Marking 4
    alt text alt text alt text alt text

    All Markings can be downloaded here

    A set of Hooves without Markings A set of Hooves with the markings
    alt text alt text

    I have made a set of 5 hoof detail markings, that can be used on their own, or mixed and matched with each other. Most are two channels, and can be made to have some darker details and some details in a lighter contrasting color to give a little more life and depth to the hooves. I am not sure if many people found the smooth hooves too look a touch off like I did or not, but I wanted to fix that. Below are some pictures I took of the markings at full opacity, half, and almost nothing so you can all get an idea. Most look best at half opacity or lower.

    alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

    Here are a few pictures (Provided by @Brandon-Huffton ) that she took using the markings on a few horses in her game

    alt text alt text alt text

    alt text

    The hoof detail markings can all be downloaded Here


    All CC used in my worlds can be downloaded here

    Oak Plateau
    alt text

    Oak Plateau Barren
    alt text

    Lake Of The Woods
    alt text

    Sterling Valley
    alt text

    Depression Valley
    alt text

    Keith Valley
    alt text

    Freeloader Valley
    alt text

    Download all worlds here

  • Lots

    Covered Arena Mounted Shooting Arena Jousting Arena
    alt text alt text alt text
    Download Download Download
    CC Needed CC Needed CC Needed
    Ballon,This Barrel ,Beam Beams,Fence,This too Bleachers
    Mounted Archery Arena Tent Pegging Arena Coming Soon
    alt text alt text
    Download Download
    CC Needed CC Needed
    Tent Pegging Set Fence,This,This,This,And This,This Here,This Here Too,Yep And This

  • Ooohh! I like these! Im gonna try out the world and the arena!


  • As always. <3

  • I love your world : Lake Of The Woods, do you plan to make more "green" worlds in the future ?
    The arena looks cool too ;)

  • I do have plans of making and releasing more worlds in the future yes! I am so glad that everyone likes them xD Lake Of The Woods is actually a lot more prettier in game then the pictures that I provided. I wanted that to be a nice surprise for everyone. At some point before I create the next one I think I will open a poll to see what everyone would like best. Thank you all for your lovely comments.

  • So beautiful! love the lots :heart_eyes:
    thank you!

  • Added in some Hoof Detail markings. I hope everyone gets good use out of them!

  • Once again, you are a goddess for making these and releasing them to the public! Thank you! :heart:

  • The hoof detail markings are beautiful, thank you so much!

  • Ahhh omg thank youu so much! The worlds are so beautiful and I have been looking for a nice hoof detail I can use since im using Luke's HD mod :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you, Tiff! your markings are amazing!

  • Development Committee

    Thank you for these awesome hoof markings! They look so good! :D
    And again I need to update all my horses. XD

  • Thank you all for the nice replies and I am so glad everyone likes them

  • The hoof markings rock! :o

  • Breed Committee

    The hoof details look great! Thank you for releasing them :heart:

  • I just love your work, the lots, hoof marks are awesome and is your worlds. You are very talented.

  • Wow didn't think I needed those hoof markings until I saw them. Thank you for making and sharing them :D

  • @Sophie-Oak thank you!

    @Rebecca-Wall thank you and your welcome

    @Katharina-Opalhaven oh my goodness thank you so much <3

    @Darius-Royle thank you so much, its crazy how much of a difference they make once you see them on the horse

  • Just released 3 new worlds! Enjoy!

  • Development Committee

    OMG, they are so beautiful! :heart_eyes:
    Especially Sterling Valley and Keith Valley. Can't decide on which of them I wanna live now. :smile:
    Thank you very much for sharing them with us!

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