Charlie's CC || Saddle & Pad || 27/04

  • These look so great, can't wait to test them in game.

  • Dressage Set

    A small sad part of me was bored once again and got their hands into Photoshop and created a lovely creation to share. Today for download there is a new saddle (a retexture of Lakeside's dressage saddle) based off Hermes Arpege dressage saddle. And since i like to match, i have created a matching Hermes dressage pad with its logo, all fully recolourable. Hopefully i can get this SJ set out before - oops! Ive said to much :eyes:

    Saddle In Black

    alt text
    alt text

    Saddle In Brown

    alt text
    alt text

    "But what do the pads look like in colours other then white?"
    Say no more

    Download Saddle

    Download Pad

  • Ohh the saddle 😫😍

  • Thank you Charlie :D

  • Eventing Posepack

    Before you even get the slightest bit excited, there are few tiny faults. Well they're only minor but the fact that i mucked them up frustrates me on a high level. But if you remember the names according to the pictures, you'll be set.
    Canter 2 is Gallop
    Gallop is Trot 3 (yes there's a hidden trot pose on purpose of course)
    Other poses are what they are listed as.

    Posepack Pics

    alt text

    Download Posepack

  • Are these pose listed?

  • @Marc-Sanders said in Charlie's CC || Eventing Posepack || 25/03:

    Are these pose listed?

    Yes they are :)
    Forgot to mention it in the post :sweat_smile:

  • .>
    Good thing I havent started my EE entries xD

  • These are great! That horse is sooooo cute though! Cutest little face and gorgeous coat!

  • Show Jumping/Eventing Set

    I have been gone a while im sorry, but i did manage to make some new CC in the last couple hours. I had to get the idea out of my head and into my game. Yes, you heard me. HOURS. Im sorry if they have faults, but so far so good.
    I have made a SJ saddle re-texture before (2 to be exact) and they seem to work out better each time, so why not make a third!


    • Saddle pad has 3 channels. The piping, edge patch near the bottom and the pad itself.
    • Saddle will show up in game really dark if made completely black. Best look is an in between grey colour (as shown in images below).

    Saddle Ref: Hermes Allegro Jump Saddle
    Pad Ref: Ascot Equestrian Eventing Pad


    alt text


    alt text
    Colour variation 1
    Colour variation 2

    In Game

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Please enjoy, and i always love feedback. Tell me what you think!

    Download Saddle

    Download Pad

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