Wish Stables - 09/28 I am in love!

  • Wish Stables
    Welcome to the blog from Wish Stables.
    Wish Stables is a stable for draft horses. You see here Gypsy Vanners and North Swedish Draft horses the most. I have also some other draft breeds here.

  • Main Breeds
    Horse Gender Breed Discipline
    Greywolf's Bryhyl Sophy Mare Fjord Dressage & Eventing
    SBS Aadheen Stallion Fjord Dressage
    SiLS Lotus Mare Gypsy Vanner Dressage
    LIB Quinten Stallion Gypsy Vanner Dressage
    Hassel L Stallion North Swedish Draft Dressage
    Alma L Mare North Swedish Draft Dressage
    Sir Godfrey V Stallion Shire Dressage
    Mañanero I VC Stallion Breton Dressage
    Hunting's Sweet Kisses Mare Noriker Draft Horse Showing & Dressage
    Stock breeds
    Horse Gender Breed Discipline
    BKR Red Me My Rights Mare Appaloosa Western Trail & Western Pleasure
    ADS Daisy Dukes N Cowboy Boots Mare APH Calf Roping & Western Trail
    RWH Hollywood's Revenge Stallion APH Reining & TREC
    CSR Red Denim Mare APH Reining & Cutting
    Other breeds
    Horse Gender Breed Discipline
    Monachyle's Deletrius Stallion Dutch Warmblood Show Jumping
    RÉ. Othello Stallio Dutch Warmblood Show Jumping
    Menno V Stallion Icelandic TBD

  • This is Alma L. My North Swedish Draft horse, during a dressage lessson.
    We love purple haha

  • So amazing to see nordic draft breeds here more <3 What an adorable horse!

  • Alma is rocking the purple like a champ! <3 I can't wait to see Hassel as well ^_^

  • And here is Hassel! Love this boy!


    I tried a new way, editing the mane and tail. How does it look?
    Im terrible for drawing the feathering, so if anyone have any tips for them, they are more then welcome!

  • Meet my new gorgeous boy, RW* Replay!
    He is a buckskin Welsh Cob section D stallion.

    See us, on our first ride. This was our first time under saddle, walking behind another horse, and he did very well!0_1491242610256_replayriding.jpg

    Still need to practice with drawing the feathering lol

  • Spring is here!

    I went on a ride with CSR Red Denim, and we saw some cute lambs!
    alt text

    This really gave me the spring feeling!

  • What a beautiful spring weather you already have! :yellow_heart:

  • It really is, Luna! :)

    So, I got 2 mini's! This is a couple, and we expect a baby from them!
    Meet the parent to be:

    Mary-Lynn, the dam

    And Troy, the sire

    I can't wait to see how the foal will be!

  • I wish I have showed him more; Monachyle's Deletrius, 1 of my SJ stallions. I bought him from @Callixta-Rosella , and I am still happy with him.
    Isn't he prety?!

  • What a gorgeous horse!

  • He indeed is pretty :D

  • Important for the people I have horses from:

    I only going further with Equus without all the files. So if you want to see photo's or updates from your horses, Im not gonna do that anymore. you are free to take your horses back. Just send me a message then. I will be trying to entering them in R shows

  • Im leavig ES. I dont know if I will come back.
    If I have horses from you that you want back, send me a message here or on slack.

    I had a lovely time here.


  • Moderation Committee

    Why are you leaving ? :(

  • @Nea-Sterling I miss the motivation to play, and to make/editing photos. Maybe I will come back in 3.0 but not now

  • :disappointed: :sob:

  • Hi everyone! So, I am back with a new start!

    I want to introduce you my new team, with 2 arabians and 1 pintabian who all will compete in eventing!


    I have to start building and stuff, so I will show you a new update with my new facilities!

  • Welcome back Lindsay

  • Beautiful horses, and welcome back! :D

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