Charlie's CC || Cotton Rugs || 28/10

  • Peeerfect!

  • Charlie these look great!! I'm so excited to use them. Thank you for sharing :heart:

  • Charlie you are a god, thank you for these!

  • alt text

    Today i bring yet another lot of things i have hidden away in my small pile of junk. Here is a new 11 pose posepack for your horse! 4 walking, 3 trot (it was 4, i swear) and 4 canters. They do not come with rider poses as my blender hates humans, but they can probably be easily matched with any other basic human riding pose or you can just use them for paddock shots. Trot 3 does not work i dont know why but anyway Enjoy! :heartpulse:

    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text alt text
    alt text alt text alt text alt text


  • About Trot 3 pose... have you tried to write the name of the pose with the blender ending? If you copy-paste the name of the pose, it is possible that you have named the pose with the ending .blender (this happened to me with a pose for Baroque horses).

    It's just an idea. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  • Yeeeess, we need more basic gaited poses 😄

  • alt text

    Ive been gone for a short time, but before my absence i pulled together a little retexture of Carmen's horse rug. This is similar to Nikki's turn out sheet, but instead for outside use this is for your horse to wear in the float to shows, in the stable or to chuck on after its had a wash. It has 3 parts that can be recoloured - straps/piping, edging and the base section - and has one base design/texture for a nice cozy fluffed up rug. I hope to bring out more goodies in the near future. Enjoy! :heartbeat:

    alt text alt text alt text

    .sims3pack DOWNLOAD
    .package DOWNLOAD

  • OMG Charlie you're amazing!

  • Gorgeous! Just in time for those winter season shows!

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