Jasmine’s CC || Bare Horse Mod || 15/01

  • Yeeeess, we need more basic gaited poses 😄

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    Ive been gone for a short time, but before my absence i pulled together a little retexture of Carmen's horse rug. This is similar to Nikki's turn out sheet, but instead for outside use this is for your horse to wear in the float to shows, in the stable or to chuck on after its had a wash. It has 3 parts that can be recoloured - straps/piping, edging and the base section - and has one base design/texture for a nice cozy fluffed up rug. I hope to bring out more goodies in the near future. Enjoy! :heartbeat:

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  • OMG Charlie you're amazing!

  • Gorgeous! Just in time for those winter season shows!

  • Those face dapples <3

  • Super cute CC. Very Good! I think i should update my downloads 😉😊

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    A small little realistic touch to your horses face. These veins are shown below on a black coat in white at its highest opacity :smile:
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  • GOD BLESS <3

  • Thank you for your wonderful work. :D

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    This year i bring to you my best and most detailed horse mod so far. Its been a long process (and hopefully this is the last one i work on) and a long journey trying to be satisfied with my work. And i think i've finally come to conclusions that i've hit it.
    Introducing into 2019 with the Bare Horse Mod. It was brought up as a joke by me - believe it or not - after my Hairy Horse Mod. After some short thoughts about it i decided to continue on and actually make it a thing. It took loads of testing and attempts to get it to its best, and many days where id say to myself “hey, i could add a bit more here” and off we go for another couple days working on it. I've become happy with it and have already had a few testers try it for me (thank you so much again) to see how it looks, and i'm happy to announce i've finally gathered the courage to release it. I initially meant to release it before the Horse Veins marking, but i got lazy.

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    The Bare Horse Mod contains a fine base layer of skin like textures, giving your horse the bare and smooth feel. It contains some leg detail with some minor tweaks to the hooves making them slightly smooth and giving them a soft feel, whilst also capturing its texture and roughness. The face shows features like shading, nose detail, vein detail and much more. The underside of the horse along with it slowly moving up the sides, shows vein detail along with more shading on the underside between the horses back legs as well as showing inner ear detail. This mod shows a great amount of shading and fine touches and can be downloaded and used in both 2K and 4K versions.

    Below are a mix of previews and the rest can be found in the album linked below, which shows it on a few horses which range in a variety of colour.

    alt text

    alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

    More Preview Pictures

    Download - 2k

    Download - 4k

    I hope to start releasing more new content throughout the year, and thank you so far for all the support on my other things :heart:

  • It looks amazing!!!! :heart_eyes:

  • Do you know if I can have problems with the Luke HDFoal? I know I have to uninstall the mod for adult horses ... but I think it will not conflict with the other mod.

  • You are amazing! Your work is incredible, thaaaank you so so much ❤

  • @Irene-Duarte said in Jasmine’s CC || Bare Horse Mod || 15/01:

    Do you know if I can have problems with the Luke HDFoal? I know I have to uninstall the mod for adult horses ... but I think it will not conflict with the other mod.

    As they are completely different files, you shouldn’t have a problem using it with Luke’s foal mod. Just replace the current adult mod with this one and you’re good to go as it isn’t changing your current foal one :)

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